Here is Today’s Daily Telegraph Plusword Crossword Clue Answer (April 4, 2024)

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by Vinothini S

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Here is Today’s Daily Telegraph Plusword Crossword Clue Answer (April 4, 2024)

Today's crossword clues are here. If you find a clue difficult to understand, we have some tips to help you. So, read the clue carefully and then find the answer. Solving puzzles always needs patience. Think well and jump to conclusions. Now, let’s solve the clues.

Majestic; lager (anag.)

The Crossword Clue Answer is REGAL

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"Majestic; lager (anag.)" leads to "REGAL" as the answer. The clue suggests an anagram of "lager," which rearranged gives us the word "REGAL," meaning majestic or royal in appearance. It's a clever clue that challenges solvers to think about wordplay and anagram solutions.

Upper cavities of the heart

The Crossword Clue Answer is RELEASE

"Upper cavities of the heart" is an indication of the answer "RELEASE." While this may seem counterintuitive at first, "RELEASE" can be interpreted in the context of the heart as the relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle. During this phase, the chambers of the heart, including the atria, relax to allow blood to flow from the atria into the ventricles, preparing for the next contraction. Therefore, the clue provides a more abstract interpretation of the heart's function rather than a direct anatomical reference, leading to the solution "RELEASE."

__word, type of puzzle

The Crossword Clue Answer is ATRIA

The "upper cavities of the heart" refer to the "ATRIA." In anatomy, the atria are the two upper chambers of the heart that receive blood from the veins and pump it into the ventricles. This term is commonly used in medical contexts and discussions about the heart's structure and function.

Make ___, get a move on!

The Crossword Clue Answer is CROSS

"Make ___, get a move on!" indicates "CROSS" as the answer. It's a phrase often used to encourage someone to hurry up or take action. The completion "cross" implies crossing a distance or obstacle, suggesting the idea of moving forward with purpose or determination.

PlusWord No 683

The Crossword Clue Answer is HASTE

"PlusWord No 683" leads us to "HASTE." This clue indicates that the solution is part of a series or set, in this case, "PlusWord," and specifically number 683. The word "HASTE" fits the theme of urgency and quickness, making it an appropriate answer for this crossword clue.


The Crossword Clue Answer is ORBIT

"To attain" is to achieve or reach a goal, making "ORBIT" a fitting solution. It suggests reaching a certain level or position, often through effort or persistence. This term is commonly used in discussions about success and progress in various endeavors.


The Crossword Clue Answer is SOLVE

"Additional" is represented by the answer "SOLVE." This word suggests solving or resolving something further or beyond what is already known or done. It implies adding to or completing a task or puzzle, fitting the clue's context of providing something extra or supplementary.

Payments, especially of benefits

The Crossword Clue Answer is GIROS

"Payments, especially of benefits," point to "GIROS" as the answer. A giro is a type of payment, particularly common in certain European countries, involving the transfer of funds from one bank account to another. It's often associated with payments of benefits or salaries.

Select group; tails (anag.)

The Crossword Clue Answer is A LIST

A "select group; tails (anag.)" leads to "A LIST" as the answer. This clue suggests an anagram of "tails," rearranged to give us the phrase "A LIST." It refers to a group of chosen or preferred individuals, often associated with prestige or exclusivity.


The Crossword Clue Answer is GUARANTEE

"Charter" is aptly represented by "GUARANTEE" as the answer. A guarantee is a formal assurance or promise, often associated with a charter or contract outlining specific terms or conditions. This term is commonly used in legal and business contexts to ensure the fulfillment of obligations or expectations.

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