Here is the Answer for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword March 29, 2024

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by J Divya

Updated Mar 29, 2024

Here is the Answer for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword March 29, 2024

Today’s crossword puzzle is both difficult and enjoyable. These puzzles contain clues, and all we have to do is locate the answers based on the given clue. The game's clues can be straightforward to solve, but not always. It's an excellent method to pass the time and test your abilities. Plus, it feels fantastic to finally figure out the answers. For many puzzle lovers, this crossword clue is enjoyable.

Get better (7)


The clue "Get better (7)" suggests a word meaning to improve or return to a normal state after an illness or setback, which is "RECOVER."​

Attain (5)

Answer: LEARN

The clue "Attain (5)" implies achieving or acquiring something, which can be knowledge or a skill, leading to "LEARN."

Perfect (5)

Answer: GREAT

The clue "Perfect (5)" indicates something excellent or of high quality, which fits the word "GREAT."

Of numbers (7)


The clue "Of numbers (7)" suggests a word related to numerical concepts, leading to "GROUNDS," which can mean the basis or justification for something.

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Awoke (3,3,2,3)

Answer: AROSE

The clue "Awoke (3,3,2,3)" describes the action of waking up or coming into existence, which is "AROSE."

Inferior watchman (4,7)


The clue "Inferior watchman (4,7)" refers to someone who is not vigilant or observant, which can be described as a "POOR LOOKOUT."

Unvaried (7)


The clue "Unvaried (7)" suggests something that is not changing or diverse, which can be described as "SIMILAR" or alike.

Edition (5)

Answer: PRINT

The clue "Edition (5)" suggests a form of publication or copy, which is often associated with the word "PRINT."

Tier (5)

Answer: STORY

The clue "Tier (5)" can refer to a level or layer, which is synonymous with a "STORY" in a building.

Wrapping used to carry a baby (7)


The clue "Wrapping used to carry a baby (7)" describes a cloth or garment used to wrap a baby securely, which is a "SWADDLE."

Impetuous (5)

Answer: SWIFT

The clue "Impetuous (5)" suggests something done quickly or without much thought, which is "SWIFT."

Salad fruit (6)

Answer: TOMATO

The clue "Salad fruit (6)" describes a fruit commonly used in salads, which is a "TOMATO."

Egyptian hat (3)

Answer: FEZ

The clue "Egyptian hat (3)" refers to a type of hat commonly associated with Egypt, which is a "FEZ."

Faith (6)

Answer: MORALS

The clue "Faith (6)" can refer to a system of beliefs or principles, which are often related to "MORALS" or ethics.

Awkward predicaments (7)


The clue "Awkward predicaments (7)" suggests difficult or troublesome situations, which can be described as "SCRAPES."

Error (7)


The clue "Error (7)" indicates a mistake or flaw, which can be described as a "FRAILTY," suggesting weakness or imperfection.

Hues (7)


The clue "Hues (7)" refers to colors or shades, which are described as "CHROMAS" in a more technical or artistic sense.

Got on (7)


The clue "Got on (7)" suggests entering or getting onto something, like a vehicle or mode of transportation, which is "BOARDED."

Fill up tank (6)

Answer: REFUEL

The clue "Fill up tank (6)" describes the action of replenishing fuel in a vehicle, which is "REFUEL."

Outcome (6)

Answer: SEQUEL

The clue "Outcome (6)" suggests a result or consequence, which can lead to a "SEQUEL" as a continuation or follow-up.

Wallet (5)

Answer: PURSE

The clue "Wallet (5)" refers to a small bag used to carry money and personal items, which is a "PURSE."

Rodent (3)

Answer: RAT

The clue "Rodent (3)" describes a type of small mammal, which is a "RAT."

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