Hades 2 Early Access Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Review, and More

Hades 2 is an upcoming anticipated video game that is a sequel to Hades announced at the 2022 game Awards many want to know about Hades 2 Early Access and here we cover all details about Hades 2 Early Access.  

by Aishwarya R | Updated Mar 20, 2023

Hades 2 Early Access Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, Review, and More

Hades 2

Supergiant Games' beloved dungeon-crawler, Hades, is getting a highly anticipated sequel called Hades 2, as announced during The Game Awards 2022. The game will introduce a new protagonist, Melinoe, who is the sister of the original game's main character, Zagreus. This time, players will explore an expanded Underworld filled with new characters and challenges to overcome.

While Hades 2 takes place after the events of the first game, players do not need any prior knowledge to jump right in. As Melinoe, players will face the forces of the Titans with the full support of Olympus, in a captivating story that unfolds with every victory and setback. The game promises new locations, upgrade systems, and surprises that will keep players coming back for more.

Similar to Zagreus in the original game, Melinoë is not a character created by the game's developers, but rather based on an ancient Underworld deity believed to be associated with Hades. The limited amount of mythology surrounding her was enough to inspire the developers to delve into her story and explore her connections to her family. Through Melinoë, the game promises to expand on its vision of the Underworld and offer players a deeper understanding of this intriguing mythological world.

Hades 2 Early Access

As with the original game, Hades 2 will be initially released as an early access title on PC to ensure that the game's balance is properly maintained. Supergiant Games has confirmed that Hades 2 will be available in early access sometime in 2023, although this doesn't necessarily mean the full game will be released that year.

Like its predecessor, Hades 2 will be available in early access, allowing players to purchase and play an unfinished version of the game and provide feedback that will contribute to the game's development. According to Supergiant Games, player feedback was a critical part of the original game's design and quality, and the developers plan to continue this process with Hades 2. Supergiant Games' highly anticipated sequel, Hades 2, promises to deliver more thrilling rogue-like action to fans of the original devilishly stylish dungeon-crawler. Officially announced during The Game Awards 2022, the game has quickly become one of the most eagerly anticipated titles for 2023 and beyond. Set to feature a new protagonist in Melinoe, sister of Hades' main character Zagreus, Hades 2 looks set to shake things up from the previous installment and take players on an epic new adventure through the mythic Underworld.

Hades 2 Early Access Release date

Hades 2 Early Access Release date is not yet announced. Hades 2 is a direct sequel to the original game and takes place sometime after Zagreus' adventures in the Underworld. Set in the world of Greek Mythology, the game's main antagonist is Chronos, the Titan of Time, who is known for being a "wicked father" to Hades and his brothers. After escaping from imprisonment in the Underworld, Chronos declares war on Olympus. Despite being a continuation of the first game's story, Supergiant Games assures players that prior knowledge of Hades or Greek mythology is not necessary to enjoy the sequel.

The highly anticipated Hades 2 promises to take players on a thrilling journey through an expanded Underworld, complete with new characters to discover. Building on the success of its predecessor, which was widely regarded as one of the best games of 2020, Hades 2 has generated significant excitement among fans eager to explore the game's new features and enhancements.

How to get early access on Hades 2?

During the Early Access period, players will be able to access Hades 2 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. As for the original Hades game, it is now available on multiple platforms, including PC, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Although prior knowledge of Hades mythology is not required to enjoy the sequel, Supergiant Games provides some interesting facts about witchcraft and its significance in many Greek myths. The goddess Hecate, who is associated with witchcraft and crossroads, plays a pivotal role in classical mythology related to Hades and the Underworld. According to Supergiant Games, Hecate's influence extends beyond classical mythology, making her a compelling figure in witchcraft, folklore, and myth across various cultures. The developers even created a whole new game to do her justice in Hades 2.

Hades 2 Early access Trailer

During The Game Awards 2022, the first trailer for Hades 2 was unveiled, providing a glimpse into the game's storyline and gameplay. The trailer begins with a cinematic featuring Melinoë, the game's protagonist, battling against Hecate, a Greek goddess associated with witchcraft who appears to be Melinoë's mentor. After Hecate defeats Melinoë, the two exchange words before uttering the phrase "Death to Cronos," referencing the leader of the Titans in Greek mythology and the father of Hades, Zeus, and their siblings.

The second half of the trailer showcases gameplay and reveals new areas for players to explore. Additionally, the trailer introduces several gods that players will encounter, including Apollo, Nemesis, and Moros, Nyx's son. The trailer concludes with an image of Hades in chains warning about Cronos, with Melinoë pledging to rescue him.

Hades 2 Gameplay

Taking control of Melinoë, the daughter of Hades and sister to Zagreus, players embark on a new adventure in Hades 2. This time, the titan Cronos has escaped imprisonment in the Underworld and seeks revenge on the gods of Olympus who trapped him there. Supergiant Games has combined the titan Cronos and Chronos, the Greek personification of time, to create a complex and intriguing character. While Hades 2 will offer new locations and enemies, players can expect plenty of references to the first title and Greek mythology.

As a rogue-like dungeon crawler, Hades 2 promises new challenges and upgrade systems. Melinoë, as a witch and sorceress, will wield powerful magical abilities and shadowy weapons in combat. In the debut trailer, she displays her deadly skills as she faces the forces behind the Titan of Time. As players navigate the Underworld, they can call upon the powers of Olympus to enhance their abilities. Hades 2 looks set to expand on the beloved formula of the original game, offering players a bigger and even more mythic experience.

Hades early access review

Hades was widely acclaimed for its gameplay, art style, music, and storytelling when it was released in 2020. It received multiple awards and nominations, including Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2020. Supergiant Games has a reputation for delivering high-quality games, and their commitment to Early Access means that players can contribute to the development process and help shape the final product. Hades Early Access promises to offer even more of the addictively fun and stylish rogue-like action that made the original game so beloved.

In Hades' early access, Supergiant Games delivers an exceptional isometric beat-em-up experience. The game boasts tight combat mechanics, a wide variety of mix-and-match abilities that create unique and engaging interactions, and procedurally generated levels that keep gameplay fresh. Additionally, Hades features robust progression and reward systems that make every new run an enjoyable experience. But what really sets Hades apart is its storytelling, which borrows from the layered, mechanically-rich storytelling of Supergiant's previous game, Pyre, and blends it with the addictive and endlessly replayable structure of games like Rogue Legacy and Dead Cells. The result is a game that is shaping up to be a true standout in the "rogue-lite" genre.

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Hades 2 Early Access - FAQs

1. What is Hades 2?  

Hades 2 is an anticipated video game.

2. When will Hades 2 release?  

It is expected to arrive in 2024. 

3. When will hades 2 early access release?  

hades 2 early access will release sometime in 2023.

4. When was Hades 2 announced?

Hades 2 was announced in 2022 Game Awards.

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