Get the Updated Answer for the Daily Express Crusader Crossword Clue (April 4, 2024)

Put your problem solving abilities to the test by solving the latest crossword clues published today.

by Ramya R

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Get the Updated Answer for the Daily Express Crusader Crossword Clue (April 4, 2024)

In today's crossword puzzle, you will find clues that you need to figure out. Some clues might be tricky, so take your time and don't rush. If you're having trouble, we're here to help you with the solutions.

Alter both reforms in engagement


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"Reforms in engagement" suggests a rearrangement of letters to form a word related to commitment or marriage. "Alter both" indicates changing or modifying, and "reforms" implies a change for the better. Therefore, the answer is "BETROTHAL," which refers to the formal engagement to be married.

Duck as darn Frenchman comes in


"Duck as darn Frenchman comes in" hints at rearranging the letters of a word related to a type of duck, with the additional clue of "Frenchman comes in" suggesting a French word or influence. The answer is "SMEW," a type of diving duck, with "darn" rearranged to form the word.

Starts to regret opening up garage - extremely cosmetic


"Starts to regret opening up garage - extremely cosmetic" implies rearranging letters to form a word related to makeup or cosmetics. "Starts to regret opening up" suggests rearranging letters of "garage" and adding "extremely" to indicate intensity. The answer is "ROUGE," a cosmetic product often used for coloring cheeks or lips.

Dating ape, bananas must be numbered


"Dating ape, bananas must be numbered" hints at rearranging letters to form a word related to organizing or numbering. "Dating ape" suggests rearranging letters of "PAGINATED," while "bananas must be numbered" reinforces the idea of arranging items sequentially. 

Chewed section in non-speaking role


"Chewed section in non-speaking role" suggests rearranging letters to form a term related to acting or theater. "Chewed section" implies rearranging letters of "BITPART," while "non-speaking role" hints at a minor part in a production.

Article uses new Greek hero


In Greek mythology, a new hero emerges in the form of Theseus. Known for his bravery and cunning, Theseus embodies the spirit of adventure and heroism, navigating through countless trials and tribulations to emerge victorious in the face of adversity.

Eccentric, strange CIA apprehension causes dangerous stoppage


A peculiar incident involving the CIA resulted in a dangerous situation known as cardiac arrest, causing a sudden and severe stoppage of the heart's normal function. The circumstances surrounding this event were shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

Meanly lent gun out - not chivalrous


A situation arises where a gun is ungenerously lent out, showcasing behavior that lacks chivalry and honor. Such actions are deemed ungentlemanly, reflecting a disregard for traditional codes of conduct and ethics, potentially leading to negative consequences and conflicts.

Hardy rewrote book, 'A Source of Water'


"Hydrant" takes on new meaning as it's reimagined in a hardy rewrite of a book, presenting it as a vital source of water. This creative reinterpretation underscores the significance of hydrants in providing essential resources and facilitating firefighting efforts in communities.

Fellow generated heat lower down


Within a narrative of depth and metaphor, a character generates warmth and intensity in a lower realm. This depiction suggests a figurative descent into emotional or physical depths, where one confronts inner turmoil or confronts challenges lurking beneath the surface of consciousness.

Explosive to look good on casual outfit


"Explosive to look good on casual outfit" leads to the word "SHELLSUIT." This term refers to a type of casual clothing, typically a two-piece tracksuit with a shiny, often brightly colored, outer layer. 

Feel depressed underneath


"Feel depressed underneath," corresponds to the word "BELOW." This word signifies a position or state that is lower or beneath something else. It evokes the feeling of being downcast or subdued, fitting the theme of feeling depressed or low.

Uncovered a painting


"Uncovered a painting" directs us to the word "NUDE." In art, particularly painting, "NUDE" refers to depictions of the human body without clothing. The term suggests a sense of rawness and vulnerability, as well as the act of revealing or uncovering something previously hidden.

Prior getting home in a serious way


Prior getting home in a serious way" hints at the word "EARNESTLY." This term denotes a sincere and serious manner or approach to something. It implies a level of commitment or dedication, perhaps suggesting the urgency or importance of completing tasks before returning home.

Reportedly tolerate support for some riding


"Reportedly tolerate support for some riding" leads to the word "BAREBACK." This term is often associated with horseback riding without a saddle. The inclusion of "reportedly" suggests a play on words, as "BAREBACK" sounds similar to "bear back," indicating riding without additional support.

Treating initial corrosion provides confidence


When dealing with the initial stages of corrosion, taking proactive measures instills confidence. Trust in the process of treating corrosion ensures longevity and reliability in materials and structures.

Working with list in realm of surgery


In the realm of surgery, the operating table is a central fixture where intricate procedures are performed. Working with a list of tools and instruments on this table is essential for surgeons to carry out their duties effectively.

Ambassador joining father, getting twitch of the liver


The ambassador, joining his father in diplomatic affairs, experiences a twitch of the liver, indicating a physiological response to stress or excitement. The liver, a vital organ in the body, is often associated with emotions and reactions, hence the term "hepatic" for this crossword clue.

Not as serious as an incendiary device


While not as severe as an incendiary device, a lighter still holds the potential for fire. It serves as a tool for creating controlled flames, making it less threatening but still requiring caution in its use.

Shabby doctor with the neat ensemble


Despite being a shabby doctor, the individual maintains a neat ensemble, perhaps as a facade to conceal their true nature. The term "motheaten" reflects a combination of disrepair and a superficial attempt at tidiness, mirroring the contradictory appearance of this character in the crossword puzzle.

Most expansive point I would put in


When considering the expansive point to highlight, nothing surpasses the concept of "widest." Whether in physical breadth or abstract significance, this term denotes unparalleled scope and breadth, encompassing a vast expanse of possibilities and interpretations.

Entire mandible was broken? That can only be guessed


Contemplating the extent of damage, one is left grappling with uncertainty when faced with the question of whether the entire mandible was broken. The situation is shrouded in ambiguity, with no definitive answer forthcoming, rendering it indeterminable and open to conjecture.

Parliamentarian drinks with leader


Within the political arena, the image of a parliamentarian sharing drinks with a leader evokes the historical term "Roundhead." This term harks back to the English Civil War, representing a faction characterized by their close-cropped hair, but here symbolizes a collaborative relationship between political figures.

On the hard shoulder, incidentally


Amidst the narrative unfolding on the hard shoulder, an incidental detail catches the attention: the phrase "by the way." This seemingly casual remark interjects, adding a layer of context or relevance to the ongoing situation, subtly shifting the focus or introducing a tangential aspect.

Weapon had set out as a carved ornament


Delving into the realm of weaponry, the term "nestuke" emerges, initially suggestive of a carved ornament. However, upon closer inspection, it reveals its dual nature, transitioning from a decorative object to a tool or instrument, perhaps hinting at hidden functionalities or deceptive appearances.

Behold best recipe with right seafood


When it comes to seafood, few dishes rival the exquisite taste of lobster. Whether steamed, grilled, or served in a decadent lobster roll, this crustacean reigns supreme on any seafood lover's plate.

One's upset, after church, to be selected


Imagine the scene: a solemn congregation exits the church, one individual stands upset, feeling overlooked. However, amidst the dismay, there's a glimmer of hope as they realize they've been singled out, chosen for a special task or honor.

Distribute a great deal, by the sound of it


Picture a bustling marketplace where vendors shout out their offerings. Among them, one merchant stands out, promising to distribute a great deal of goods. The word spreads, echoing through the market, drawing customers eager to take advantage of the generous allotment.

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