Get the Solution for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle: April 3rd, 2024

Our article is about knowing what the Metro Quick crossword is about and also providing you with the solution you need for the crossword clue.

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Get the Solution for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle: April 3rd, 2024

The Metro Quick crossword puzzle, is one of the types of crosswords where you are provided with the clues and you need to solve it. The aim of playing crossword puzzles is that you may relax from the boring life and get a small break from it.

Horse type (4)

Answer: ARAB

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"Horse type" refers to a specific breed or type of horse. "ARAB" is short for Arabian, which is one of the oldest and most distinguished horse breeds in the world. Arabian horses are known for their distinctive appearance, high spirit, endurance, and intelligence.

Tedious (10)


"Tedious" describes something that is boring, repetitive, or lacking in variety, making it tiresome or dull. "MONOTONOUS" is a synonym for tedious, indicating a lack of diversity or change, often leading to a feeling of monotony or monotone.

Rain heavily (4)

Answer: POUR

"Rain heavily" describes the act of rain falling intensely or in large quantities. "POUR" accurately represents this action, as it describes rain pouring down in a continuous and heavy manner, often associated with a downpour or heavy rainfall.

Doing word (4)

Answer: VERB

Doing word" is a simple way to describe a verb in grammar. A verb is a word used to describe an action, occurrence, or state of being in a sentence. It indicates what the subject of the sentence is doing or the action being performed. So, "VERB" is the appropriate answer, as it represents the grammatical category of doing words or action words in language

The self (3)

Answer: EGO

"The self" refers to an individual's sense of identity, personality, or self-awareness. "EGO" represents a person's conscious mind or the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity. In psychology, the ego is one of the three components of the human psyche, alongside the id and the superego.

Small cupboard (6)

Answer: CLOSET

A "small cupboard" typically refers to a piece of furniture used for storage, often found in bedrooms or hallways. "CLOSET" is a specific type of small cupboard or enclosed space used primarily for storing clothes or household items. In some regions, "closet" may also refer to a small room or alcove used for storage purposes

Depart (5)

Answer: LEAVE

Depart" means to go away from a particular place, typically as the beginning of a journey or trip. "LEAVE" is the appropriate answer as it denotes the action of departing or exiting from a location or situation. It can also signify leaving behind or abandoning something or someone.

Legendary bird (3)

Answer: ROC

In mythology and folklore, a "legendary bird" often refers to a mythical creature associated with great size and strength, typically depicted as a bird of prey. The "ROC" is a legendary bird from Arabian mythology, said to be enormous in size and capable of carrying off elephants. It's often depicted as an eagle-like creature with immense wingspan and powerful talons

Potato (4)

Answer: SPUD

A "potato" is a starchy tuberous crop that is commonly consumed as a vegetable. "SPUD" is a colloquial term often used to refer to potatoes informally. It's a common slang term that has been used for potatoes for quite some time.

Den (4)

Answer: LAIR

A "den" is a shelter or dwelling typically used by certain animals as a place for rest, protection, or raising young. "LAIR" is a synonym for den, often used to describe the secluded dwelling places of animals such as bears, wolves, or lions.

Month (3)

Answer: MAY

"Month" refers to one of the twelve divisions of the calendar year, typically lasting between 28 and 31 days. "MAY" is the name of a specific month in the Gregorian calendar, occurring between April and June. It's the fifth month of the year.

Spanish man (5)

Answer: SENOR

"Spanish man" refers to a male individual from Spain, the European country. "SENOR" is a Spanish honorific term used to address or refer to a man, similar to "Mr." in English. It's commonly used to show respect or politeness when addressing or referring to a man in Spanish-speaking cultures.

Relegate (6)

Answer: DEMOTE

"Relegate" means to assign someone or something to a lower or less important position, rank, or category. "DEMOTE" is the appropriate answer as it specifically refers to the act of lowering someone's rank or position, typically in a professional or organizational context.

--- Robbins, actor (3)

Answer: TIM

The clue "Robbins, actor" refers to a specific actor with the first name "Tim." "TIM" is the appropriate answer, representing the first name of actor Tim Robbins. He is a well-known actor, director, and screenwriter, recognized for his roles in various films such as "The Shawshank Redemption" and "Mystic River."

Flank (4)

Answer: SIDE

"Flank" refers to the side of a person or animal, specifically the area between the ribs and the hip. "SIDE" is the appropriate answer as it denotes one of the two opposing surfaces of an object, typically the left or right aspect of something. In this context, "SIDE" represents the lateral aspect of an entity, which aligns with the meaning of "flank.

Rescue (4)

Answer: SAVE

"Rescue" means to save someone or something from a dangerous or harmful situation. "SAVE" is the appropriate answer as it describes the act of rescuing or protecting someone or something from harm, danger, or loss. It can involve various actions taken to prevent injury, damage, or destruction

Glutton (6,4)


Glutton" refers to a person who eats or consumes excessively, often to the point of greediness or overindulgence. "GREEDY GUTS" is a colloquial expression used to describe someone who is excessively greedy or voracious, particularly when it comes to eating. It emphasizes both the greediness (greedy) and the physical aspect of the person's stomach or abdomen (guts).

Become weak or tired (4)

Answer: FLAG

To "flag" means to become weak, feeble, or tired, especially after exertion or over a prolonged period. It can also refer to losing strength or vigor, as in "flagging energy." In this context, "FLAG" is the appropriate answer as it signifies the action of becoming weak or tired, aligning with the meaning of the clue.

Corgi, for example (3)

Answer: DOG

The clue "Corgi, for example" is asking for a word that categorizes or classifies what a corgi is. A corgi is a type of domesticated animal, specifically a breed of dog. Therefore, the answer "DOG" fits perfectly as it represents the general category to which a corgi belongs.

Cavity (4)

Answer: HOLE

A "cavity" typically refers to a hollow space or hole within an object or substance. "HOLE" is the appropriate answer as it represents a void or empty space, often found within solid materials or structures. It aligns with the concept of a cavity being an empty or hollow area.

Rigid toothed device (4)

Answer: COMB

The clue "Rigid toothed device" describes an object with teeth that are used for a particular purpose. A "COMB" is a tool with teeth that are used for untangling or arranging hair. It's typically made of rigid material like plastic or metal and is used for grooming purposes

Young male (3)

Answer: BOY

The clue "Young male" is asking for a term that describes a juvenile human male. A "BOY" fits this description perfectly as it denotes a male child or adolescent who is not yet an adult. It's a common term used to refer to young males.

Venomous snake (3)

Answer: ASP

A "venomous snake" is a reptile that injects venom into its prey through specialized fangs. "ASP" specifically refers to a type of venomous snake, often associated with ancient Egypt. It's a fitting answer as it represents a specific species of snake known for its venomous bite.

Grown-up (5)

Answer: ADULT

A "grown-up" refers to a person who has reached maturity or adulthood. "ADULT" is the appropriate answer as it represents an individual who is fully developed physically and mentally, typically considered to be over a certain age, such as 18 or 21 years old

Banquet (5)

Answer: FEAST

A "banquet" is a large formal meal, typically served to celebrate a special occasion or event. "FEAST" is the appropriate answer as it describes a plentiful and elaborate meal, often featuring a wide variety of dishes and enjoyed in the company of others during festive gatherings.

Loudness (6)

Answer: VOLUME

"Loudness" refers to the degree or intensity of sound, typically measured in decibels. "VOLUME" is the appropriate answer as it specifically denotes the level of sound produced by a sound source, such as a speaker or musical instrument. Increasing the volume makes the sound louder, while decreasing it makes it softer.

In support of (3)

Answer: FOR

"In support of" suggests being in favor of or endorsing something. "FOR" is the appropriate answer as it indicates support, approval, or advocacy for a particular cause, idea, or action. It's a preposition commonly used to express agreement or alignment with a certain position or viewpoint.

Halt (5)

Answer: CEASE

"Halt" means to bring something to a stop or to discontinue an action or activity. "CEASE" is the appropriate answer as it signifies the act of stopping or ending something, often temporarily or permanently. It can be used to describe the cessation of movement, activity, or operation.

By oneself, alone (4)

Answer: SOLO

The clue indicates a situation where someone is doing something alone or independently. "SOLO" fits perfectly as it means to do something alone or without companionship. It can refer to various activities, such as a solo performance in music or theater, or traveling solo.

Card game (6)

Answer: ECARTE

"ECARTE" is a card game that originated in France. In the game, players aim to win tricks by playing higher cards than their opponents. It's played with a standard deck of cards and involves elements of strategy and skill

Dutch cheese (4)

Answer: EDAM

"EDAM" is a type of cheese that originated in the Netherlands, specifically in the town of Edam. It is known for its distinctive spherical shape and mild, slightly salty flavor. Edam cheese is commonly used for snacking, sandwiches, or as a topping for various dishes.

Illegal act (5)

Answer: CRIME

An "illegal act" refers to a violation of the law or a criminal offense. "CRIME" is the appropriate answer as it represents any act that is punishable by law. Crimes can range from minor offenses such as petty theft to more serious offenses such as murder or fraud.

Aggressive youth (3)

Answer: YOB

A "yob" is a slang term used to describe a young person, typically a male, who is unruly, aggressive, or troublesome. It often conveys a negative connotation and is used to refer to individuals who engage in antisocial or disruptive behavior.

Speak quietly (5)

Answer: DRAWL

"Speak quietly" suggests a manner of speaking that is slow, leisurely, and often with a low volume. "DRAWL" is the appropriate answer as it refers to a way of speaking that is characterized by lengthened vowels and a relaxed articulation, typically associated with Southern American English.

Lather (4)

Answer: SUDS

Lather" refers to the foam or froth produced when soap is mixed with water, typically during washing or bathing. "SUDS" is the appropriate answer as it specifically denotes the bubbly mixture created by soap and water, commonly used for cleansing purposes.

Lodgings (4)

Answer: DIGS

Lodgings" refers to a place where someone lives or stays temporarily, often implying a simple or informal accommodation. "DIGS" is the appropriate answer as it is a colloquial term used to describe one's living quarters or accommodations, especially when referring to a casual or temporary arrangement.

Thing a bird lays (3)

Answer: EGG

The clue is asking for a term that describes the object laid by a bird. An "EGG" fits perfectly as it is the reproductive structure produced by female birds, containing the embryo and providing nutrients for its development until hatching

Lock opener (3)

Answer: KEY

A "lock opener" is an object used to unlock a lock, allowing access to whatever is secured behind it. A "KEY" is the appropriate answer as it is a specially shaped metal instrument that fits into a lock and, when turned, opens or closes it by aligning its internal mechanisms

Pig pen (3)

Answer: STY

A "pig pen" is an enclosure or structure used for housing pigs. "STY" is the appropriate answer as it specifically refers to a small enclosure or shelter for pigs, often constructed from wood or other materials and providing a space for pigs to rest and feed.

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