Get the answer for Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle: March 29th, 2024

If you are wondering how to solve the Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle, then you are at the right place where we will help you.

by Sivasankari

Updated Mar 29, 2024

Get the answer for Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle: March 29th, 2024

You all will know how crossword as a game is, because where we need to fill the cells in the box to come to a solution. This game doesn’t need continuous time to be spent on, so we can play whenever or wherever we get a break. So, brace yourselves up and start solving the crossword.

Tremble (7)


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Tremble" suggests a quivering or shaking movement, often due to fear, cold, or excitement. "Shudder" perfectly captures this action, as it denotes a sudden involuntary movement caused by fear, disgust, or cold. Therefore, "SHUDDER" is a fitting answer for "tremble."

Unsullied (6)

Answer: CHASTE

"Unsullied" describes something that is pure, untainted, or free from impurities or corruption. "Chaste" aligns with this meaning, as it refers to a person or thing that is morally pure, abstaining from sexual activity or anything that could defile their purity. Thus, "CHASTE" is an appropriate synonym for "unsullied."

Rower (7)


A "rower" is someone who propels a boat or a watercraft using oars. "Oarsman" is a term specifically used to refer to a person skilled in rowing or handling oars to navigate a vessel. Therefore, "OARSMAN" is the appropriate term for a "rower."

Look after (4)

Answer: TEND

"Look after" implies caring for or attending to someone or something's needs. "Tend" fits this description perfectly, as it means to care for or nurture, often used in the context of looking after plants, animals, or people. Hence, "TEND" is a suitable answer for "look after."

Roofing slate (4)

Answer: TILE

Roofing slate" refers to a type of material used for covering roofs, typically made of flat, thin pieces of stone or ceramic. "Tile" fits this description perfectly, as it is a common roofing material consisting of flat, rectangular pieces used to cover roofs and walls

Equine mammal-5

Answer: HORSE

An "equine mammal" is any mammal belonging to the Equidae family, which includes horses, zebras, and donkeys. "Horse" specifically refers to a domesticated species of equine mammal commonly used for riding, racing, and other work purposes. Therefore, "HORSE" is the specific term that fits the description of an equine mammal

Fibbed (4)

Answer: LIED

Fibbed" means to tell a small or harmless lie. "Lied" is the past tense of "lie," which means to intentionally deceive someone by stating something false. Therefore, "LIED" is the appropriate term for "fibbed."

Change direction-4

Answer: VEER

Change direction" implies altering the course or path of movement. "Veer" aligns with this description, as it means to shift or change direction suddenly or sharply, often in response to external factors or obstacles encountered along the way

Race meeting (5)

Answer: EPSOM

Race meeting" refers to an event where horse races are held. "Epsom" is a specific location in England known for its famous horse racing venue, Epsom Downs Racecourse, which hosts prestigious events such as the Derby. Therefore, "EPSOM" is the specific term that fits the description of a race meeting

Opening (4)

Answer: VENT

Opening" can refer to a passage or orifice through which air, gas, or liquid can pass. "Vent" specifically denotes such an opening, often used for ventilation or to allow the release of pressure or steam. Therefore, "VENT" is the appropriate term for "opening."

In this place (4)

Answer: HERE

In this place" indicates the location where the speaker or subject currently is. "Here" is the appropriate term for describing one's current location or position. Therefore, "HERE" is the fitting answer to the question.

Nine-sided shape-7

Answer: NON AGON

A "nine-sided shape" is a polygon with nine sides. "Nonagon" is the specific term used to describe such a polygon. The prefix "nona-" indicates nine, and "-gon" refers to a shape with a specified number of sides. Therefore, "NONAGON" accurately represents a nine-sided shape.

Transform unexpectedly (6)

Answer: MUTATE

Transform unexpectedly" suggests a sudden or unforeseen change or alteration. "Mutate" is the appropriate term for describing such a change, as it means to undergo a genetic or physical alteration resulting in a new form or characteristic.

Objects to (7)


"Objects to" indicates disagreement or opposition to something. "Opposes" is the appropriate term for expressing such dissent or resistance. It means to actively resist or challenge something, often in disagreement with its principles or goals.

Yearn (4)

Answer: ACHE

"Yearn" describes a deep longing or desire for something. "Ache" aligns with this feeling, as it denotes a persistent, dull pain or longing for something unfulfilled or beyond reach. Therefore, "ACHE" accurately represents the sensation of yearning.

Cornish foodstuffs-7


Cornish foodstuffs" refers to culinary items associated with Cornwall, a county in southwestern England. "Pasties" specifically denotes a traditional Cornish dish consisting of pastry filled with meat, vegetables, and other ingredients, typically folded over to form a half-moon shape and baked.

Pebble (5)

Answer: STONE

A "pebble" is a small, rounded stone, often found on beaches or riverbeds. "Stone" is the general term used to describe such hard, solid material formed naturally from minerals or aggregated mineral particles.

Chief (4)

Answer: HEAD

Chief" denotes a person who holds the highest rank or authority within a group or organization. "Head" aligns with this concept, as it refers to the leader or principal figure in charge of a particular group, department, or organization.

Unearth (8)


Unearth" implies finding or uncovering something hidden or buried. "Discover" is the appropriate term for this action, as it means to find or learn about something for the first time, often after searching or investigation.

Sprinter (6)

Answer: RUNNER

A "sprinter" is an athlete who specializes in short-distance races, particularly those requiring speed and explosive power. "Runner" is the appropriate term for describing such an athlete, as it denotes someone who runs, especially competitively in races.

Place of fabled wealth (2,6)


Place of fabled wealth" refers to a legendary location rumored to be abundant in riches and treasure. "Eldorado" specifically denotes such a mythical place, often associated with immense wealth and prosperity in folklore and legends. It is typically depicted as a city or kingdom where gold and riches abound, representing the ultimate symbol of fortune and opulence.

Gratuity (3)

Answer: TIP

Gratuity" refers to a sum of money given voluntarily or as a reward for services rendered, especially in the context of hospitality or customer service. "Tip" is the appropriate term for such a payment, often given to waiters, taxi drivers, or other service providers in addition to the bill.

Renovation (7)


Renovation" denotes the process of restoring or improving a building, structure, or area to a better or newer condition. "Renewal" aligns with this concept as it signifies the act of making something new again or restoring it to a fresh state, often through renovation or refurbishment efforts.

Solidify (3)

Answer: SET

Solidify" indicates the process of becoming firm, stable, or hard. "Set" is the appropriate term for this action, as it means to become fixed or rigid, often referring to the transformation of a liquid or soft substance into a solid state.

Annexe (4-2)

Answer: LEANTO

An "annexe" is an additional section or extension added to a building to provide extra space or functionality. "Lean-to" specifically denotes a simple type of annexe structure that leans against the side of a building, typically with a sloping roof and open sides. It is often used for storage or as a shelter for outdoor activities.

Planet (5)

Answer: VENUS

Planet" refers to a celestial body that orbits a star, such as the sun, and has sufficient mass for its gravity to maintain a roughly spherical shape. "Venus" is the specific name of a planet in our solar system, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. It is the second planet from the sun and is known for its thick atmosphere and extreme temperatures.

Residence (4)

Answer: HOME

"Residence" refers to a place where someone lives or resides, often implying a sense of belonging or permanence. "Home" is the appropriate term for this concept, as it signifies the place where one lives and typically feels most comfortable and at ease. It is a place of shelter, warmth, and familiarity.

Units of length (4)

Answer: FEET

"Units of length" refers to measurements used to quantify distance or size. "Feet" specifically denotes a unit of length in the imperial system, equal to 12 inches or approximately 30.48 centimeters. It is commonly used for measuring height, length, or distance in various contexts, especially in countries that use the imperial system of measurement.

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