Get the answer for Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Clue here for March 29th, 2024

Here we are to provide the solution for Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Clue, from which you can get an idea of how to solve it.

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Updated Mar 29, 2024

Get the answer for Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Clue here for March 29th, 2024

Solving crossword is always a thing that takes your time, and thinking capacity but it is also a fun thing if you solve it with interest. These puzzles help you to think more about how to solve it, and finish it only when you find the answer keeping you occupied. So, throughout the process, it will  keep you occupied.

Elegant official in Spain and Germany


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An elegant person, often found in official capacities, is synonymous with the word 'refined'. This term implies sophistication and polish, qualities commonly associated with individuals holding positions of authority or dignity in both Spain and Germany.

Flowers possibly split around centre of study

Answer: TULIPS

Tulips are a type of flower that could be divided or 'split' into different sections. Within the word 'tulips', the letters 'U' and 'I' sandwich the letters 'L' and 'P', resembling the structure of the word 'study' when visually divided around its center.

Accept as valid stink about university body's end in time

Answer: BUY INTO

To 'buy into' something is to accept it as valid or true. In this clue, 'stink' metaphorically represents skepticism or doubt. When we place 'U' (university body's end) inside 'by' (about) and add 'into' (time), we get the phrase meaning acceptance of a concept or idea.

Lab OK I suspect beginning to regulate unit of pressure


A 'kilobar' is a unit of pressure. Here, 'lab' represents 'OK', and 'I' suspect implies 'I' suspect, with 'suspect' acting as a verb. Adding the beginning letter of 'regulate' ('R') to 'I' gives us 'kilobar', completing the wordplay.

Fool in lounge dropping pound

Answer: OAF

An 'oaf' is a term for a clumsy or foolish person. In this clue, 'lounge dropping pound' suggests removing the letter 'P' (pound) from 'loaf', which is a type of bread often associated with relaxation or lounging. This leaves us with 'oaf', fitting the definition of a fool.

First person, it's said, linked to part of cricket that's attractive


In cricket, the first person refers to the batsman who faces the first ball in an inning. Eye-catching is a term often used to describe something visually appealing or attractive, which can be attributed to the part of cricket that captures the spectators' attention, like a brilliant shot or a stunning catch.

Get stuck into group at work

Answer: SET ON

Set on can imply being determined or focused on a task, which is often essential in a work setting where individuals need to be committed to achieving their goals. Getting stuck into something means becoming deeply involved or engaged, indicating a proactive approach to teamwork or tasks within a group at work.

Learn duet for playing as is?


 Unaltered suggests something remaining unchanged or in its original state. In the context of learning a duet for playing, it implies mastering the piece exactly as it is written or performed without making any modifications or alterations to the arrangement or composition.

All others start to wander in select airport


 Prestwick is a reference to Prestwick Airport, which is a select airport in Scotland. The phrase all others start to wander hints at the idea of people departing or traveling from other airports to Prestwick, suggesting its significance as a destination or hub for travelers.

Two dots for organ in the body

Answer: COLON

Colon refers to the punctuation mark : which consists of two dots placed one above the other. However, in this context, it cleverly alludes to the colon, which is an organ in the body, specifically part of the digestive system, responsible for extracting water, salt, vitamins, and minerals from food before eliminating the waste as feces.

Engineer treads outer paths for business?


In this crossword clue, Engineer refers to someone who constructs or designs, and outer paths hints at routes or ways outside of the usual. Combining these, we get trade routes, which are paths or roads historically used for commerce and business exchanges.

Moment, reportedly, for convulsion

Answer: TIC

The term moment in this context signifies a brief period of time, and convulsion suggests a sudden, violent movement or upheaval. When we take the phonetic sound of moment and apply it to convulsion, we arrive at tic, which is a sudden, spasmodic twitch or contraction, often associated with nervousness.

Personal weapon improperly raised by Frenchman


Here, personal weapon indicates a firearm carried by an individual, and Frenchman points to a person from France. When we rearrange the letters, we find sidearm, which refers to a small firearm, typically carried by a military or law enforcement officer, often holstered at the side of the body.

Get rid of ill-mannered sort lacking right solicitor

Answer: BOOT OUT

This clue involves a phrase indicating the act of removing someone undesirable, which is boot out. The term ill-mannered sort suggests someone lacking proper behavior or etiquette, and lacking right solicitor implies the absence of the letter s. Combining these elements gives us the solution boot out, meaning to expel or dismiss someone rudely or forcefully.

Runner David has energy after minute in woman's yard

Answer: HEMERY

Runner David refers to an athlete named David, and energy after minute suggests adding vigor or liveliness after a short period of time. When we consider woman's yard, it hints at the hem of a garment. Combining these, we form Hemery, which is a surname, specifically referring to British athlete David Hemery, known for his achievements in hurdling and athletics.

Steer it awkwardly in Italian city


In the bustling Italian city, navigating through its narrow streets can often feel like steering a boat awkwardly. This vivid imagery hints at the answer, Trieste, a city known for its winding roads and maritime heritage.

Decorative strips from Rhode Island, very black, on front of shipment


When a shipment arrives from Rhode Island, it might come adorned with decorative strips, especially those in a very dark shade. These adornments, called ribbons, add an aesthetic touch to the package, enhancing its presentation.

Travel cancelled over article? Manage to get very angry


Imagine the frustration of having travel plans cancelled due to an article, only to find oneself becoming extremely angry. This phrase, fly off the handle, captures the intense emotion and reaction triggered by such a situation.

Section of main anthem for Indian side

Answer: NAN

Section of main anthem for Indian side hints at a specific segment within India's national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. By rearranging the letters, we can deduce that the answer is NAN, likely referring to a particular stanza or line within the anthem.

Stop to collect odd parts for old electrical component

Answer: DIODE

Stop to collect odd parts for old electrical component, the answer is DIODE. This cryptic clue suggests assembling an electrical component by gathering odd parts (letters) and forming the word DIODE, a fundamental component in electronic circuits that allows current to flow in one direction.

Accept a sponsor in shock?


Here, accept implies taking in or receiving, while sponsor suggests support or backing. When combined, take aback aptly portrays the act of being taken by surprise, as if someone has accepted a sponsor unexpectedly, causing a shock.

Name in turn around island for flowering plant

Answer: LILAC

Lilac is the answer. Name refers to identifying or labeling, turn around implies reversing or flipping, and island indicates a central point or a surrounded area. Together, they suggest rearranging or flipping the letters of Lilac around the letter i (representing island) to form the name of a flowering plant, which is lilac.

Republican toils going wrong in cultivation of image?


Republican indicates a political affiliation, toils going wrong implies struggling or encountering difficulties, and cultivation of image suggests the management of public perception. When combined, they point to the concept of shaping public opinion, which is encapsulated in the term public relations.

Woman making proposal about equipment

Answer: BRIGID

Woman signifies a female name, proposal suggests suggesting or offering an idea, and equipment indicates tools or gear. When put together, they lead to the name Brigid, a female name, which fits the context of someone making a suggestion or proposal related to equipment.

Artist Max in east of France touring river close to Dijon

Answer: ERNST

Artist Max refers to the painter Max Ernst, east of France indicates a geographical location, and touring river close to Dijon suggests movement near a specific area. Combining these elements leads to the name Ernst, as Max Ernst was an artist associated with the Surrealist movement who lived and worked in France, particularly near Dijon.

Victor's predecessor has coat for lady in a consistent way


Victor's predecessor refers to the Roman god Janus, who was the god of transitions and doorways, often depicted with two faces. Coat for lady suggests that the answer is a word related to clothing. When combined with consistent way, it hints at something being done uniformly or consistently.

Folds smart jacket in the U.S., we hear

Answer: TUCKS

The clue suggests a wordplay involving the homophone of folds (tucks) and the action of folding or tucking in a garment like a jacket. The reference to the U.S. is a phonetic hint indicating the word tucks.

Urn remains for stuff put in fertiliser

Answer: POTASH

Urn remains implies the leftover ashes after cremation, often put into urns. Stuff put in fertiliser refers to potash, a substance used in fertilizers. The clue cleverly combines the idea of remains with a material commonly found in fertilizers.

Sick teen sadly discarding second item of clothing


Sick teen could imply that something is tied around the neck, which is the case with a necktie. Sadly discarding second indicates the removal of the second letter of the word necktie, leaving behind NECKTIE as the answer.

Delight shown by European once here?

Answer: ELATE

European once could refer to someone who was once part of Europe but may not be now. Delight shown hints at the feeling of elation or being elated, suggesting the answer ELATE.

Source of tension, assuredly, in Asian region

Answer: TIBET

Source of tension, assuredly, in the Asian region revolves around Tibet. The region's political status, contested by China and Tibetans seeking autonomy, has long been a point of contention, causing diplomatic strains and international concern.

Part of job importing Japanese sash

Answer: OBI

Part of the job involves importing Japanese sash, a task often associated with the garment industry or traditional Japanese cultural events. The obi, a decorative sash worn with kimono, holds significance in Japanese attire, symbolizing elegance and tradition. Its importation reflects cultural exchange and commercial ties between Japan and other countries.

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