Get here the Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle Answer for 3rd April 2024

Know all the things you need to get the answer for the Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle from this article.

by Shalini K

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Get here the Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle Answer for 3rd April 2024

The Mirror Quick Crossword Puzzle is a puzzle which gets published in the Mirror newspaper in the UK. It's short and can be done during a quick break. Playing this puzzle can help improve your thinking skills, which is useful in daily life.

Seldom seen (4)

Answer: RARE

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"Seldom seen" refers to something that is not often observed or encountered. "Rare" is a word used to describe something that is infrequently found or occurring, fitting the description of being seldom seen

Fellow (4)

Answer: PEER

Fellow" can refer to a person who is equal in social status, rank, or age to another. A "peer" is someone who belongs to the same social group or has similar characteristics, thus being a fellow member or equal

Milky pudding (4)

Answer: SAGO

"Milky pudding" suggests a dessert made with milk or having a milky consistency. "Sago" is a type of starchy substance extracted from the pith of various tropical palm trees, commonly used to make puddings and desserts with a milky texture

Poems (4)

Answer: LAYS

Poems" are literary works typically characterized by rhythmic and expressive language. "Lays" are a type of poetic form, often narrative in nature and meant to be sung or recited, fitting the description of poems.

Ultimate (4)

Answer: ACME

"Ultimate" refers to the highest point or culmination of something. "Acme" means the highest point, peak, or summit, often used to denote the pinnacle or climax of something.

Relating to doctors (7)


"Relating to doctors" suggests something associated with the field of medicine or healthcare. "Medical" specifically refers to anything pertaining to the practice of medicine or the treatment of diseases and injuries.

Age (3)

Answer: EGO

This clue seems to be a play on words or a tricky clue. "Age" typically refers to the passage of time or the length of time that someone has been alive. However, in this context, "ego" could be interpreted as a reference to one's sense of self or identity, which can change or develop with age.

Dissuade (5)

Answer: ARGUE

"Dissuade" means to persuade someone not to take a particular course of action. "Argue" can involve presenting reasons or evidence to persuade someone or to dissuade them from a particular action or belief.

Tooth (5)

Answer: POINT

"Tooth" typically refers to one of the hard, white structures in the mouth used for biting and chewing. However, in this context, "point" could be interpreted as a sharp or projecting part, resembling a tooth, such as the point of a knife or a needle.

Echo-sounding (5)

Answer: SONAR

Echo-sounding refers to the process of using sound waves to determine the depth of water or to detect underwater objects. SONAR, which stands for Sound Navigation And Ranging, is the technology commonly used for this purpose. It emits sound pulses into the water and listens for the echoes bouncing back from objects underwater, allowing it to create a map of the underwater environment.

Weary (5)

Answer: HO HUM

"Weary" suggests a feeling of tiredness or fatigue. "Ho hum" is an expression often used to convey boredom, indifference, or a lack of enthusiasm. In this context, the answer "HO HUM" reflects a response that might be associated with someone feeling weary - a lack of excitement or energy.

Jewel (3)

Answer: JOY

While a "jewel" typically refers to a precious gemstone or a valuable ornament, the answer "JOY" represents a different kind of treasure - the feeling of happiness, delight, or pleasure. In this case, "jewel" is used metaphorically to denote something highly cherished or valuable, such as the emotional experience of joy.

Buccaneers (7)


"Buccaneers" historically refers to pirates or seafaring raiders who operated in the Caribbean Sea during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were often associated with robbery, plundering, and maritime piracy. Thus, the answer "ROBBERS" accurately describes the actions commonly attributed to buccaneers - stealing and illicit activities, particularly at sea.

Constantly (4)

Answer: EVER

"Constantly" implies something happening continuously or without interruption. "Ever" can be interpreted as a synonym in this context, suggesting an ongoing or perpetual state. It can be used to describe something that exists or occurs at all times, reflecting a sense of permanence or continuity. Therefore, "EVER" serves as an appropriate answer to capture the idea of constant or continual action.

Got beaten (4)

Answer: LOST

The phrase "got beaten" suggests experiencing defeat or failure in a competition or challenge. In this context, "LOST" is an appropriate answer as it signifies the outcome of losing. When you lose a game or contest, you are said to have "lost."

Choir member (4)

Answer: BASS

A "choir" typically consists of singers who perform together in harmony. Among the choir members, there are different vocal ranges, including soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. "BASS" refers to the lowest male voice part in a choir, usually providing the foundation for the harmonies.

Impact mark (4)

Answer: DENT

An "impact mark" is a visible indentation or deformation caused by something striking or colliding with a surface. "DENT" accurately describes this type of mark, often seen on objects like cars, appliances, or furniture after they have been hit or bumped.

Phobia (4)

Answer: IDEA

A "phobia" is an irrational and intense fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. However, the answer "IDEA" might seem a bit tricky at first glance. In this context, "IDEA" refers to the suffix "-phobia" used in psychology to denote a specific fear or aversion. For example, "arachnophobia" is the fear of spiders, with "phobia" stemming from the Greek word for fear, which is "phobos.

Chamber (4)

Answer: OVEN

A "chamber" can refer to a confined space or compartment within a larger structure. In this context, "OVEN" fits as an answer. An oven typically consists of an enclosed chamber where food is placed for cooking or baking. The chamber of the oven provides the controlled environment necessary for heating and cooking food.

Felt remorse (4)

Answer: RUED

"Felt remorse" implies experiencing regret or sorrow for something done or said. "RUED" is the past tense of the verb "rue," which means to feel regret or remorse for an action. So, "RUED" accurately reflects the sentiment of feeling remorseful.

Raw meal (5)

Answer: SALAD

A "raw meal" suggests a dish consisting of uncooked or minimally processed ingredients. "SALAD" fits this description as it typically comprises fresh vegetables, fruits, and sometimes meat or fish, served with dressing. Salads are often enjoyed raw, making them a suitable answer for a raw meal.

Lettuce (3)

Answer: COS

"Lettuce" is a type of leafy green vegetable commonly used in salads and sandwiches. "COS" specifically refers to a variety of lettuce known as Romaine lettuce. It's a compact, elongated lettuce with crisp leaves, often used in salads for its texture and flavor.

Chess piece (4)

Answer: TING

This one seems to be a bit misleading. In standard chess, there is no piece called "TING." However, sometimes crossword clues use wordplay or alternate meanings to lead to the answer. In this case, "TING" might be a reference to the sound produced by a piece being moved on the chessboard. It's not a conventional term, but it could be interpreted as representing the action of playing chess.

Strong winds (5)

Answer: GUSTS

"Strong winds" refers to sudden, forceful bursts of air. "GUSTS" accurately describes these brief, intense winds that can occur during storms or windy weather conditions. Gusts can be powerful and may cause temporary disturbances or damage.

Designate (6)

Answer: INTEND

To "designate" means to appoint or assign something for a particular purpose or role. "INTEND" is a suitable answer as it signifies having a specific purpose or aim in mind. When you intend something, you have a clear designation or plan for its use or outcome.

Indian instrument (5)

Answer: TABLA

"Indian instrument" refers to a musical instrument originating from India. "TABLA" is a percussion instrument commonly used in classical, folk, and contemporary Indian music. It consists of a pair of small drums, one played with the fingers and the other with the palm and fingertips, producing a wide range of tones and rhythms.

Adolescent (4)

Answer: PUNK

An "adolescent" is a young person who is transitioning from childhood to adulthood, typically between the ages of 10 and 19. "PUNK" can refer to a rebellious or unconventional youth culture that emerged in the 1970s, characterized by its distinctive music, fashion, and attitude. While not synonymous with "adolescent," "PUNK" can sometimes be associated with youthful rebellion or nonconformity.

Gives a speech (6)

Answer: ORATES

"Gives a speech" suggests the act of delivering a formal address or presentation to an audience. "ORATES" is a verb that specifically means to speak formally or at length, often in a public setting. When someone orates, they deliver a speech or discourse, typically with eloquence or persuasion.

Sum (5)

Answer: PARTS

"Sum" can refer to the total or aggregate of a set of numbers or quantities. "PARTS" may seem a bit ambiguous in this context, but it could be interpreted as referring to individual components or portions that make up the whole. In some cases, the sum of parts contributes to the overall understanding or completion of something.

Fruit (4)

Answer: SEED

Typically, when one thinks of fruit, they think of the edible part of a plant that contains seeds. However, in this context, "SEED" is used metaphorically. It suggests that the fruit is being referred to as the part that contains the seeds rather than the flesh itself. This is a play on words commonly found in crossword puzzles.

Disgust (5)

Answer: ANGER

"Disgust" and "ANGER" are not synonymous, but in some contexts, they can be related. For instance, something might make you so disgusted that you become angry. In this case, it's likely that the crossword is playing with this idea of intense negative emotions being intertwined.

Filthy (5)

Answer: BLACK

"Filthy" typically describes something dirty or covered in grime. In this context, "BLACK" may represent the color often associated with dirt or grime. It's a metaphorical use of color to convey the idea of something being filthy.

Precious metal (4)

Answer: GOLD

Precious metal" refers to a type of metal that is rare, valuable, and often used in jewelry or currency. "GOLD" is a well-known precious metal prized for its beauty and scarcity. It's commonly used in jewelry, coins, and other luxury items, making it a fitting answer.

Volume (4)

Answer: FULL

"Volume" can refer to the amount of space occupied by a three-dimensional object or the loudness of sound. In this context, "FULL" could be interpreted as referring to a high volume level, indicating that something is filled to capacity or producing a loud sound.

Move (4)

Answer: PLAN

"Move" typically refers to changing position or location. However, in this context, "PLAN" could suggest a strategic move or decision rather than a physical action. It's a play on words where "move" is used metaphorically to mean a calculated action or strategy.

Keg (3)

Answer: TUB

A "keg" is a small barrel, often used for storing and dispensing beverages such as beer. "TUB" is another container, typically larger and used for various purposes like bathing or washing. While not exactly synonymous, both "keg" and "TUB" are containers, so "TUB" could fit the clue depending on the context of the crossword.

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