Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023

Solve the Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023, by guessing the movie title with the hints given.

by Menaga K | Updated Nov 16, 2023

Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023

About Framed Game

Framed Game is an entertaining puzzle activity designed for movie lovers. It's like a word-guessing game, but instead of words, you guess the name of a movie by looking at different pictures from the film. The aim is to identify the movie from the scenes given to you.

If you make a wrong guess, a new image from the movie appears, and this process continues until a total of six images have been shown. However, if you make too many incorrect deductions, the game ends. Each day, a new puzzle is released, giving you a fresh challenge to solve. The visuals in the game come from a single movie, but the stills are from different moments throughout the film, making the game both challenging and enjoyable.

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Framed Hints For November 16 2023

Framed provides helpful hints to assist players in guessing the movie for the day. These clues offer valuable information without directly revealing the answer. For November 16, the hints point towards the type of movie without explicitly stating its name. They mention specific details like the film's genre, its release year, director, and key actors, giving players subtle yet useful pointers to guide their guessing process. These hints act as teasers, providing a gentle nudge in the right direction to help players figure out the movie's title without giving away the answer outright. The hints for November 16 2023 answer are:

  • Released in 2011
  • Directed by Alexander Payne
  • Stars George Clooney, Shailene Woodley, Amara Miller

Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023

Framed Answer for November 16, 2023, presents a captivating challenge for movie enthusiasts, where the task involves deciphering various images extracted from a specific movie scene. The game operates on the basis of a simple rule: guessing the movie name from the stills displayed.

If a player makes an incorrect guess, a new image from the movie surfaces, and this process continues until a total of six images have been revealed. Making multiple wrong deductions results in the termination of the game, adding a layer of challenge to the gameplay.

So the answer for Framed today November 16 2023 is As Tears Go By.

How to Play Framed Game?

Here are the simple steps to play Framed game.

  • Open your web browser and visit to start playing the Framed game.
  • Look at the image presented as the puzzle for the day.
  • Make a guess about which movie the image is from; if correct, you progress to the next stage.
  • If your guess is wrong, five more chances are given, each displaying a new image from the same movie.
  • The game only allows a total of six attempts to guess the correct movie title from the images.
  • The images used in the game come from a single movie but are taken from various scenes throughout the film, making it more challenging and entertaining.
  • The puzzles reset daily, so you can start a new movie puzzle each day at midnight in your local time zone.
  • Share your success on social media to display your puzzle-solving skills, but remember, each puzzle offers only six attempts to identify the movie correctly.

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Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023 - FAQs

1. What is the answer for the Framed Answer Today For November 16 2023?

The answer is As Tears Go By.

2. What's the goal of Framed Game?

The objective is to identify a movie by analyzing different pictures from the film, guessing its name from the scenes provided.

3. How does the game progress if you make an incorrect guess in Framed?

Making a wrong guess prompts the appearance of a new image from the movie; the process continues until a total of six images have been shown.

4. What happens if too many wrong deductions are made in Framed?

Making excessive incorrect guesses leads to the game ending prematurely, providing a challenge for players to solve the puzzle within the limited attempts.

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