For 3rd April 2024 Solution of Crossword Puzzle IrishTimes Simplex find it here

The Answer to the crossword puzzle named IrishTimes Simplex is given here in the content below, scroll down and find all the details on it.

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Updated Apr 03, 2024

For 3rd April 2024 Solution of Crossword Puzzle IrishTimes Simplex find it here

The Irish Times Simplex crossword puzzle is in the Irish Times newspaper and comes out every day. It's made for beginners and strikes a good balance between being challenging and easy to solve.

Place of utter bliss


Place of utter bliss "PARADISE" is the answer, representing a concept or location often associated with ultimate happiness and contentment. In various religious and philosophical traditions, paradise symbolizes a state of perfection and harmony, where individuals experience complete fulfillment and joy, free from suffering or adversity.

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Tidily, trimly


Tidily, trimly The answer is "NEATLY," indicating the manner in which something is organized or arranged with precision and cleanliness. This term describes an action performed with care and attention to detail, resulting in a neat and orderly appearance, reflecting a sense of tidiness and efficiency in one's approach.

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Vertical cylindrical structure


Vertical cylindrical structure "PILLAR" is the answer, denoting a tall, vertical column or support typically used in architecture and construction. Pillars provide structural stability and support for buildings and other structures, serving as essential components in various architectural designs and engineering projects.

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Buying goods or services


Buying goods or services The answer is "SHOPPING," representing the activity of purchasing items or services from stores or online retailers. Shopping involves the exchange of money for goods or services, whether for basic necessities or luxury items, reflecting consumer behavior and economic activity in society.

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Exhortation to be optimistic


Exhortation to be optimistic "CHIN UP" is the answer, serving as an encouragement or reminder to maintain a positive and resilient attitude in the face of adversity or challenges. This phrase encourages individuals to lift their heads up high, both literally and metaphorically, symbolizing a determination to overcome obstacles and persevere with optimism and confidence.

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It measures electrical resistance


It measures electrical resistance "OHMMETER," which refers to a device used to measure electrical resistance in circuits. Ohmmeters are commonly employed in electronics and electrical engineering to assess the resistance of various components such as resistors, conductors, and semiconductors, aiding in troubleshooting and circuit analysis.

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Measuring strip


Measuring strip "TAPE MEASURE" is the answer, indicating a flexible tool used to measure lengths or distances. Tape measures consist of a long strip of material marked with units of measurement, typically inches or centimeters, allowing users to accurately gauge the dimensions of objects or spaces in construction, sewing, crafting, and other activities requiring precise measurements.

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She treads the boards


She treads the boards The answer is "ACTRESS," referring to a female performer who acts on stage, often in theatrical productions. An actress, also known as a thespian or performer, takes on roles in plays, musicals, and other dramatic performances, embodying characters and bringing stories to life through their portrayal of emotions, dialogue, and actions.

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Refuse, litter


Refuse, litter "RUBBISH" is the answer, representing waste materials or discarded items considered to be of little or no value. Rubbish encompasses various forms of refuse, such as household trash, debris, or unwanted objects, requiring disposal or proper management to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in communities and environments.

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Person of equal standing


Person of equal standing "PEER," referring to an individual who holds a similar rank, status, or position as others within a particular group or society. Peers are often considered equals in terms of social, professional, or academic standing, sharing common attributes or characteristics that place them on a similar level within a given context.

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The green-eyed monster


The green-eyed monster "MEAT" is not the answer to this clue. The correct answer would be "ENVY." The phrase "the green-eyed monster" is a metaphorical expression referring to jealousy or envy, often associated with feelings of resentment or covetousness towards another person's success, possessions, or achievements.

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Leafy vegetables


Leafy vegetables: "KALES," indicating a variety of leafy green vegetables belonging to the Brassica oleracea species. Kales are nutritious and versatile vegetables commonly used in cooking and culinary preparations, known for their rich flavor, hearty texture, and high nutritional value, making them popular choices for salads, soups, stir-fries, and smoothies.

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Pack them up in your old kit bag and smile, as the old song urges


Pack them up in your old kit bag and smile, as the old song urges: The answer is "TROUBLES," referencing the lyrics of the old song "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag." This phrase encourages individuals to cope with adversity or difficulties with a positive attitude and resilience, suggesting that one should face challenges head-on and maintain a cheerful demeanor despite life's hardships.

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Observing or taking down


Observing or taking down "NOTING," indicating the action of observing, recording, or taking note of something. Noting involves paying attention to details or events and making written or mental records of observations, information, or data, serving as a means of documentation or memory aid in various contexts such as research, investigation, or daily life.

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Liquids extracted through squeezing or cooking


Liquids extracted through squeezing or cooking"JUICES," referring to the fluids obtained by squeezing or cooking fruits, vegetables, or meats. Juices contain the extracted essence, flavor, and nutrients of the source material, often consumed as beverages or used in cooking and culinary applications to enhance flavor and moisture.

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Gave in, softened


Gave in, softened "RELENTED," indicating the act of yielding or giving in to pressure or persuasion. When someone relents, they soften their stance or resistance, showing a willingness to compromise or accommodate the requests or demands of others, leading to a resolution or agreement in a situation of conflict or disagreement.

Extravagant or excessive


Extravagant or excessive "LAVISH," describing something characterized by luxury, opulence, or abundance beyond what is necessary or reasonable. Lavishness implies an indulgent or extravagant display of wealth, resources, or attention, often associated with grand gestures, lavish spending, or elaborate decorations that exceed ordinary standards or expectations.

William ..., US novelist whose works were set in the southern states


William ..., US novelist whose works were set in the southern states "FAULKNER," referring to William Faulkner, a renowned American novelist known for his literary exploration of the Southern United States. Faulkner's works, such as "The Sound and the Fury" and "As I Lay Dying," are set in the fictional county of Yoknapatawpha, Mississippi, capturing the complexities of Southern society, history, and culture with profound insight and depth.

Throws into disorder


Throws into disorder "DISRUPTS," indicating the action of causing disturbance or interruption to the normal flow or order of something. When something is disrupted, it is thrown into disorder or chaos, experiencing a break in continuity, functioning, or organization, often resulting in inconvenience, confusion, or inefficiency until the disruption is resolved or mitigated.

Where rabbits etc. may be purchased


Where rabbits etc. may be purchased The answer is "PET SHOP," referring to a retail establishment specializing in the sale of various pets and pet-related supplies. Pet shops offer a variety of animals such as rabbits, birds, fish, and rodents for purchase, along with food, toys, and accessories to cater to the needs of pet owners and enthusiasts.

Impart knowledge


Impart knowledge The answer is "EDUCATE," indicating the action of providing instruction or information to others. When someone educates, they share knowledge, skills, or understanding, facilitating learning and personal development in individuals or groups, empowering them to acquire new insights, perspectives, and abilities to navigate the world effectively.

Small representative part


Small representative part The answer is "SAMPLE," describing a portion or specimen taken from a larger whole to represent its characteristics or qualities. Samples serve as representative examples used for testing, analysis, or demonstration, providing insight into the overall nature or composition of the original entity, whether it be a product, material, or concept.

Ben talks about bedding


Ben talks about bedding "BLANKETS," suggesting a type of bedding commonly discussed or associated with the name Ben. Blankets are soft coverings used for warmth and comfort while sleeping or resting, often made of wool, fleece, or cotton, and available in various sizes, colors, and patterns to suit different preferences and needs.

In this place


In this place is "HEREAT," indicating a location or position being referred to in a specific context or situation. "Hereat" denotes a point or spot in proximity to the speaker or mentioned location, serving to direct attention or indicate a particular place under discussion or consideration.

Pass around the snakes


Pass around the snakes is "ASPS," indicating a type of venomous snake often associated with ancient Egyptian mythology and historical references. Asps are known for their deadly venom and have been mentioned in various cultural contexts, including literature, art, and religious symbolism.

Happy and optimistic


Happy and optimistic is "CHEERY," describing a cheerful and positive demeanor or mood. When someone is cheery, they exhibit happiness and optimism, radiating warmth and goodwill towards others, creating a pleasant and uplifting atmosphere in their presence.



Pressingly is "MUCH," indicating the degree or intensity of something being emphasized or emphasized. When something is described as "pressingly," it suggests a sense of urgency or importance, highlighting the significance or relevance of the matter being addressed, urging immediate attention or action.

Crying like a lamb


Crying like a lamb is "BLEATING," describing the sound made by a lamb or sheep. Bleating is a characteristic vocalization produced by these animals, often indicating distress, hunger, or communication with others in the flock, resembling a plaintive cry or plaintive call.

Ugly, offensive sight


Ugly, offensive sight"EYESORE," referring to something visually unattractive or unpleasant to look at. An eyesore is an object or scene that detracts from its surroundings, causing discomfort or displeasure to those who observe it, whether due to its appearance, condition, or placement within a particular environment.

Set in motion, a boat or project perhaps


Set in motion, a boat or project perhaps "LAUNCH," indicating the action of initiating or starting something, whether it be a boat into the water or a project into action. Launching involves propelling forward or beginning a venture or endeavor, marking the commencement of a new phase or activity.

Except on condition that


Except on condition that "UNLESS," describing a circumstance or situation where a particular condition must be met for an action or event to occur. "Unless" implies that something will happen only if a specific condition is not fulfilled, serving as a conditional statement that defines the circumstances under which an action or outcome is contingent.

Set Nan up in the French port


Set Nan up in the French port is "NANTES," referring to a city located in western France, renowned for its rich history, cultural heritage, and maritime significance. Nantes is a prominent port city situated on the Loire River, known for its historical architecture, vibrant arts scene, and strategic location as a major hub for trade and commerce in the region.

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