Flexwood Location and Everything You Need to Know About it.

In LEGO Fortnite, Flexwood hides in the desert, where it's super hot. Look for cacti everywhere; they hold the precious Flexwood you need.

by Madhumitha

Updated Mar 22, 2024

Flexwood Location and Everything You Need to Know About it.

About LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite is a video game where you explore and live in a big world. It is an open-world survival video game which is developed by Epic Games combined with the Lego Group. It can be played on many devices like phones, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and computers.

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It was released on December 7, 2023. In the regular Fortnite game app, you can find and play LEGO Fortnite. It has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

It is based on the series of Fortnite, and the engine is based on the Unreal Engine 5. It is composed by Rom Di Prisco and Austin Wintory.

Flexwood Location

In LEGO Fortnite, Flexwood can be found in the desert biome, known as the Dry Valley. You will able to find when you are in the right place that feels hot. You can able to see a lot of cacti around you.

To obtain Flexwood, you need to cut down the cacti, but you will need a rare Forest Axe to do that. you can craft this by using a Rare Crafting Bench like 5 cut Amber and 3 Knotroot Rods.

When you are in the desert, you will also protect yourself from heat. You can tackle this by wearing a Cool-Headed charm or drinking snowberry shakes. you have another way to get Flexwood is by using Explosives like a Boom Barrel to blow up the cacti. When you do this, Flexwood will drop, and you can collect it.For crafting a Boom Barrel you will need 6 Planks and 3 Blast Powder.

Uses of Flexwood

Flexwood, like a  Knotroot, is super important because it helps unlock a bunch of cool stuff but before you can make use of it. you need to turn it Flexwood rods at a Lumber Mill. Once you get Flaxwood you can make different things here are listed below. Flexwood can be used for making all sorts of items.

  • you need 8 Flexwood Rods, 4 Wool Fabric, and 6 Silk Fabric to craft a Glider. This helps one to glide around the map.

  • For making Uncommon Knight Shield you require 8 Flexwood Rods and 3 Cord to craft this protects you from attacks.

  • you need 3 Flexwood Rods and 3 Sand Claws to make a Rare Health charm. It helps you healthy.

  • For making a Rare Recurve Crossbow you need 8 Flexwood Rods and 1 Drawstring to make this powerful crossbow.

  • For crafting a Rare Pickaxe you will need it which is a great mining resource.


In LEGO Fortnite, in advance of starting playing, you can choose the LEGO Fortnite mode in the main menu. Then your regular character changed as a small LEGO figure.

You can choose the things and pick a world if you want items like hunger, bad guys, and dying to be part of the game. You can invite up to 8 friends as a maximum to play with you.

After the start of the game, you can explore the map and collect materials like wood by hitting trees, and build stuff like houses and tools. Wait for enemy creatures like spiders, wolves, and skeletons if you turn them on.

If you get hurt, you can heal yourself by having things like pumpkins, corn, eggs, raspberries, and meat as food. Sometimes, fireflies will reveal up. They are too fast that you can't catch but if you continuously follow them, you might find treasure chests and loot Ilamas.The Ilamas crack with items when you pet them.

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