Find the Solutions to the NYT Crosswords for April 3, 2024

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by Dheshni

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Find the Solutions to the NYT Crosswords for April 3, 2024

NYT Crosswords

Do you think that solving crossword puzzles is interesting? If so, NYT Crosswords offers you a daily puzzle that you may complete with the help of clues. Crossword puzzle solving is interesting, but it's not always simple. Certain clues can be confusing and require some thought. Take your time to understand and solve the clues; don't rush to complete them. Visit our page to get help if you are having trouble finishing the puzzle. We will help you out with the solutions

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Lot unit

Answer: ACRE

In real estate, land is often measured in different units. One common unit is an "acre," which is a measure of land area equivalent to 43,560 square feet or about 4,047 square meters. Lots, parcels of land, or plots for development are often described or sold based on their size in acres.

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___ acid, essential component of vinegar

Answer: ACETIC

Vinegar is a common household ingredient used in cooking, cleaning, and various other applications. One of the key components of vinegar is "acetic acid." Acetic acid gives vinegar its sour taste and distinctive smell. It is formed through the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria.

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Piece of an edible “rack”

Answer: RIB

In culinary terms, a "rack" often refers to a section of meat or ribs. Ribs are a popular dish, especially in barbecue cuisine, where they are cooked low and slow until tender and flavorful. A single piece of this rack, typically consumed as food, is referred to as a "rib."

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Things hung upside down in some toolsheds

Answer: HOES

In a toolshed or a garden shed, various gardening tools and implements may be hung for storage and easy access. One common tool that is often hung upside down in sheds is a "hoe." Hoes are gardening tools with a long handle and a flat blade used for cultivating soil, weeding, and digging.

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House of cards?

Answer: CASINO

  • A "house of cards" is a metaphorical expression referring to a precarious or unstable situation, often one that is likely to collapse with even the slightest disturbance. In the context of the crossword question, the term "house of cards" suggests a place associated with gambling and risk-taking, where fortunes can be made or lost.
  • The answer to this clue is "CASINO," as casinos are establishments where gambling activities take place, and the outcome is often uncertain, akin to the fragile balance of a house of cards.
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Animal opposite a kangaroo on Australia’s coat of arms

Answer: EMU

The coat of arms of Australia features two iconic native animals: the kangaroo and the emu. On the coat of arms, the kangaroo and the emu are depicted standing on either side of a shield. The emu, which is a flightless bird native to Australia, is positioned opposite the kangaroo. Together, the kangaroo and the emu symbolize Australia's national identity and represent progress and forward movement, as neither animal can move backward easily.

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Lip_on produc_s


This clue seems to be missing some letters, indicated by the underscores. When filled in correctly, the phrase "lip_on produc_s" becomes "lipson products." The term "Lipson" likely refers to a brand or a company, and "products" indicates that Lipson manufactures or produces various items. However, without more context or specific information, it's difficult to determine the exact answer.

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Traveler’s aid, in brief

Answer: GPS

In this clue, "traveler’s aid" refers to a device or technology that assists travelers in navigating or finding their way. In brief, a common traveler’s aid is a "GPS," which stands for Global Positioning System. GPS devices use satellite signals to determine the user's location and provide directions, making them invaluable tools for navigation while traveling.

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Stately country homes


The term "stately country homes" suggests grand, elegant residences typically found in rural or countryside settings. These homes are often characterized by their architectural beauty, historical significance, and expansive grounds. In French, such grand homes are referred to as "châteaus" (or "châteaux" in the plural form), which are often associated with nobility or aristocracy.

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Traveler’s aid

Answer: ATLAS

Similar to clue 3, this clue also refers to something that aids travelers. However, in this case, it does not specify the abbreviation. The answer is a "book" or "publication" that provides maps, geographical information, and other helpful details for travelers to plan their journeys and navigate unfamiliar places. Such books are commonly referred to as "atlases."

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Do some work as a teaching assistant, maybe

Answer: GRADE

This clue hints at a role often undertaken by graduate students or experienced students in educational settings. Teaching assistants (TAs) are individuals who assist professors or teachers with various tasks related to teaching and student support. One common task for TAs is to "grade" assignments or exams, providing feedback and assessing student performance.

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About half of the books of the New Testament are attributed to him

Answer: PAUL

This clue refers to a significant figure in Christian history who is attributed with writing a substantial portion of the New Testament. The apostle "Paul" is well-known for his missionary journeys and his letters (epistles) addressed to various early Christian communities. Approximately half of the books in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to him, including letters such as Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Thessalonians, Timothy, Titus, and Philemon.

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Ho-ho-holiday time?

Answer: YULE

The expression "ho-ho-ho" is commonly associated with Santa Claus or Father Christmas, particularly during the holiday season, which is often referred to as "holiday time." In many cultures, especially in Western countries, "Yule" is another term for the Christmas season or the winter solstice festivities. Therefore, "ho-ho-holiday time" hints at the word "YULE" as the answer.

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Auto takeback

Answer: REPO

When a person fails to make payments on a financed vehicle, the lender may reclaim or repossess ("repo") the vehicle as a means of recovering the debt owed. "Repo" is a colloquial term used in the finance and automotive industries to refer to the process of repossessing a vehicle

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_lum-colored _lants


The clue suggests a phrase describing plants of a specific color. When filled in correctly, the phrase "plum-colored plants" becomes apparent. "Plum" is a color often associated with a deep purple hue, similar to the color of the fruit known as a plum. Therefore, the answer to the clue is "PURPLEPEAS," which are plants or peas that have a purple coloration

Longtime residents around the Great Salt Lake

Answer: UTE

The Great Salt Lake, located in the state of Utah, is home to various indigenous peoples who have inhabited the region for centuries. One of the prominent indigenous groups in this area is the "Ute" tribe, who have been longtime residents around the Great Salt Lake and other parts of the Intermountain West region of the United States

Lean (on)

Answer: RELY

The phrase "lean (on)" suggests relying on someone or something for support or assistance. To "rely" is to depend on or trust in someone or something for help or support in times of need. Therefore, the answer to the clue is "RELY."

“Count your ___ by friends, not years” (greeting card sentiment)

Answer: AGE

This sentiment suggests that rather than focusing on one's age as a measure of life's richness or fulfillment, it is more meaningful to count the number of friends or relationships one has cultivated over time. "Friends" are valued for their companionship, support, and shared experiences, making them a source of joy and fulfillment in life. Therefore, the answer to this sentiment, filling in the blank, is "AGE."

Recuperative recommendation


When someone is recovering from an illness or injury, it is often recommended that they rest and allow their body time to heal. This period of rest is commonly referred to as "bed rest." Resting in bed allows the body to conserve energy and focus on the healing process, facilitating a quicker recovery.

Company that merged with Sprint in 2020


In 2020, the telecommunications company "T-Mobile" completed a merger with "Sprint," another major telecommunications company in the United States. The merger between T-Mobile and Sprint resulted in the creation of a larger telecommunications entity with expanded coverage and resources.

Granola grain

Answer: OAT

Granola is a popular breakfast food and snack made from rolled oats, among other ingredients. Rolled oats are flattened, whole oat grains that are commonly used in various dishes, including granola bars, cereals, and baked goods. Therefore, the grain associated with granola is the "OAT."

Nincompoop, in Nottingham

Answer: PRAT

The term "nincompoop" is a playful or derogatory way of referring to someone who is foolish or incompetent. In Nottingham dialect or slang, a similar term used to describe such a person is "PRAT." Both "nincompoop" and "prat" are informal terms used to express disdain or amusement at someone's foolish behavior or actions.

Thanksgiving meal choice

Answer: LEG

During Thanksgiving celebrations, one of the traditional main dishes often served is "turkey." Specifically, the "leg" of the turkey is a popular choice among many people. Roasted turkey legs are flavorful and tender, making them a favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal for some individuals.

_usy _uzzers


The clue seems to be missing some letters, indicated by the underscores. When filled in correctly, the phrase "_usy _uzzers" becomes "busy buzzers." This phrase refers to insects known for their buzzing sound and industriousness. One common type of insect fitting this description is the "bumblebee." Bumblebees are known for their busy activity and buzzing as they collect nectar and pollen from flowers

“Around the World in 80 Days” traveler Phileas

Answer: FOGG

"Around the World in 80 Days" is a classic adventure novel written by Jules Verne. The protagonist of the novel is Phileas Fogg, a wealthy and eccentric Englishman who makes a wager that he can circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. Throughout the story, Fogg encounters various challenges and adventures as he travels across different countries and continents

Crushed ingredient in “dirt cake”

Answer: OREO

"Dirt cake" is a dessert made to resemble dirt by using crushed cookies as one of its main ingredients. One common type of cookie used for this purpose is the "Oreo" cookie. Oreos are chocolate sandwich cookies consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling. In dirt cake recipes, Oreos are often crushed and layered with other ingredients to create a delicious and visually appealing dessert.

Lacking manners

Answer: RUDE

When someone behaves in a disrespectful or impolite manner, they are often described as being "rude." Lacking manners can manifest in various ways, such as being discourteous, disrespectful, or inconsiderate towards others. Therefore, the term "RUDE" accurately describes someone who exhibits such behavior.

VCR successors

Answer: TIVOS

  • VCRs (Video Cassette Recorders) were once popular devices used for recording and playing back video tapes. As technology evolved, VCRs were eventually succeeded by digital recording devices that offered more advanced features and capabilities.
  • One such successor to VCRs is "TiVos," which are digital video recorders (DVRs) known for their user-friendly interface, ability to record television programs, and features such as pausing live TV.

Aids in wrongdoing

Answer: ABETS

When someone assists or supports another person in committing a wrongful or illegal act, they are said to "abet" that individual. "Abetting" involves encouraging, facilitating, or actively participating in unlawful behavior. Those who aid in wrongdoing can be held legally accountable for their actions as accomplices or accessories to the crime

Brews made with heavily roasted malt


In the realm of beer brewing, there are various styles that utilize heavily roasted malt to achieve a rich, dark color and robust flavor profile. These brews are commonly referred to as "dark ales." Dark ales encompass a range of beer styles, including stouts, porters, and dark milds, among others. The heavily roasted malt contributes to the dark color and imparts flavors such as chocolate, coffee, and caramel to the finished brews.

Hit hard

Answer: RAM

To "hit hard" is to strike forcefully or with significant impact. One common action associated with hitting hard is to "ram" something, which involves using force to forcefully strike or collide with an object. "Ram" can refer to both a verb describing the action of hitting hard and a noun representing a male sheep or an object used for battering or breaking through obstacles.

Fr_endly fac_al tra_t


This clue seems to be missing some letters, indicated by the underscores. When filled in correctly, the phrase "fr_endly fac_al tra_t" becomes "friendly facial trait." A facial trait that is often associated with friendliness and warmth is the expression conveyed by a person's eyes when they are smiling. Therefore, the answer to this clue is "SMILINGEYES," which refers to eyes that convey a friendly and welcoming demeanor when smiling

Paternity proof, in brief

Answer: DNA

When determining paternity, one common method used for proof is through DNA testing. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) testing is a scientific technique that analyzes a person's genetic material to establish biological relationships, such as parentage. It is often abbreviated as "DNA" for brevity.

Christianity’s ___ Creed

Answer: NICENE

In Christianity, the "Nicene Creed" is a statement of faith that summarizes the core beliefs of the Christian religion. It was established at the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and later revised at the First Council of Constantinople in 381 AD. The Nicene Creed is recited in many Christian liturgies and serves as a central doctrinal statement for various Christian denominations

Big name in bidets

Answer: TOTO

"TOTO" is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing bathroom fixtures and accessories, including bidets. Bidets are fixtures used for personal hygiene, particularly after using the toilet, and TOTO is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high-quality bidet products.

String together?

Answer: SEW

The phrase "string together" suggests the action of connecting or joining pieces of string in a sequence. In a different context, "string together" can also refer to the action of sewing or stitching pieces of fabric together using a needle and thread. Therefore, the word that fits both interpretations is "SEW," which means to join or fasten together by stitching with a needle and thread

Demolition hammer

Answer: SLEDGE

A "sledgehammer" is a large, heavy hammer with a long handle, typically used for tasks requiring significant force, such as demolition work. Its weight and design make it effective for breaking through or demolishing various materials, including concrete, bricks, and walls.

Figure (out)

Answer: SUSS

The phrase "figure out" is commonly used to describe the process of solving a problem or understanding something through analysis or deduction. In informal language, particularly in British English, the word "suss" is used as a verb meaning to understand or figure out something, especially through intuition or investigation.

Poke menu option

Answer: AHI

In culinary contexts, particularly in Hawaiian cuisine, "Ahi" refers to a type of tuna, specifically the yellowfin tuna. "Poke" is a traditional Hawaiian dish made with diced raw fish, typically tuna or salmon, seasoned with various ingredients such as soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, and spices. Therefore, "AHI" is a common menu option for poke dishes

Second-most-used substance in the world, after water


"Concrete" is one of the most widely used construction materials in the world, surpassed only by water in terms of usage. Concrete is a versatile material composed of cement, water, and aggregates such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. It is used in various construction projects, including buildings, bridges, roads, and infrastructure, due to its strength, durability, and ability to be molded into different shapes.

Gave a new form


To "reshape" something is to alter its form or structure in order to create a new shape or appearance. This process involves changing the physical dimensions or proportions of an object to achieve a desired outcome. "Reshaped" can be used both literally and figuratively, describing the act of physically molding or transforming something, as well as metaphorically describing the process of reorganizing or restructuring concepts or ideas.

Nueva York, por ejemplo

Answer: ESTADO

The clue "Nueva York, por ejemplo" is in Spanish and translates to "New York, for example" in English. "Nueva York" refers to the state of New York in the United States. In Spanish, "estado" means "state," and New York is one example of a state within the country.

Cutaneous condition

Answer: ACNE

A "cutaneous condition" refers to a medical condition that affects the skin. One common cutaneous condition is "acne," which is a skin condition characterized by the presence of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and sometimes cysts or nodules, typically occurring on the face, neck, chest, shoulders, and back. Acne is caused by clogged hair follicles and an overproduction of oil by the skin's sebaceous glands.

Onetime threat to a castle’s walls


In medieval warfare, one of the threats to a castle's walls and defenses was the "catapult." A catapult is a siege engine used to hurl projectiles at enemy fortifications, such as stones, rocks, or other heavy objects, with the aim of damaging or breaching the walls of a castle or fortress. Catapults were commonly used during sieges to weaken the defenses of fortified structures and facilitate a successful assault

Chesapeake Bay is one


  • An "estuary" is a partially enclosed coastal body of water where freshwater from rivers and streams mixes with saltwater from the ocean. Estuaries are typically characterized by their brackish water, which is a mix of freshwater and seawater.
  • Chesapeake Bay, located on the East Coast of the United States, is one of the largest and most well-known estuaries in the world, serving as a vital ecosystem and habitat for various marine and bird species.

Evens, as the score

Answer: TIESUP

When the score of a game or competition is "tied up," it means that both opposing teams or competitors have the same number of points or goals. In this context, "ties up" describes the act of bringing the score to an even or tied state. This term is commonly used in sports to indicate when neither side has a numerical advantage over the other.

Celebrity chef Garten

Answer: INA

The clue refers to a well-known celebrity chef named "Ina Garten." Ina Garten is a renowned American chef, author, and television personality known for her cooking show "Barefoot Contessa" and her series of cookbooks. She has gained widespread popularity for her approachable yet elegant recipes and culinary expertise.

La ___ Nostra

Answer: COSA

The phrase "La ___ Nostra" translates to "Our " in English. In this context, "" refers to a specific Italian term, "Cosa." "La Cosa Nostra" is a term commonly used to refer to the Sicilian Mafia or organized crime groups of Italian origin, particularly in the United States. The phrase literally means "Our Thing" in Italian and is often used as a euphemism for the Mafia.

Fix, as a sneaker’s sole

Answer: REGLUE

When the sole of a sneaker becomes detached or damaged, it may need to be repaired or "reglued" to restore its functionality. "Reglue" is a verb that describes the action of applying adhesive or glue to reattach the sole of a sneaker securely.

Savanna grazer

Answer: IMPALA

An "impala" is a type of antelope found in the savannas and woodlands of Africa. Impalas are known for their slender build, reddish-brown coat, and distinctive black markings on their hindquarters. They are herbivores and graze on grasses and other vegetation found in their natural habitat.

Clears the dishes

Answer: BUSSES

In a restaurant or dining setting, to "clear the dishes" means to remove used plates, utensils, and other items from the table once the diners have finished their meal. The individuals responsible for this task are known as "bussers," who help maintain cleanliness and efficiency in the dining area by clearing tables promptly

Cleared the dishes?

Answer: ATE

In the context of dining, "ate" refers to the action of consuming food or meals. Therefore, if someone "cleared the dishes," it can imply that they finished eating or consumed the food served on the dishes. "Ate" is the past tense of the verb "to eat," indicating that the person has indeed finished their meal.

Like laid-back personalities

Answer: TYPEB

Personality types are often categorized into different traits or characteristics. "Type B" personalities are typically described as laid-back, easygoing, and less competitive compared to "Type A" personalities. Individuals with Type B personalities tend to be more relaxed, adaptable, and less stressed in various situations


Answer: GRUB

"Grub" is a colloquial term used to refer to food, especially when it is considered simple or unrefined. The term "chow" is often used informally in a similar manner to describe food or meals, particularly in military or informal settings. Both "grub" and "chow" are informal terms used to refer to nourishment or sustenance in everyday language.

Relatives of vicuñas and guanacos

Answer: LLAMAS

Vicuñas and guanacos are both species of South American camelids, which are members of the Camelidae family. Another well-known member of this family is the "llama." Llamas are domesticated camelids that are closely related to vicuñas and guanacos. They are commonly found in the Andes region of South America and are known for their wool and use as pack animals.


Answer: PESTER

To "pester" someone is to annoy or bother them persistently, often by repeatedly asking questions, making requests, or engaging in unwanted behavior. When someone is being persistently bothered or annoyed, they may describe the situation as being "pestered" by someone or something.

Showbiz award quadfecta

Answer: EGOT

In the world of entertainment, achieving an "EGOT" is considered a significant accomplishment. "EGOT" stands for winning all four major American entertainment awards: an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony. Winning all four awards demonstrates excellence and versatility across different fields of entertainment, including television (Emmy), music (Grammy), film (Oscar), and theater (Tony).

Not fantastic

Answer: REAL

When something is described as "real," it means it is genuine, authentic, or not artificial or idealized. In contrast to being fantastic or imaginary, something that is "real" is tangible and exists in reality. This term can be used to describe things that are practical, down-to-earth, or unembellished

Metal worker?

Answer: ROBOT

A "robot" is a machine that is capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially ones programmed by a computer. While not all robots are specifically designed for metalworking, some robots are indeed used in industrial settings for tasks such as welding, cutting, or shaping metal components. Therefore, a "metal worker" in the context of this clue could be a "robot" programmed or designed for metalworking tasks.

Annual growth indicator


Tree rings" are concentric circles found within the trunk of a tree, formed as the tree grows outward each year. The width and characteristics of these rings can serve as indicators of the tree's age and growth patterns. By counting the rings or analyzing their width, scientists can determine the age of a tree and gain insight into its environmental history and growth rate.

Valentine line


"I love you" is a classic and timeless line often used to express affection, devotion, and romantic feelings towards someone, especially on Valentine's Day. This phrase holds significant emotional weight and is commonly exchanged between romantic partners as a declaration of love and commitment.

Purchases that are assembled brick by brick


"LEGO sets" are toys or construction kits manufactured by the LEGO Group, a Danish company known for its interlocking plastic bricks. LEGO sets typically come with various pieces and instructions for building specific models or structures, which are assembled brick by brick according to the provided instructions. The versatility and creative potential of LEGO sets make them popular toys for children and adults alike.

Animal crackers?

Answer: EGGS

"Eggs" are often colloquially referred to as "animal crackers" due to their oval shape and resemblance to the shape of animal crackers, which are small, sweet, baked snacks shaped like various animals. While eggs are not actually crackers, this playful comparison highlights the similarity in shape between the two food items.

Powered a unicycle, e.g.


When someone propels a unicycle forward by rotating the pedals with their feet, they are said to have "pedaled" the unicycle. This action of using pedals to generate motion is characteristic of riding a unicycle, which requires balance and coordination to maintain stability while moving.

Medical licensing exams

Answer: BOARDS

"Boards" is a term commonly used to refer to medical licensing examinations. These exams, often called "board exams," are standardized tests that medical students must pass in order to obtain their medical license and practice medicine legally. Medical board exams assess a candidate's knowledge and competency in various medical subjects, ensuring that they meet the standards required for medical practice.


Answer: URBANE

"Urbane" is an adjective used to describe someone who is sophisticated, polished, and suave in manner. A person who is urbane is often well-mannered, cultured, and elegant in social interactions, projecting an air of refinement and worldly sophistication

Granny, in Southern dialect

Answer: MEEMAW

In some Southern dialects or regional variations of English, the term "Meemaw" is used to refer to a grandmother or granny. This informal term of endearment is similar to other variations such as "Nana," "Granny," or "Grandma" and is commonly used by grandchildren to address or refer to their grandmother.

Anheuser-Busch product whose ads once featured a penguin

Answer: BUDICE

Anheuser-Busch is a brewing company known for producing various beer brands, including "Bud Ice." In the past, Bud Ice advertisements featured a memorable character: a penguin. These ads often depicted the penguin enjoying or interacting with Bud Ice beer, contributing to the brand's marketing and advertising campaigns

Choice cuts

Answer: FILETS

"Filets" refer to choice cuts of meat, particularly beef or fish, that are prized for their tenderness and flavor. Filets are typically boneless and are often considered premium cuts due to their quality and suitability for various cooking methods, such as grilling, sautéing, or broiling.

Spot for a bar code, maybe

Answer: TAG

Barcodes are commonly found on products and are used for inventory management, pricing, and tracking purposes. One common location for a barcode on a product is on a "tag," such as a price tag or label. The barcode on the tag allows for easy scanning at checkout counters or by automated systems.

IDs with multiple hyphens

Answer: SSNS

"SSNs" stands for Social Security Numbers, which are unique identification numbers assigned to individuals by the Social Security Administration in the United States. Social Security Numbers typically consist of nine digits separated by hyphens into three groups, such a IDs with multiple hyphens often refer to Social Security Numbers, as they contain multiple groups of digits separated by hyphens.

A proposal might be done on one

Answer: KNEE

When someone proposes marriage to their partner, they may traditionally get down on one "knee" before presenting the engagement ring and asking for their partner's hand in marriage. Getting down on one knee is a symbolic gesture signifying respect, devotion, and the intention to commit to a lifelong partnership.

1,000 G’s

Answer: MIL

In numerical terms, "1,000" represents the number one thousand. In informal contexts, particularly in financial or slang terminology, "Gs" is often used as an abbreviation for "grand," which means one thousand units of currency. Therefore, "1,000 G’s" refers to "1,000 grand," which is equivalent to one million. "Mil" is a shorthand way to express "million."

Message communicated as “short-short-short, long-long-long, short-short-short”

Answer: SOS

"SOS" is a Morse code distress signal used to indicate an emergency. In Morse code, "SOS" is represented by three short signals, three long signals, and three short signals again, with each signal separated by a brief pause. This sequence of signals is commonly recognized as the international distress signal, often used by ships, aircraft, and individuals in emergency situations to request assistance.

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