Find the Solution here for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle dated April 2nd, 2024

As a crossword puzzle lover, you will be happy to find the solution for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle from here.

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Updated Apr 02, 2024

Find the Solution here for Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle dated April 2nd, 2024

If you enjoy puzzles, crosswords, and figuring out clues to find answers, you're in the right spot! We'll explain what crosswords are, how to solve them, and help you reach the answers. Crosswords are great for exercising your brain and improving your thinking skills.

Comedians (6)

Answer: COMICS

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"Comedians" refers to individuals who perform comedy, entertain audiences, and make people laugh through their jokes, sketches, or performances. The term "COMICS" is a shortened form of "comics" or "comic performers," which accurately represents individuals involved in the comedic arts

Sanction (8)


"Sanction" can mean official permission, approval, or authorization for an action or activity. "APPROVAL" aligns perfectly with this meaning as it denotes the act of giving consent, agreement, or endorsement to something, thereby providing the necessary sanction for it to proceed.

At a canter (6)

Answer: EASILY

"At a canter" is an idiomatic expression used to describe doing something effortlessly or with minimal difficulty, similar to the relaxed pace of a horse's canter. The word "EASILY" fits this description as it signifies the absence of challenge or strain, indicating that the task or activity can be accomplished without much effort.

Assumed name (5)

Answer: ALIAS

An "assumed name" refers to a pseudonym or alternate name that a person uses instead of their real name, often for reasons of anonymity, disguise, or personal preference. The word "ALIAS" perfectly captures this concept, representing a secondary or alternative name that someone adopts in addition to their original identity.

Impetuous (4)

Answer: RASH

"Impetuous" describes someone who acts quickly and without thinking, often impulsively or recklessly. The word "RASH" aligns with this meaning as it denotes acting or proceeding hastily, without careful consideration of the consequences

Hollow (4)

Answer: DENT

"Hollow" refers to something having a space or cavity within it, lacking solidity or being concave in shape. The word "DENT" can represent a small hollow or indentation in a surface, such as a dent in a car door or a dent in a can, which fits the description provided

Writing tools (4)

Answer: PENS

"Writing tools" are instruments used for writing, such as pens, pencils, markers, etc. The word "PENS" specifically refers to writing instruments that use ink to create marks on paper, making it a suitable answer for the clue provided

Distant (3)

Answer: FAR

"Distant" indicates being located far away in space or time, or having little connection or familiarity with someone or something. The word "FAR" accurately represents this concept, denoting a significant distance in space or time between two points or objects.

Cooking fat (4)

Answer: LARD

"Cooking fat" refers to a type of fat used in cooking, often derived from animal sources such as pigs. "LARD" specifically refers to rendered pork fat, commonly used in various culinary applications for frying, baking, or adding flavor to dishes

Muslim ruler (4)

Answer: EMIR

A "Muslim ruler" is often referred to as an "EMIR." An emir is a title of high-ranking noble or leader in various Muslim countries, particularly in the Arab world and some Islamic monarchies. Emirs typically govern or preside over specific regions or territories

Gasholder (9)


A "gasholder" is a large container or structure used to store natural gas or other gases at atmospheric pressure. The word "GASOMETER" accurately describes this structure, as it is designed to measure and regulate the flow of gas into and out of the storage tank

Money, slang (4)

Answer: DOSH

DOSH" is a slang term used to refer to money or cash, particularly in informal contexts. It is commonly used in British English and is similar in meaning to other slang terms for money, such as "bucks" or "dough."

Compass point (4)

Answer: EAST

"Compass point" refers to one of the cardinal directions on a compass, indicating the direction towards the east. The word "EAST" precisely represents this compass point, denoting the direction of sunrise and the opposite of west.

Four-poster, for example (3)

Answer: BED

A "four-poster" is a type of bed that features four vertical columns, or posts, one at each corner, which support a canopy or frame above the bed. The word "BED" accurately describes this furniture item, as a four-poster is indeed a type of bed.

Nagging (2,2)

Answer: ONAT

"Nagging" often refers to persistently complaining or fault-finding in a way that irritates others. The word "ONAT" is formed by splitting "Nagging" into two parts: "ON" and "AT," representing the constant presence of complaints or criticisms directed "AT" someone or something.

Sudden surprise attack (4)

Answer: RAID

A "sudden surprise attack" is commonly referred to as a "RAID." This term describes a swift and unexpected assault launched by a group of individuals or forces against a target, often with the intention of causing disruption, damage, or seizing resources.

Unruly child (4)

Answer: BRAT

An "unruly child" is a young person who is disobedient, mischievous, or difficult to control. The word "BRAT" accurately describes such a child, emphasizing their troublesome behavior or impudence

Smithy (5)

Answer: FORGE

A "smithy" is a workshop where metal is heated and shaped by hammering, typically operated by a blacksmith. The word "FORGE" perfectly fits this description, as it refers to both the workshop itself and the act of shaping metal through heating and hammering.

Rue (6)

Answer: REGRET

"Rue" can mean to feel sorrow or remorse for something, often accompanied by a sense of regret or disappointment. The word "REGRET" aligns with this meaning, representing the feeling of sadness or disappointment over a past action, decision, or outcome.

Complete (8)


Complete" refers to something being total or whole, lacking nothing. The word "ABSOLUTE" aligns with this meaning as it signifies something that is complete in every aspect, without any conditions or exceptions.

Divulge (6)

Answer: REVEAL

"Divulge" means to disclose or make known something that was previously secret or private. The word "REVEAL" accurately represents this action, indicating the act of unveiling or exposing information to others.

Cold dish (5)

Answer: SALAD

A "cold dish" typically refers to a culinary preparation that is served cold, often as an appetizer or side dish. "SALAD" fits this description perfectly as it commonly consists of cold ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, and dressings

European country (5)

Answer: SPAIN

European country" refers to a nation located within the continent of Europe. "SPAIN" is one such country in Europe, situated on the Iberian Peninsula, known for its rich history, culture, and diverse landscapes.

Chuck (4)

Answer: TOSS

"Chuck" can mean to throw something carelessly or casually. The word "TOSS" aligns with this meaning, representing the action of throwing or tossing something lightly and without much force.

Free from dirt (5)

Answer: CLEAN

To be "free from dirt" means to be without any dirt, grime, or stains, resulting in a state of cleanliness. The word "CLEAN" accurately describes this condition, indicating the absence of dirt or impurities

Net (4)

Answer: MESH

A "net" is a type of fabric or material made up of interconnected fibers, threads, or wires forming a grid-like structure. The word "MESH" accurately describes this type of structure, as it refers to a network of intersecting lines or threads that form a net-like pattern.

Shirt part (6)

Answer: COLLAR

A "shirt part" refers to a specific component or section of a shirt. The "COLLAR" is a prominent part of a shirt that encircles the neck and is typically made of a separate piece of fabric attached to the neckline, serving both functional and decorative purposes.

Valuable commodities (6)

Answer: ASSETS

"Valuable commodities" are items or resources that are considered valuable and can be owned or controlled for economic benefit. "ASSETS" accurately represents this concept, as it refers to anything owned or controlled by an individual, organization, or entity that has economic value and can be used to generate income or provide future benefits.

--- Deighton, writer (3)

Answer: LEN

This clue appears to be incomplete, as it lacks sufficient context to determine the intended answer. However, it could potentially refer to the British author, Len Deighton, known for his espionage novels and thrillers. Therefore, "LEN" might be a shortened form of the author's name.

Book of maps (5)

Answer: ATLAS

A "book of maps" is commonly referred to as an "ATLAS." An atlas is a collection of maps, typically including geographical, political, and thematic maps, along with other related information such as statistics, charts, and illustrations. It serves as a comprehensive reference tool for geographic information and navigation

Beef, for example (3,4)


Beef" is a type of meat derived from cattle. The term "REDMEAT" is a broader classification that includes meat from mammals, particularly those with higher myoglobin content, giving them a reddish color when raw. Therefore, "REDMEAT" accurately describes beef as a specific example within this category of meat.

In favour of (3)

Answer: PRO

"In favour of" indicates support or preference for something. The word "PRO" is often used as an abbreviation for "in favor of" or "proponent of," indicating a positive stance or support towards a particular idea, argument, or position.

Tree type (3)

Answer: FIR

Tree type" refers to a specific species or type of tree. The "FIR" is a common type of coniferous tree known for its evergreen foliage and straight, cylindrical shape. It is often used for timber and Christmas trees.

Onto land from water (6)

Answer: ASHORE

"Onto land from water" describes the transition from being on a body of water to being on dry land. The word "ASHORE" accurately represents this movement, indicating the arrival or grounding of a vessel or person on the shore or land after being in the water.

Paris underground (5)

Answer: METRO

Paris underground" refers to the subway system or underground railway network in the city of Paris, France. The word "METRO" is commonly used to refer to such urban transit systems, including the one in Paris.

Deity (3)

Answer: GOD

A "deity" is a divine being or god worshiped in a religion or mythology. The word "GOD" specifically refers to a supreme being or divine entity that is often worshiped or revered in monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

Consume (3)

Answer: EAT

"Consume" means to ingest or eat something, typically referring to food or drink. The word "EAT" accurately represents this action, indicating the process of taking food into one's mouth and swallowing it for nourishment or sustenance

Expunge (6)

Answer: DELETE

"Expunge" means to remove or erase something completely. The word "DELETE" aligns with this meaning as it denotes the action of removing or eliminating data or information from a computer system or record.

Large (3)

Answer: BIG

"Large" describes something of considerable size or magnitude. The word "BIG" accurately represents this concept, indicating something that is sizable or substantial in comparison to others.

Of birth (5)

Answer: NATAL

"Of birth" refers to something related to or connected with the act or process of being born. The word "NATAL" specifically denotes anything pertaining to birth or the time of birth, such as natal charts, natal care, or natal anniversary.

Quarrel (5)

Answer: ARGUE

A "quarrel" is a heated disagreement or dispute between people. The word "ARGUE" aligns with this meaning as it refers to the act of engaging in a verbal dispute or disagreement with someone, often involving differing opinions or viewpoints.

Discourage (5)

Answer: DETER

"Discourage" means to dissuade or prevent someone from doing something. The word "DETER" accurately represents this concept as it denotes the action of discouraging or deterring someone from pursuing a particular course of action through fear or hesitation.

French cheese (4)

Answer: BRIE

"French cheese" refers to a type of cheese that originates from France. "BRIE" is a specific variety of French cheese known for its soft, creamy texture and delicate flavor, named after the region of Brie where it originated.

Twelve inches (4)

Answer: FOOT

"Twelve inches" is a unit of measurement equivalent to one foot. The word "FOOT" accurately represents this measurement, indicating a unit of length commonly used in systems such as the imperial and US customary units of measurement.

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