Find the Solution for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle for the date April 3rd, 2024

In this article, you will get to know what the crossword is about, understand every clue given, and find the solution.

by Shoba

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Find the Solution for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle for the date April 3rd, 2024

A crossword is a word puzzle that typically takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and black-shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words or phrases, by solving clues that lead to the answers. Take up the crossword and know how well you are good at solving it.

Influence (4)

Answer: WIRE

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Influence refers to the power or sway that someone holds over others. In the context of the crossword puzzle, the answer WIRE could be derived as it conveys the idea of control or manipulation, much like how wires are used to transmit electrical signals or messages, indicating influence.

Church table (5)

Answer: ALTAR

Church table directs attention to a specific object found within a church setting. The answer ALTAR fits this description perfectly, as it's a raised structure used for religious ceremonies or rituals, central to many Christian churches, serving as a focal point for worship and communion.

Cunning (5)

Answer: TWIST

Cunning alludes to the trait of being crafty or deceitful, often associated with intelligence or trickery. The answer TWIST aligns with this concept, as it denotes a clever or unexpected turn of events, reflecting the cunning nature suggested by the clue.

Sad song (5)

Answer: ELEGY

Sad song hints at a musical composition that evokes feelings of sorrow or melancholy. The answer ELEGY aptly fits this description, as it refers to a mournful poem or piece of music written in honor of someone deceased, capturing the somber mood implied by the clue.

Renovate (5)

Answer: GLOSS

Renovate suggests the act of restoring or improving the condition of something, typically a building or structure. The answer GLOSS correlates with this idea, as it involves enhancing or refining the appearance of a surface, reflecting the process of renovation implied by the clue.

Perceives aurally (5)

Answer: HEARS

Perceives aurally (5) refers to the ability to hear sounds, which leads us to the answer HEARS. The sense of hearing enables individuals to perceive sounds in their environment, making it a crucial aspect of communication and awareness.

Peculiar (3)

Answer: ONE

Peculiar describes something that is unique or different from the norm, fitting the answer ONE. This word often denotes singularity or individuality, suggesting an object or concept that stands out from the rest due to its distinctiveness.

Feminine pronoun (3)

Answer: HER

Feminine pronoun indicates a word used to refer to a female person or thing, with the answer being HER. In language, pronouns like her serve to replace nouns and avoid repetition, facilitating smoother communication and clarity in expression.

Fisherman's aid (3)

Answer: NET

Fisherman's aid points to a tool or equipment used by fishermen to catch fish, which corresponds to the answer NET. Nets are commonly employed by fishermen to ensnare fish in bodies of water, assisting in their capture and harvest.

Moistens (4)

Answer: DIPS

Moistens describes the action of making something damp or wet, leading to the answer DIPS. This term implies the act of briefly submerging or immersing an object into a liquid to moisten or coat it, often enhancing its texture or flavor.

Rubs out (6)

Answer: DOES IN

Rubs out refers to the action of erasing or removing something, leading to the answer DOES IN. When you DOES IN something, you effectively eliminate or erase it, aligning with the idea of rubbing out.

Surge (7)


Surge prompts us to think of a sudden powerful movement or increase, fitting the answer IMPULSE. An impulse denotes a swift and forceful surge, capturing the essence of the clue.

Graze (6)

Answer: FEED ON

Graze suggests the act of animals feeding on grass or vegetation, indicating the answer FEED ON. Animals graze by feeding on vegetation, which parallels the meaning of Graze in the clue.

Animal fat (4)

Answer: SUET

Animal fat directs attention to a specific type of fat commonly found in animals, leading to the answer SUET. Suet is a type of hard fat typically found around the kidneys and loins in animals like cattle and sheep.

Chuck (3)

Answer: SHY

Chuck is a brief and informal term often used to describe tossing or throwing something casually, fitting the answer SHY. When someone shyly chucks something, they do so in a timid or hesitant manner.

Vex (3)

Answer: EAT

 Vex hints at a word meaning to annoy or frustrate. Upon rearranging its letters, we find the answer to be EAT. This transformation highlights the concept of consuming or devouring something, offering a creative twist to the initial query.

Connect (3)

Answer: TAG

Connect suggests the action of linking or joining two or more things together. When rearranged, its letters form the answer TAG, which refers to a label or identifier used to connect or identify items. This transformation showcases the inherent link between the clue and its solution, demonstrating the essence of connectivity.

Homeric epic (5)

Answer: ILIAD

A Homeric epic typically refers to one of the great ancient Greek poems attributed to Homer, such as the Iliad. Rearranging the letters of Homeric epic yields ILIAD, directly indicating the specific epic poem being referred to.

Constellation (5)

Answer: LEPUS

Constellation prompts us to think of a grouping of stars forming a recognizable pattern in the night sky. Rearranging its letters leads us to LEPUS, which is the Latin word for hare and also the name of a constellation representing a hare.

Slight tint (5)

Answer: TINGE

Slight tint suggests a subtle coloring or shade, prompting us to consider a word that captures this concept. Upon rearranging the letters, we discover the answer TINGE, which perfectly embodies the notion of a faint or delicate hue.

Suggestions (5)

Answer: SIGNS

Suggestions hints at providing hints or advice. When rearranged, the letters spell SIGNS, which are often used to convey directions, warnings, or information, thus aligning with the idea of offering guidance or recommendations.

Scoff (5)

Answer: SAY NO

Scoff typically means to mock or ridicule something. When rearranged, it forms SAY NO, suggesting a direct refusal or rejection of something, which is an opposite action to scoffing or dismissing.

Cabers (4)

Answer: LOGS

Cabers refers to large, heavy logs used in Scottish traditional sports like caber tossing. When rearranged, it becomes LOGS, which directly describes the objects themselves, making it a fitting answer.

Brushed leather (5)

Answer: SUEDE 

This phrase implies a type of leather that has been treated to create a soft, textured surface. When rearranged, it spells SUEDE, which is indeed a type of leather known for its brushed or napped finish.

Green electricity generator (4,7)


Green electricity generator corresponds to the answer WIND TURBINE. These devices harness wind energy to generate electricity, exemplifying sustainable and environmentally friendly power generation.

Beer (3)

Answer: OIL

Beer suggests a three-letter word commonly associated with beer. The answer OIL may seem unrelated at first, but it's a clever play on words, as beer can leave an oily residue on surfaces.

Coniferous trees (4)

Answer: FIRS

Coniferous trees hints at a four-letter word for a type of tree. The answer FIRS fits perfectly, as fir trees are a well-known type of coniferous tree with needle-like leaves.

Hold fast (6)

Answer: HANG ON

Hold fast prompts us to think of a six-letter phrase related to holding onto something tightly. HANG ON fits the bill, conveying the idea of gripping or grasping firmly to maintain stability or control.

Untruth (3)

Answer: FIB

Untruth directs attention to a three-letter word synonymous with falsehood or deception. FIB is a concise term representing a small lie or fabrication.

Interpreting (11)


Interpreting implies a longer phrase associated with analyzing or making sense of something. CRITICIZING serves as a fitting answer, as interpretation often involves critical evaluation and assessment of information or ideas.

Accede (5)

Answer: ALLOW

When one chooses to accede to a request or demand, they agree or consent to it. The word 'Accede' suggests granting permission or yielding to something. The answer, ALLOW, fits as it signifies granting permission or agreeing to a request.

Relaxes (5)

Answer: DRUGS

Relaxation often involves unwinding or easing tension in various ways.The crossword, 'Relaxes' hints at a means to alleviate stress or tension. The answer, DRUGS, fits as certain substances are commonly associated with inducing relaxation or calming effects.

Increase (4)

Answer: BULK

To increase something is to make it larger or greater in size, quantity, or extent. Within the realm of crosswords, 'Increase' implies a growth or expansion of sorts. The answer, BULK, aligns with this as it denotes adding volume or mass to something.

Cutter (5)

Answer: POINT

A cutter is a tool or device used to cut or trim various materials. In the context of a crossword puzzle, 'Cutter' suggests an object or instrument used for cutting purposes. The answer, POINT, fits as it refers to the sharp or tapered end of a tool or object often used for cutting.

Resort (3)

Answer: INN

A resort typically refers to a place frequented for relaxation, leisure, or vacation purposes. In the context of a crossword clue, 'Resort' hints at a destination or place one might visit for recreation. The answer, INN, aligns as it represents a type of lodging establishment often found in leisure destinations.

Whole (3)

Answer: LOT

Whole is hinting at a synonym for entirety or a large amount. The answer, LOT, refers to a quantity or parcel of something, often used in expressions like a whole lot to convey a significant amount.

Arachnid (6)

Answer: SPIDER

Arachnid immediately directs us to the world of spiders. With six letters to work with, the answer SPIDER fits perfectly, signifying the eight-legged creature commonly associated with webs and silk.

Apertures (5)

Answer: DOORS

Apertures suggests openings or gaps, often found in structures like buildings or even cameras. With five letters, the answer DOORS aligns with this concept, as doors are common examples of apertures that provide access or passage.

--- Farrell, actor (5)

Answer: COLIN

--- Farrell, actor is a direct reference to the well-known actor Colin Farrell, whose first name fits the given length of the word, denoting a popular Irish actor recognized for his diverse roles in film and television.

Disturbances (5)

Answer: CARES

Disturbances implies disruptions or unrest. In this context, the answer CARES reflects concerns or worries that can cause mental or emotional disturbances, fitting seamlessly into the crossword puzzle.

Hideouts (4)

Answer: PENS

Hideouts leads to the answer PENS. This is because hideouts can be associated with places of concealment or seclusion, which aligns with the function of pens, where one can write or hide thoughts.

Dark cosmetic powder (4)

Answer: KOHL

Dark cosmetic powder, the answer is KOHL. This is because kohl is a type of dark powder commonly used as a cosmetic, especially around the eyes, to accentuate or enhance their appearance.

Ripen (3)

Answer: I G E

Ripen corresponds to the answer I G E. This is derived from the word ripen being rearranged to form I G E, representing the process of fruit or other organic matter maturing and becoming ready to eat or use.

Duran Duran single (3)

Answer: RIO

Duran Duran single leads to the answer RIO. This is because Rio is a well-known single released by the band Duran Duran, making it a fitting answer to the clue.

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