Find the Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Solution for the date April 2nd, 2024

Want to know how to do a crossword puzzle called Mirror Classic, then don't worry we will help you with this article.

by Shalini K

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Find the Mirror Classic Crossword Puzzle Solution for the date April 2nd, 2024

Mirror Classic crosswords are usually in British newspapers. They have a traditional style. In these puzzles, you need to fill in empty spaces with words based on the given numbers. You can play by getting a newspaper.

Illiberal (6-6)


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The clue "Illiberal" suggests a lack of openness or tolerance, which aligns with the meaning of "NARROW-MINDED." Someone who is narrow-minded has limited perspectives or is intolerant of differing ideas or opinions.

Bobbing songbird (7)


The clue "Bobbing songbird" refers to a bird that is known for its characteristic habit of wagging its tail up and down. The wagtail is a type of bird belonging to the family Motacillidae, known for its distinctive tail-wagging behavior.

Musical instrument (5)

Answer: FLUTE

The clue "Musical instrument" refers to a type of instrument that produces sound through the flow of air across an opening. The answer "FLUTE" fits this description perfectly, as it is a musical instrument typically made of metal, wood, or plastic, and played by blowing air across the mouthpiece

Not any (4)

Answer: NARY

The clue "Not any" suggests the absence or lack of something. The word "NARY" means "not a single one" or "none at all," indicating the absence of whatever is being referred to.

Decipher (6)

Answer: DEDUCE

The clue "Decipher" implies the act of figuring out or interpreting something, often through analysis or deduction. "DEDUCE" fits this clue as it means to reach a conclusion based on reasoning or evidence, similar to deciphering a code or unraveling a mystery by piecing together clues.

Bury (5)

Answer: OUTDO

The clue "Bury" suggests the idea of surpassing or exceeding. "OUTDO" means to surpass or do better than someone or something, aligning with the concept of burying or overshadowing them.

Natural aptitude or skill (6)

Answer: TALENT

The clue "Natural aptitude or skill" refers to an inherent ability or proficiency that a person possesses. "TALENT" fits this description perfectly, as it denotes a natural gift or skill in a particular area.

Desire to scratch (4)

Answer: ITCH

The clue "Desire to scratch" implies an uncomfortable sensation that leads to the urge to scratch. "ITCH" is the sensation that prompts this desire, making it a fitting answer.

Artist's stand (5)

Answer: EASEL

The clue "Artist's stand" refers to a piece of equipment used by artists to hold a canvas or a painting while they work on it. An "EASEL" is precisely this - a stand used by artists to support their work.

General attitude to life (7)


The clue "General attitude to life" suggests an individual's overall perspective or viewpoint towards life. "OUTLOOK" fits this description as it denotes one's general attitude, perspective, or worldview.

Minor offence or transgression (12)


The clue "Minor offence or transgression" suggests a wrongdoing that is less serious than a felony but still against the law. "MISDEMEANOUR" is the legal term used to describe such offenses, typically punishable by fines, community service, or short jail sentences.

Fresh and unusual (8)


The clue "Fresh and unusual" implies something that is novel or innovative, not derivative or copied. "ORIGINAL" fits this description as it denotes something that is new, unique, and not based on anything else.

Neighbourhood pub (5)

Answer: LOCAL

This clue is asking for a term that describes a pub typically frequented by locals in a specific area. The answer is a word that often describes establishments that are nearby and familiar to the residents of a neighborhood.

Little (5)

Answer: YOUNG

This clue is seeking a word that means small or diminutive in size. It could refer to something that is not large or significant.

Photographer (7)

Answer: A ENS MAN

The clue suggests a profession or occupation related to taking pictures. The answer is a term for someone who specializes in capturing images, often using a camera. Answer: A ENS MAN (This seems like a typo or an incorrect answer. The correct answer might be "CAMERAMAN" or "LENSMAN," both of which fit the given length of 7 letters.)

Second Greek letter (4)

Answer: BETA

This clue is asking for the name of the second letter in the Greek alphabet. Greek letters are often used in mathematics, science, and other fields. The answer is a specific letter in the Greek alphabet.

Occasionally (3,3,4)


This clue is a cryptic clue where "Occasionally" hints at the intermittent nature of the words in the answer. "NOW AND THEN" fits this clue because it means occasionally or from time to time. The phrase consists of "NOW" (3 letters), "AND" (3 letters), and "THEN" (4 letters).

Early bicycle (10)


Early bicycle" refers to an old-fashioned mode of transport. A common term for such a vehicle is "VELOCIPEDE," which is a historical term for a human-powered land vehicle with one or more wheels. It fits the clue because it is an early form of a bicycle and has ten letters

Dec's TV partner (3)

Answer: ANT

his clue refers to the British television presenter duo Ant and Dec, consisting of Anthony McPartlin (Ant) and Declan Donnelly (Dec). So, "ANT" is the answer here, representing Dec's TV partner. It's concise and fits the clue with its three letters

Precipitation form (3)

Answer: DEW

Precipitation form" hints at a type of moisture often found in the morning. "DEW" is the answer here, representing the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere onto the ground. It fits the clue with its three letters.

Traditional (8)


The clue "Traditional" suggests something associated with the past or customary practices. "OLD WORLD" fits this because it refers to traditional or conservative values or customs, particularly from Europe before the discovery of the Americas. It has eight letters and fits the clue's context.

Comprise (7)


The word "comprise" suggests something being made up of or consisting of something else. "ENGROSS" fits this clue because it means to absorb all the attention or interest of someone. In a sense, if something engrosses you, it comprises your attention. It has seven letters, matching the length of the clue.

Punctuation mark (5)

Answer: CARET

The clue indicates that we're looking for a five-letter word related to punctuation. "CARET" fits this clue as it refers to the punctuation mark (^), often used in proofreading or indicating where something should be inserted in a text. It fits the clue's context with its five letters

Book containing maps (5)

Answer: ATLAS

This clue suggests we're looking for a five-letter word related to a book that contains maps. "ATLAS" is the answer, as it is a collection of maps in book form. It's a commonly known term and fits the clue perfectly with its five letters.

Slender (4)

Answer: WEAK

The clue indicates that we're looking for a four-letter word describing something thin or slight. "WEAK" fits this description, as it can mean lacking in strength or substance, hence being slender or thin. It matches the clue's context with its four letters.

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