Find the Clues, Answer and Explanation to The Irish Independent Simple Crossword, April 4, 2024

Discover the solution to today’s crossword clue and find the detailed explanation in this article.

by Vinothini S

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Find the Clues, Answer and Explanation to The Irish Independent Simple Crossword, April 4, 2024

Today, we have a new crossword puzzle for you. In this game, you get clues and have to find the answers. It's a fun way to spend time. Just give it a try. Put in some effort and take your time to solve the puzzle. We also have the explanation for the answer here.

Drive away (5)


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"Drive away" directs us to the answer "CHASE." This clue suggests pursuing or following something in order to make it depart or leave. It commonly refers to the act of trying to catch or pursue someone or something in order to force them away or out of a particular area.

Manufacturing method (7)


"Manufacturing method" leads to the answer "PROCESS." In the realm of production and industry, a process refers to a series of actions or steps taken to create a product or achieve a particular result. It encompasses everything from raw material acquisition to final product assembly, highlighting the systematic approach to manufacturing.

Distinguished (7)


"Distinguished" is represented by the answer "KNOWING." To be distinguished often implies being recognized or respected for one's knowledge, expertise, or accomplishments. This clue suggests a level of sophistication or intellectual prowess that sets someone apart from others, making "KNOWING" a fitting solution.

Undress (5)


The term "Undress" corresponds to the answer "SHOCK." While this might seem counterintuitive at first, "undress" can also refer to exposing or revealing something, which aligns with the idea of a "shock" revealing or exposing underlying truths or realities.

Applicants (10)


"Applicants" directs us to the answer "SUPPLIANTS." In a context such as a job application process or seeking assistance, applicants can be referred to as suppliants, as they are requesting or petitioning for a desired outcome or opportunity. It suggests a sense of seeking help or support from a higher authority or entity.

Grass-cutters (10)


"Grass-cutters" is synonymous with "LAWNMOWERS." This clue straightforwardly indicates a device or machine used for cutting grass, typically found in gardens or yards. The answer "LAWNMOWERS" reflects this common tool used for maintaining outdoor spaces by trimming grass to a desired length.

Goat-like man (5)


"Goat-like man" leads us to the answer "SATYR." In mythology, satyrs are creatures with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a goat. They are often depicted as mischievous and lustful beings associated with revelry and nature, making "SATYR" an appropriate solution for this clue.

Collection of episodes (7)


"Collection of episodes" is represented by the answer "OMNIBUS." An omnibus refers to a collection of various works or episodes, often compiled into a single volume or presentation. This term is commonly used in literature, television, and film to denote a comprehensive gathering of related material.

Cut-out template (7)


A "cut-out template" is commonly referred to as a "STENCIL." Stencils are used as guides for cutting or painting designs onto surfaces, allowing for repeated patterns or shapes to be accurately reproduced. This clue points solvers toward this tool often utilized in arts, crafts, and design projects.

Social level (5)


"Social level" is aptly represented by "CASTE." A caste refers to a social class or hierarchical system in which individuals are grouped based on factors such as birth, occupation, or social status. This term is particularly associated with traditional societies where social mobility is limited and roles are often predetermined.

Long-distance phone connections (5,5)


"Long-distance phone connections" are commonly referred to as "TRUNK CALLS." In telecommunication, a trunk call is a telephone call routed over long-distance lines rather than local networks. This clue directs solvers toward this specific type of telephone communication that crosses regional or national boundaries.

Blotches (5)


"Blotches" are accurately represented by "MARKS." Blotches refer to irregular patches or spots that mar the surface of something, often resulting from staining or discoloration. This term can apply to various contexts, including skin, fabric, or surfaces, where noticeable discolorations or imperfections are present.

Society (4)


"Society" is represented by the answer "CLAN." A clan refers to a social group or community, often united by common ancestry, traditions, or interests. This term is commonly associated with cultures that prioritize kinship and familial ties, where members share a sense of belonging and mutual support within the group.

Disperse (6)


To "disperse" is to scatter or distribute widely, fittingly represented by "LOT OUT" as the answer. This phrase suggests the act of allotting or distributing something among various recipients or locations, resulting in its dispersion or spread across different areas or individuals.

Ponder (8)


"Ponder" directs us to the answer "TURNOVER." Pondering involves deep contemplation or reflection, often leading to a change in perspective or understanding. The term "TURNOVER" can imply a process of reflection or consideration that leads to a shift or turnover in thoughts or ideas.

Confidential information (7)


"Confidential information" is aptly represented by "LOW DOWN." This colloquial term refers to insider or privileged information that is not widely known or shared. It suggests details or insights that are kept discreet or confidential, typically known only to a select few.

Veteran (4,6)


A "veteran" is someone who has extensive experience or has been involved in a particular field or activity for a significant period, fittingly represented by "BEEN AROUND." This phrase colloquially indicates someone who has been present or involved in a certain context for a long time, often implying a level of expertise or seasoned knowledge in that area.

Cold War (4,4)


"Cold War" is represented by "CONF LICT." While this might initially seem puzzling, "CONFLICT" is a term often associated with tensions and hostilities, characteristic of the Cold War era between the United States and the Soviet Union. The clue cleverly hints at the confrontational nature of this historical period.

Clothed (7)


To be "clothed" is the opposite of "DENUDED." This term implies being stripped or deprived of clothing, suggesting a state of exposure or vulnerability. It's a fitting answer that highlights the contrast between being clothed and being without covering.

Completely (6)


"Completely" is accurately represented by "IN FACT." This phrase emphasizes the certainty or truthfulness of a statement, indicating that something is entirely or wholly true without any doubt or reservation.

Degrade (5)


"Degrade" can be synonymous with "BLAME." When someone is blamed for something, it often implies a loss of status or reputation, suggesting a decline or degradation in how they are perceived or regarded by others.

Pleasant (4)


"Pleasant" is appropriately represented by "EASY." This term suggests a state of comfort or enjoyment, where things are uncomplicated or free from difficulty. It reflects a positive and agreeable atmosphere or experience.

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