Find the Answer LA Times Mini Crossword Clue for April 4, 2024

Looking for the solution to the April 4, 2024, LA Times Mini Crossword clue? Find the Answer with the help of our article.

by Thamizhalagi B

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Find the Answer LA Times Mini Crossword Clue for April 4, 2024

LA Times Mini Crossword

LA Times Mini Crossword is a quick and fun crossword that challenges your vocabulary. It is a small-sized variation on the crossword. If you are a big fan of word games and crossword puzzles so this game is for you and to love the LA Times mini Crossword. Check out our site to see for yourself and we are here to help you enjoy yourself while having fun with your brain.

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Day of rest: Abbr.

The Crossword Clue Answer is SAB

"Day of rest: Abbr." SAB This clue is asking for an abbreviated term for a day of rest. The answer is "SAB," which stands for Sabbath, typically observed as a day of religious or spiritual rest and worship in many cultures.

Mythic sky supporter

The Crossword Clue Answer is ATLAS

"Mythic sky supporter" ATLAS refers to a figure from Greek mythology who was condemned to hold up the sky for eternity. The answer is "ATLAS," a Titan who bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders according to legend.

Fiddlers on the beach

The Crossword Clue Answer is CRABS

"Fiddlers on the beach" CRABS: Here, is a playful way to describe creatures commonly found scuttling along sandy shores. The answer is "CRABS," which are often seen "fiddling" with their claws, giving them a musical association in this context.

Hides in the shadows

The Crossword Clue Answer is LURKS

"Hides in the shadows" LURKS suggests the action of someone or something lurking in dark or concealed places. The answer is "LURKS," indicating a stealthy presence, often associated with suspense or danger, lurking just out of sight.

2022 horror film starring Sandra Oh

The Crossword Clue Answer is UMMA

"2022 horror film starring Sandra Oh" UMMA refers to a horror film released in 2022 featuring actress Sandra Oh. The answer is "UMMA," which is the title of the movie, revolving around themes of horror and familial relationships.

Play a banjo

The Crossword Clue Answer is STRUM

"Play a banjo" STRUM suggests the action involved in playing a specific musical instrument associated with folk and bluegrass music. The answer is "STRUM," which describes the motion of running one's fingers across the strings of a banjo to produce sound.

Word with smoke or fire

The Crossword Clue Answer is ALARM

"Word with smoke or fire" ALARM Here, the clue prompts for a term often associated with warnings related to smoke or fire hazards. The answer is "ALARM," which can refer to both a device that detects such dangers and the alert it emits to signal danger.

Sweet-and-yeasty Polish cake

The Crossword Clue Answer is BABKA

"Sweet-and-yeasty Polish cake" BABKA describes a traditional Polish dessert known for its sweet and yeasty flavor profile. The answer is "BABKA," a type of cake typically made with rich, sweet dough twisted or braided and often flavored with ingredients like raisins or chocolate.

Rights advocacy org.

The Crossword Clue Answer is ACLU

"Rights advocacy org." ACLU is an organization dedicated to defending civil liberties and rights within the United States. The answer is "ACLU," which stands for the American Civil Liberties Union, known for its work in various legal cases involving constitutional rights.

Sound from a punctured air mattress

The Crossword Clue Answer is SSS

"Sound from a punctured air mattress" SSS: This clue hints at the noise produced when air escapes from a punctured inflatable mattress. The answer is "SSS," imitating the hissing sound made as the air rushes out of the mattress.

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