Discord Member List Not Showing, How to Fix Discord Member List Not Showing?

Trouble viewing Discord's member list? Resolve with steps like updating the app, checking servers, and clearing cache for seamless communication.

by Priyanka P

Updated Dec 09, 2023

Discord Member List Not Showing, How to Fix Discord Member List Not Showing?

Discord Member List Not Showing

If you're having trouble seeing the member list on Discord, a few common reasons could be causing this issue. It might be due to problems with Discord's servers, your internet connection, or even the app itself. Sometimes, outdated Discord app versions or corrupted cache files can lead to this problem.

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To tackle this, you can try restarting your computer, checking Discord's server status online, or updating the Discord app through the Microsoft Store. Clearing the Discord app's cache or reinstalling the app might also be necessary.

Remember, issues with your internet connection can contribute to Discord problems, so rebooting your internet modem could be worth a shot. If these general steps don't solve the problem, you might need to explore more advanced troubleshooting methods.

Why is the Discord Member List Not Showing?

The Discord Member List might not show for several reasons. One common cause is potential issues with Discord's servers, which can affect the loading of member lists. Additionally, problems with your internet connection might hinder the proper functioning of Discord. Outdated Discord app versions could lead to errors, and corrupted cache files may also be a culprit.

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In some cases, third-party apps might interfere with Discord's program files, causing display issues. To resolve this, users can check Discord's server status, restart their computer, and update the Discord app through the Microsoft Store.

Clearing the app's cache and, if needed, reinstalling Discord are troubleshooting steps to address potential software glitches. It's essential to explore these possibilities to identify and fix the specific cause of the member list not showing on Discord.

How to Fix Discord Member List Not Showing?

To fix the Discord Member List not showing issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check Discord Server Status: Ensure that Discord's servers are operational by visiting the official Discord website or using platforms like Downdetector. If Discord's servers are down, you may need to wait until they are back up.

  2. Restart Your Computer: A simple restart of your computer can sometimes resolve glitches or temporary issues.

  3. Update Discord App: Make sure your Discord app is up to date. Open the Microsoft Store, locate Discord, and click on the Update button if available.

  4. Clear Discord App Cache: Press Win + R, type %appdata%, navigate to the Discord folder, and delete the contents of the Cache folder.

  5. Reinstall Discord: Uninstall Discord through Control Panel, delete Discord folders in %appdata% and %localappdata%, then reinstall Discord.

  6. Check Internet Connection: Ensure your internet connection is stable. Restart your internet modem to rule out connectivity issues.

  7. Clear Browser Cache (if using Discord in a browser): If using Discord in a browser, clear your browser's cache to resolve potential issues.


Discord is a popular communication platform that allows people to chat, voice call, and share information in a virtual space. It's widely used by gamers, communities, and friends to connect and coordinate activities. Users can join different servers, which are like digital hangout places, each with its own topics and discussions. Within servers, there are channels dedicated to specific topics, making it easy to organize conversations.

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Discord offers both text and voice chat features, making it versatile for various needs. It's known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to create private or public spaces for different interests. Overall, Discord serves as a hub for online socializing and collaboration, bringing people together in a digital environment.

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Discord Member List Not Showing - FAQs

1. Why is the Discord Member List not Loading?  

Discord member list issues may stem from server problems, outdated app versions, or corrupted cache files. Resolve by checking servers, updating, or clearing cache.

2. How to Fix Discord Member List Not Showing?

Ensure a stable internet connection, update Discord via the Microsoft Store, and clear cache or reinstall the app for a smooth member list display.

3. What Causes Discord Member List Loading Issues?  

Problems range from server errors to faulty internet connections. Outdated apps or missing Discord files can also contribute to loading problems.

4. How to Check Discord Server Status?  

Verify server status on Discord's official site or Downdetector. If servers are down, wait until they're restored for normal functionality.

5. Why Restart PC for Discord Issues?  

Restarting your computer helps load system files afresh, potentially resolving Discord glitches or member list display problems.

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