Did Shannon Beador and John Break Up? What Happened Between Them?

Did Shannon Beador and John break up? We delve into the details surrounding the breakup of Shannon Beador and John, exploring what led to their split and the possibility of reconciliation.

by Aishwarya R | Updated Jun 09, 2023

Did Shannon Beador and John Break Up? What Happened Between Them?

Shannon Beador and John Janssen Love Life

After her tumultuous divorce from David Beador, Shannon Beador found love in Orange County with John Janssen. The couple celebrated their first anniversary on June 21, 2020, as Shannon shared a selfie of them on Instagram and celebrated at the same place a year later. Their relationship became public knowledge in July 2019, confirmed by Us Weekly. Shannon revealed that they met through mutual friends and expressed her happiness and contentment with John.

She emphasized the strength of their connection and how her friends, who had known him for decades, provided her with reassurance about his character and intentions. Shannon's previous marriage to David Beador lasted nearly two decades. They tied the knot in 2000 and share three daughters: Sophie, Stella, and Adeline. The couple announced their separation in October 2017 but didn't officially file for divorce until December of the same year.

The divorce proceedings took close to two years to finalize, with Shannon expressing frustration over the process and her desire for it to be over. In April 2019, Us confirmed that Shannon and David's divorce was officially completed. Shannon took to Instagram to share a photo with her co-star Gina Kirschenheiter, captioning it with a message of celebrating a tough day and running into a friend.

Following their divorce, David moved on and found love with Lesley Cook. They got engaged in 2020 and tied the knot in October of that year. Their happiness continued with the arrival of their daughter, Anna Love, in February 2021. However, in 2022, they seemingly encountered marital issues, sharing conflicting messages on social media regarding their intention to file for divorce.

Meanwhile, Shannon and John's relationship remained strong for over three years. However, in November 2022, John decided to end their relationship, marking the end of their love story.

Did Shannon Beador and John Break Up?

Yes, Shannon Beador and John Janssen have broken up. They ended their relationship in November 2022, shortly after the completion of filming for Season 17 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon confirmed the split and stated that there was zero chance of reconciliation. However, she did mention that she and John have remained friendly and have maintained contact since the breakup.

During an appearance on SiriusXM's Jeff Lewis Live, Shannon discussed her relationship with John after the breakup. When asked about the nature of their friendship, Shannon admitted that they have become friendly but emphasized that they would not be getting back together. Jeff Lewis, the podcast host, probed further and asked about the possibility of any intimate encounters between Shannon and John since the breakup.

Shannon sidestepped the question, stating that she had not been intimate with anyone since John. She mentioned that she and John had traveled together and spent the night in the same hotel room but did not explicitly confirm or deny any physical involvement. Shannon maintained that their relationship is now purely based on friendship. She stated that there is a comfort between them, and they talk a lot, but they are not in a romantic relationship.

Shannon also expressed her enjoyment of being single and not being in a committed relationship at the moment. She mentioned going on a date with someone new, indicating her willingness to move on from her relationship with John. Shannon Beador and John Janssen have indeed broken up, as confirmed by Shannon herself. Their separation occurred in November 2022, and while they have remained friendly, they have not reconciled romantically.


Shannon Beador and John Janssen Recent Reunion

Shannon Beador and her ex-boyfriend John Janssen recently had a reunion, which caused some buzz among fans. The unexpected get-together was confirmed by Shannon's Real Housewives of Orange County castmate Tamra Judge, who posted a photo on Instagram featuring Shannon, John, Tamra, her husband Eddie Judge, and other friends. In the picture, they were all seen having a good time and enjoying dinner at Tao Asian Bistro in Los Angeles.

The reunion immediately sparked speculation among fans that Shannon and John had rekindled their romance. However, Shannon was quick to clarify the nature of their relationship, stating that they are strictly platonic. She reshared the group photo the next morning and captioned it, "Fun night with friends... #WeAreNotBackTogether."

Shannon and John had announced their breakup in January, after more than three years of dating. In an interview with People magazine, Shannon revealed that she was blindsided by the split and that she had believed they were in a great place. She expressed her deep love for John and her hope that they would spend the rest of their lives together, but acknowledged that he did not feel the same way.

Since their breakup, Shannon has confirmed that there is a new man in her life, although she has not shared many details about him. The recent reunion with John appears to be a friendly gathering among their mutual friends, as they were in Los Angeles to film a Celebrity Family Feud episode featuring the Real Housewives of Orange County cast versus the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. Shereé Whitfield from RHOA also joined Shannon and Tamra at Tao, adding some lighthearted banter about which team would emerge victorious.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen had a recent reunion, but Shannon clarified that their relationship remains strictly platonic. They enjoyed a fun night out with friends and were seen together in Los Angeles while filming for Celebrity Family Feud. Shannon has moved on from their breakup and confirmed the presence of a new man in her life, although she has not provided many details about him.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen Relationship Timeline

A Blossoming Connection

Shannon Beador and John Janssen's relationship timeline showcases the ups and downs they experienced during their time together. They went on their first date in June 2019, and by July, Shannon was already smitten with him. Their connection deepened, and Shannon confirmed her love for Janssen in August 2019, expressing her desire for a partnership and a team in her life.

Love Takes Hold

In October 2019, David, Shannon's ex-husband, met Janssen for the first time, but the meeting didn't go well as David walked away from the encounter. However, by November 2019, Shannon and Janssen confirmed that their children from previous relationships were getting along, and they were spending holidays together.

Celebrating Milestones

In March 2020, Shannon shared a heartfelt note left by Janssen on her birthday, expressing their chemistry and connection. They celebrated their one-year anniversary in June 2020, and Shannon expressed her desire to get married again, emphasizing that Janssen had a kind and supportive relationship with her daughters.

Cherishing Special Moments Together

Their relationship continued to thrive, as shown by their beach walk and favorite chili cheese omelette in August 2021. They marked their third anniversary in June 2022, and in October of the same year, Shannon celebrated Janssen's 60th birthday, expressing her love and gratitude.

Unexpected Heartbreak

Unfortunately, in November 2022, Janssen abruptly ended their relationship, leaving Shannon blindsided. Despite their breakup, they saw each other twice after the split, but being around each other only made it harder. The news of their split became public in January 2023, with both expressing their love for each other but acknowledging that they were not right for each other in the long run.

As the RHOC season 17 trailer teased their relationship issues, Shannon and Janssen were seen dining with other couples in April 2023. Shannon denied that they had reconciled, indicating that their relationship remained uncertain.

Shannon Beador and John Janssen Professional Life

Shannon Storms Beador, born on March 24, 1964, in California, USA, is an actress recognized for her roles in television shows such as "Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce" (2014), "Ex-Housewife" (2019), and "The Real Housewives of Orange County" (2006). She was previously married to David Beador. During their marriage, Shannon and David had three daughters together: Sophie Beador, born on June 26, 2002, and twins Stella Beador and Adeline Beador, born on June 15, 2004.

However, their relationship encountered difficulties, leading to a separation. On October 27, 2017, Shannon and David officially separated after being married for 17 years. The decision to separate was made over a month before the announcement. Following a brief engagement of almost three months, Shannon filed for divorce from David on December 1, 2017. The divorce marked the end of their long-term marriage.

 Shannon Beador ex- boyfriend John Janssen, an Orange County resident, is employed in the insurance industry and holds the position of Vice President at Wood Gutmann & Bogart, as stated on his LinkedIn profile. He attended the University of Southern California, where he initially crossed paths with Shannon Beador. After two years of filing for divorce, Beador reconnected with Janssen through mutual acquaintances. Although he isn't an active user of social media, Beador has shared numerous pictures with him on her social media profiles.

Janssen, like Beador, has three children from his previous marriage. It has been reported that one of his children attended the same college as Beador's daughter, Sophie. Janssen made his debut on The Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 15 and quickly gained popularity among the other cast members. He became significantly involved in the show's drama, particularly when Beador informed him about Gina Kirschenheiter speaking ill of her. In response, he defended his girlfriend by making some negative remarks about Kirschenheiter.

Janssen made his debut on The Real Housewives of Orange County in Season 15 and quickly gained popularity among the other cast members. He became significantly involved in the show's drama, particularly when Beador informed him about Gina Kirschenheiter speaking ill of her. In response, he defended his girlfriend by making some negative remarks about Kirschenheiter.

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Did Shannon Beador and John Break Up - FAQs

1. How long were Shannon Beador and John Janssen together?

Shannon Beador and John Janssen were together for approximately three years before their relationship ended in November 2022.

2. Did Shannon Beador and John Janssen have a good relationship with each other's children?

Yes, Shannon Beador and John Janssen's children from previous relationships got along well. They spent holidays together and formed a close bond during their time as a couple.

3. How did Shannon Beador react to John Janssen ending their relationship?

Shannon Beador was blindsided by John Janssen's decision to end their relationship. She expressed her devastation and shared that she was hopeful about their future together.

4. Did Shannon Beador and John Janssen consider getting married?

Yes, Shannon Beador expressed her desire to get married again, and she believed that John Janssen could be the one. However, their relationship ultimately didn't lead to marriage.


5. Are Shannon Beador and John Janssen back together after their breakup?  

Shannon Beador denied being back together with John Janssen. Their relationship status remains uncertain, and they were seen dining together with other couples amidst their relationship issues.

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