Did Andrea and Ricci Break Up? Why did They Break Up?

Did Andrea and Ricci break up? Check out the reason behind the split of the Filipino basketball player Ricci Rivero and actress Andrea Brillantes.

by Reshwanth A | Updated Jun 09, 2023

Did Andrea and Ricci Break Up? Why did They Break Up?

Who is Andrea Brillantes?

Andrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza, professionally known as Andrea Brillantes, is an exceptionally talented actress hailing from the Philippines. She rose to prominence for her captivating performances as the lead character in the television series Annaliza (2013) and as Marga Bartolome in Kadenang Ginto (2018). Brillantes has also showcased her versatility by appearing in notable productions such as E-Boy (2012) and Alyna (2010).

Her ability to seamlessly adapt to diverse roles has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. With her remarkable skills, Andrea Brillantes continues to captivate audiences and establish herself as an influential presence in the world of acting.


Did Andrea and Ricci break up?

Ricci Rivero, the talented basketball player, has finally broken his silence on the recent breakup with actress Andrea Brillantes. In a tweet posted on his official Twitter account, the 25-year-old confirmed the news and kindly requested the public to respect their privacy during this difficult time. Rivero expressed his gratitude for the support he and Andrea received throughout their relationship, acknowledging the interest and attention that came with being a public couple. 

However, he emphasized the need for both of them to have space and time to heal and move on from their romantic bond. The announcement marks the end of a chapter in their lives that was filled with love and shared experiences. Fans and followers of the former couple have flooded social media platforms with messages of support and encouragement, wishing them both the best in their individual journeys.

Why did Ricci Rivero and Andrea Brillantes Break Up?

RICCI Rivero has broken his silence on the recent allegations of infidelity and speculated separation from actress Andrea Brilliantes. In a tweet sent early on Friday, Rivero addressed the breakup and cheating rumors, hinting that his highly publicized relationship with Brillantes has come to an end after slightly over a year. The rumors had sparked widespread discussion on social media, and Rivero's tweet provided some clarity while leaving unanswered questions.


Their relationship had been admired by fans, but recent events have shattered that perception. The couple's decision to address the rumors through social media offers a glimpse into their lives but leaves room for interpretation. Time will tell if further clarification will be given, as followers eagerly await closure and understanding.

Andrea Brillantes Boyfriend

Andrea Brillantes is currently in a romantic partnership with Ricci Rivero, a professional basketball player. Their journey together began in March 2022, when they publicly acknowledged their relationship on Instagram, affirming their commitment to each other. Prior to her involvement with Rivero, Brillantes was romantically involved with Seth Fedelin, her co-star, from 2019 to 2021. The revelation of her new relationship with Rivero brought about a significant shift in her personal life, captivating the attention and curiosity of her devoted fans, who have since closely followed their experiences as a couple.

Ricci Rivero Cheating

There have been claims circulating regarding Ricci Rivero's alleged infidelity toward his then-partner, Andrea Brillantes. Rivero turned to Twitter to address these allegations, taking responsibility for the failure of his relationship with Brillantes but vehemently denying any involvement in cheating.


Nevertheless, the controversy continued to gather momentum on social media platforms, as numerous users shared screenshots of Rivero's Instagram stories, in which he had shared content from other women. This situation has sparked further conversations and deliberations among online communities, intensifying the ongoing scrutiny surrounding Rivero's behavior and the status of his relationship with Brillantes.

Ricci Rivero Twitter

Andrea Brillantes Age and Height

Andrea Brillantes is a gifted actress from the Philippines who has achieved acclaim in the world of entertainment. Born on March 12, 2003, she is currently [20] years of age. In addition to her exceptional acting abilities, Brillantes is recognized for her striking beauty. With a height of [5 feet 2 inches (1.58 m)], she exudes a remarkable aura both on and off the stage. At her youthful age and with a promising career ahead, Andrea Brillantes continues to mesmerize audiences with her exceptional talent and charisma.

Ricci Rivero New Girlfriend

Ricci Rivero, the popular basketball player, has not introduced his new girlfriend to the public. After his previous highly publicized relationship with actress Andrea Brillantes, Rivero has moved on and found love once again. Although details about his new girlfriend are not currently available, fans are eagerly anticipating more information and are excited to see this new chapter in Rivero's personal life. As Rivero continues to make waves in his career, his relationship status has become a topic of interest among his supporters, who are curious to know more about the woman who has captured his heart.

Blythe and Ricci

Blythe and Ricci share a special bond that has captured the attention of their fans. Their relationship, characterized by love and companionship, has been a source of inspiration for many. Blythe, known for her vibrant personality, and Ricci, the talented basketball player, make a dynamic and exciting couple. Their mutual support and affection shine through in their interactions, both online and offline. With their genuine connection and shared experiences, Blythe and Ricci continue to build a strong foundation for their relationship, leaving their followers eager to witness their journey together.

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Did Andrea and Ricci break up - FAQs

1. Did Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero break up?

As of the latest information available, it appears that Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero have indeed ended their relationship.

2. When did Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero break up?

The exact date of their breakup has not been publicly disclosed. However, reports suggest that the breakup occurred recently.

3. What were the reasons for Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero's breakup?

The specific reasons for their breakup have not been officially confirmed. It is important to respect their privacy and allow them to address the matter if they choose to do so.

4. Are Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero still friends after the breakup?

The current status of their friendship is unknown. It is common for individuals to go through a period of adjustment after a breakup, and it is up to them to determine the nature of their post-breakup relationship.

5. Are there any chances of Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero getting back together?

It is impossible to predict the future of their relationship. However, it is essential to acknowledge that people's circumstances and feelings can change over time. Any potential reconciliation would be solely determined by Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero themselves.

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