Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel: How to Fix Error Code WEASEL in Destiny 2?

The Destiny 2 error code "Weasel" is a message that shows up when there's a problem with your internet connection. It can also happen if you're trying to use the same account on different devices with Cross Save turned on. Don't worry, it doesn't mean your account is in trouble; it just means the game thinks the issue is related to your connection.

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Updated Sep 23, 2023

Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel: How to Fix Error Code WEASEL in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel

Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2 The error code indicates If players try to log in to more than one platform at the same time when they have Cross Save turned on, they'll get a WEASEL error on the platform they logged into first.

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In such cases, the platform on which you originally logged in will be the one to display the Weasel Error Code, indicating the network problem. Moreover, it is important to note that encountering the Weasel Error Code can also be a result of your gaming account being banned while you are actively engaged in gameplay. In such unfortunate situations, this particular error message acts as a clear indicator of the account ban. This allows users to identify and understand the reason for their inability to continue playing the game.

How to Fix Error Code WEASEL in Destiny 2?

Enable an Open NAT Type Connection

Nat Type, a crucial component in multiplayer games, determines the quality of your connection to the game's servers. The ideal Nat Type is 1 (open), but Nat Type 2 (moderate) is also acceptable. Nat Type 3 (strict) should be avoided. Enabling an open NAT type may require adjusting router settings. It is recommended to consult your internet service provider for assistance as routers may have different settings and interfaces.

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To manually enable an open NAT, log into your router using the provided credentials, locate the Port Forward option (usually under DMZ or IPv4 settings), fill in the TCP and UDP boxes with the Destiny 2 port numbers and your system's IP address and MAC address. The official sites of different consoles provide specific port numbers. Save the settings, restart the router, and check if the Weasel Error Code is resolved in Destiny 2.

Unlink the Destiny Companion App

The Destiny Companion app provides additional information about the game and can be accessed on smartphones. However, some users have reported that the app may cause issues, including the Weasel Error Code. To fix this, sign in to, navigate to the Settings menu, click on "Accounts & Links," select the platform you want to unlink (the app), and click "unlink." Alternatively, you can uninstall the app from your phone. Check if the Weasel error code persists in the game.

Deleting Pending Clan Invites

Being part of a clan in Destiny 2 is crucial for endgame activities. However, pending clan invites have been reported to cause the Weasel Error Code. Request the clan admin to remove you from the clan promptly. Alternatively, you can delete the pending invite or leave the clan through the site. Try rejoining the clan later to see if the issue is resolved.

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Verify File Integrity on Steam

Corrupted or missing game files can cause various issues, including the Weasel Error Code. Using the Steam launcher, you can verify the integrity of Destiny 2's files. Right-click on Destiny 2 in your Steam library, select Properties, go to the Local Files tab, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files." Steam will check for missing files and download them if necessary. Launch Destiny 2 to see if the Weasel Error Code is fixed.

Rebuilding Database on PS4 & PS5

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can rebuild their console's database to clear excess cache and refresh the storage components. Rebuilding the database does not delete any data. Turn off the console, press and hold the power button until the Safe Mode menu appears, connect a controller via USB, select "Rebuild Database," and wait for the process to complete. Launch Destiny 2 to see if the Weasel Error Code is resolved.

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Restarting the Console or System

The official recommendation from Bungie to resolve the Weasel Error Code is to power cycle your console or system. Restarting the console can often fix various issues, including corrupted files or in-game aspects like clans. On PlayStation and Xbox consoles, you can restart from the quick menu or by holding down the power button. PC users can restart via the Windows prompt. Restarting should be the first step to fix the Weasel Error Code in Destiny 2.

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Improving Your Internet Connection

A weak or unstable network connection can be a common cause of error codes in Destiny 2, including the Weasel Error Code. To enhance your connection, consider using an ethernet cable to connect to your router instead of relying on Wi-Fi. Ethernet connections typically offer more stability and speed, which is crucial for smooth gameplay, especially during endgame activities. Restart both the router and the game after switching to an ethernet connection.

Causes of WEASEL in Destiny 2 Error Code?

Network Connectivity Issues:

  • Poor Wi-Fi signals or unstable internet connections can lead to disruptions in the game's connection, triggering the WEASEL error code.
  • Server Problems or Outages: If there are issues with the game's servers, such as high traffic or server maintenance, it can result in the WEASEL error code when attempting to connect.
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Corrupted Game Files:

  • When game files become corrupted or missing, it can cause the WEASEL error code to appear. Verifying the integrity of the game files or reinstalling the game may be necessary to resolve this issue.

Destiny 2 Account Restrictions:

  • If a player's account is restricted or banned due to violations of the game's terms of service, it can trigger the WEASEL error code when attempting to log in.
  • Simultaneous Logins on Multiple Platforms:
  • Trying to log in to Destiny 2 on multiple platforms simultaneously, especially when using cross-save functionality, can lead to the WEASEL error code. It is recommended to log in on one platform at a time to avoid this issue.

Cheating or Hacking:

  • Engaging in cheating or hacking activities within the game can result in account restrictions and trigger the WEASEL error code as a consequence.

What does WEASEL in Destiny 2 Error Mean?

The Weasel Error Code can manifest for multiple reasons, such as encountering network connection issues or attempting to log in simultaneously across multiple platforms with cross-save functionality. While the immediate solution to this problem is to ensure you're playing on only one platform at a time, it's important to acknowledge the underlying factors that contribute to this error.

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One notable occurrence of the Weasel Error Code is during the launch of Destiny 2 expansions when the game's servers become overwhelmed. This situation commonly arises when the game removes players from the login queue at the start of a new expansion, resulting in disruptions to gameplay. The influx of players trying to access the new content simultaneously can strain the servers, leading to the persistence of the Weasel Error Code and frustrating interruptions during gameplay.

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Destiny 2 Error Code Weasel - FAQs

1. What causes the Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2?

The Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2 can occur due to various reasons, including network connectivity issues, server problems or outages, corrupted game files, account restrictions or bans, and attempting to log in to multiple platforms simultaneously.

2. How can I fix the Error Code Weasel in Destiny 2?
  • Ensure a stable network connection with a strong Wi-Fi signal or use an ethernet cable.
  • Verify the integrity of game files or reinstall the game to address any corrupted files.
  • Check for any account restrictions or bans and contact support if necessary.
  • Avoid logging in on multiple platforms simultaneously and focus on one platform at a time.
  • If the error persists, consider troubleshooting steps such as restarting your console or system and improving your internet connection.
3. Are there specific times or situations when the Error Code Weasel is more likely to occur?

The Error Code Weasel can be more common during the launch of Destiny 2 expansions when servers are under high demand. It may also occur during periods of server maintenance or when there are widespread server issues affecting multiple players.

4. What should I do if I continue to experience the Error Code Weasel after trying the suggested fixes?

If you have exhausted all troubleshooting steps and continue to encounter the Error Code Weasel, it is advisable to reach out to the official support channels for Destiny 2. The game's developers can provide further assistance and guidance tailored to your specific situation.

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