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Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date 2023, When Will Deltarune Chapter 3 Come Out?

Deltarune Chapter 3's 2023 release date remains a mystery, with fans eagerly anticipating updates, possibly due to the development of Chapters 3-5 together.

by Priyanka P

Updated Sep 22, 2023

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date 2023, When Will Deltarune Chapter 3 Come Out?

Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date 2023 

The release date for Deltarune Chapter 3 in 2023 has not been officially announced yet. Fans have been eagerly waiting for this new installment in the game, but the exact date is still a mystery. The developer, Toby Fox, mentioned that they are working on Chapters 3-5 together, which might be one reason for the delay.

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However, there is hope that we might hear more about the release date in September 2023 when the developers provide a status update. Until then, players have to be patient and wait for further news. Toby Fox has also shared some previews, like screenshots and hints about the game's music, to keep the excitement alive.  So, while we don't have the exact date yet, there are exciting things to look forward to in Deltarune Chapter 3 when it finally arrives.


Deltarune is a video game created by Toby Fox. It's a role-playing game where you control a character named Kris, along with two companions, Susie and Ralsei. Together, they are on a mission to save their world by sealing dangerous sources of darkness.

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The game has a unique combat system where you have to dodge attacks in a style called "bullet hell." You can choose to be kind and spare enemies or fight them. This choice affects the game's story.Development of Deltarune began in 2012, even before Toby Fox's famous game "Undertale." While it shares some similarities with "Undertale," it's set in a different world.

The game was released in chapters, with the first one available for free in 2018. Toby Fox plans to release more chapters as a paid version in the future. Deltarune is known for its great music, interesting characters, and humor, and it's enjoyed by many players around the world.

Deltarune Gameplay

Deltarune gameplay is an engaging and unique experience. It's a role-playing game where players control a character named Kris, teaming up with two friends, Susie and Ralsei, on an epic quest to save their world. Here's how the gameplay works:

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  1. Exploration: Players navigate a top-down world, interact with characters, and solve puzzles. Unlike "Undertale," you can see enemies in the environment before encountering them, giving you the choice to engage in combat or avoid it.

  2. Combat: Battles are turn-based. Players can choose actions like fighting, acting, sparing, using items, or defending. Each character has special abilities, and accumulating tension points (TP) allows for powerful spells and actions.

  3. Bullet Hell: During combat, players must dodge intricate bullet patterns in a mini-game style known as "bullet hell." Dodging these attacks is crucial for survival.

  4. Choices Matter: One of the game's defining features is the ability to choose between peaceful resolutions or violent encounters with enemies. Your choices impact the story's outcome, encouraging players to be kind and spare enemies whenever possible.

Deltarune combines exploration, strategic combat, and meaningful choices to create an engaging and emotionally rich gaming experience.

Deltarune Plot

Deltarune follows the adventures of a human named Kris in a world inhabited by monsters. Kris, along with their monster friend Susie and the kind-hearted Ralsei, sets out on a quest to save their world from impending doom.

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The story revolves around the mysterious appearance of Dark Fountains that threaten to unleash chaos and darkness. The trio embarks on a journey to seal these fountains and restore peace to their land. Along the way, they encounter various characters, both friendly and hostile, who play a role in shaping the outcome of their mission.

One of the central themes of the game is choice. Players can choose to engage in battles or find peaceful solutions, affecting the relationships and outcomes in the game. The plot also explores friendship, cooperation, and the consequences of one's actions.

As the story unfolds, players uncover secrets about the characters and the world they inhabit, creating a captivating and emotionally resonant narrative.

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Deltarune Trailer

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Deltarune Chapter 3 Release Date 2023 - FAQs

1. Will Deltarune Chapter 3 be released in 2023?

The release date for Deltarune Chapter 3 in 2023 has not been officially announced yet.

2. What is the plot of Deltarune?

Deltarune's plot follows Kris, Susie, and Ralsei on a quest to seal Dark Fountains and save their world, exploring themes of choice, friendship, and consequences.

3. How does Deltarune differ from Undertale?

While both games share some narrative elements, Deltarune is set in a different world and features an updated combat system inspired by Final Fantasy.

4. What makes Deltarune unique in terms of player choices?

Deltarune allows players to choose peaceful or violent resolutions in encounters, impacting the game's story and character relationships.

5. Where can I find more information about Deltarune updates and gaming content?

For updates on Deltarune and other gaming content, you can visit Gamer Tweak, a source for gaming tips, reviews, and news.

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