Daily Themed Mini Crossword Clue Answer For April 02, 2024

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by Gayathri

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Daily Themed Mini Crossword Clue Answer For April 02, 2024

Daily Themed Mini Crossword

Do you have the habit of solving crosswords daily? Then, you can try today’s Daily Themed crossword. Many people are facing difficulty with solving today’s Daily Themed Mini crossword, because of its tough clues. If you can’t find the answers, don’t worry. With regular practice you can complete it easily. Now check the answers for today’s The Daily Themed Mini crossword.

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“___ Auto” (former Volkswagen slogan)

Answer: DAS

"___ Auto" was a former Volkswagen slogan, referencing their engineering philosophy of precision and quality. The answer, "DAS," embodies their commitment to excellence in automotive manufacturing.

It’s paid to leave jail

Answer: BAIL

"It’s paid to leave jail" alludes to the legal concept of bail, where accused individuals can pay a sum of money to be released from custody pending trial. This answer emphasizes the financial aspect of the legal process.

Like a werewolf or yeti

Answer: HAIRY

When describing something as "Like a werewolf or yeti," the word that comes to mind is "hairy." This answer captures the characteristic physical attribute shared by these mythical creatures, emphasizing their wild and untamed nature.

“___ only say this once…”

Answer: ILL

"___ only say this once…" hints at a phrase indicating urgency or importance. The answer "ILL" reflects the seriousness of the message, conveying a sense of immediacy and gravity.

Toilet paper layer

Answer: PLY

"Toilet paper layer" refers to the thickness or number of sheets in a single piece of toilet paper. The answer, "PLY," highlights this aspect of toilet paper, which can vary depending on the quality and intended use.

Every 24 hours

Answer: DAILY

"Every 24 hours" refers to a frequency, which in this context translates to "DAILY," as something that occurs each day without fail. From sunrise to sunset, events unfold within this time frame, embodying the essence of routine and repetition.

Bouncy castle filler

Answer: AIR

In the realm of inflatable amusement, the "Bouncy castle filler" is none other than "AIR." This ubiquitous substance inflates these structures, transforming them into buoyant havens for children's play and joyful bouncing.

Fox’s adjective

Answer: SLY

Describing the cunning nature of a fox, the adjective "SLY" perfectly encapsulates its stealthy and clever demeanor. With quick movements and a keen intellect, this creature navigates its environment with craftiness and agility.

Tennis racket’s target

Answer: BALL

On the tennis court, the "Tennis racket's target" is undoubtedly the "BALL." Players aim to strike this spherical object with precision and power, volleying it back and forth in a competitive display of skill and strategy.

Hop’s musical partner?

Answer: HIP

Delving into the world of dance, the phrase "Hop's musical partner?" hints at the rhythmic synergy between movement and sound. In this context, "HIP" represents the stylish and dynamic element of contemporary dance, synchronizing with the beat to create a harmonious performance.

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