Daily Mail Quick Crossword Puzzle Solved Check Clues and Answers Here

Here we have covered the answers for today’s clues which will help the users to solve the puzzle quickly. You can solve this puzzle if you have a high IQ and patience.

by Ramya R

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Daily Mail Quick Crossword Puzzle Solved Check Clues and Answers Here

Solving crosswords will increase your IQ level and solving abilities. Yes, you can try to solve if you have found the answers otherwise just check below for the exact answers. Stay connected with us for a lot more updates and recent updates.

Question: Deep open cut (4)

Answer: GASH

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Deep open cut suggests a type of injury or wound that is often characterized by a long, deep incision or laceration on the skin. The answer, GASH, fits this description perfectly as it refers to a severe, usually jagged wound caused by a sharp object.

Question: Copied (8)


Copied indicates an action where someone replicates or mimics something that already exists. The word IMMEDIATE fits this definition, as it means to reproduce or duplicate something, typically in an attempt to replicate the original.

Question: Irritated (7)


Irritated suggests a state of annoyance or agitation. In this context, NEEDLED is an appropriate answer as it can mean to provoke or annoy someone persistently, fitting the clue's description of being irritated.

Question: Danger (5)

Answer: PERIL

Danger implies a situation or condition that poses a risk or threat to safety. PERIL is a suitable answer as it denotes a state of serious and imminent danger or risk, aligning with the clue's meaning.

Question: Carrying weapons (5)

Answer: ARMED

Carrying suggests the action of holding or transporting something. In the context of weapons, this often refers to being equipped with firearms or other armaments. Therefore, the answer is likely a term associated with being equipped with weapons, which is ARMED.

Question: Going by air (6)

Answer: FLYING

Going by air commonly refers to traveling through the sky using aircraft or other flying vehicles. The act of traveling through the air is described as flying.

Question: Derided (6)

Answer: MOCKED

Derided, it means they are being mocked, ridiculed, or made fun of in a contemptuous manner. Therefore, the answer to this question is a synonym for mocked, which is MOCKED.

Question: Tossed (6)

Answer: THROWN

Tossed implies the action of throwing something in a casual or careless manner. This could refer to throwing an object, like a ball, or it could be used metaphorically to describe the act of dismissing or discarding something. The answer that fits this description is a term synonymous with thrown, which is THROWN.

Question: Vehicle for traveling over snow (6)

Answer: SLEDGE

A vehicle designed for traveling over snow is commonly referred to as a sledge. This type of vehicle typically has a flat bottom and runners, allowing it to glide over snow-covered surfaces efficiently.

Question: Male relative (5)

Answer: UNCLE

In many families, a male relative who is the brother of one's parent is referred to as an uncle. The word male in the clue indicates that the answer should be a term for a man, and relative suggests it's someone within the family.

Question: Audacity (5)

Answer: NERVE

Audacity refers to the boldness or daring to do something risky or unconventional. Similarly, nerve can signify courage or boldness, hence fitting the context of the clue.

Question: Common wild duck (7)


Mallard is a type of wild duck that is commonly found in various regions. The word common in the clue suggests that the answer refers to a widely known or frequently encountered species of duck.

Question: Calculate roughly (8)


Calculate roughly means to make an approximate or educated guess about a quantity or measurement. The word estimate fits perfectly as it means to give a rough calculation or assessment of something.

Question: Self-satisfied (4)

Answer: SMUG

Someone who is Self-satisfied is often overly pleased with themselves, perhaps to the point of arrogance or complacency. The term smug describes this attitude of excessive self-satisfaction succinctly.

Question: French policeman (8)


In French law enforcement, a gendarme refers to a member of the national police force. The word is derived from the French gendarmes meaning armed men, emphasizing their role in maintaining law and order.

Question: Water vapor (5)

Answer: STEAM

When water is heated to its boiling point, it turns into steam, which is the gaseous form of water. Steam is commonly seen rising from boiling water or during hot showers.

Question: Alter (6)

Answer: MODIFY

To alter something means to change it, and to modify something is to make alterations or adjustments to it. Both terms convey the idea of making changes, though modify is more commonly used in technical or formal contexts.

Question: Squiffy (5)

Answer: TIPSY

Squiffy is a colloquial term meaning slightly intoxicated or tipsy. It's often used informally to describe someone who has had a bit too much to drink but isn't severely drunk.

Question: Capital of Ontario (7)


Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. It's also the largest city in Canada and a major cultural and economic hub.

Question: Uninteresting (4)

Answer: DULL

When something lacks excitement or fails to capture attention, it's often described as uninteresting. In just four letters, DULL succinctly captures this lack of allure, making it a fitting response to the clue.

Question: Solemn promise (6)

Answer: PLEDGE

A solemn promise carries weight and significance, often symbolizing commitment or dedication. With six letters, PLEDGE embodies this sense of solemnity and obligation, making it the appropriate solution to the clue.

Question: Grounded (anag) (8)


 In the context of an anagram, grounded rearranges to reveal the word UNDERDOG. This term typically denotes an individual or team perceived to be at a disadvantage or facing overwhelming odds, capturing the essence of resilience and determination.

Question: The guilty one (7)


When seeking the perpetrator of a misdeed or crime, one may refer to them as the guilty one. In seven letters, CULPRIT aptly identifies this individual, reflecting their culpability and responsibility for the wrongdoing.

Question: Every sixty minutes (6)

Answer: HOURLY

Referring to something occurring every sixty minutes, HOURLY fits neatly into the six-letter space provided by the clue. This word succinctly captures the concept of periodicity, denoting events or actions that happen on an hourly basis.

Question: Recluse (6)

Answer: HERMIT

A recluse is someone who lives in seclusion, often avoiding contact with other people. A common term for such a person is hermit, which fits the description of someone living alone and apart from society.

Question: Cherished desire (5)

Answer: DREAM

A cherished desire is something that one deeply longs for or wishes to achieve. One of the most common expressions associated with longing or desire is a dream. People often refer to their aspirations or goals as dreams, making dream a fitting answer to the clue.

Question: Demand as a right (5)

Answer: CLAIM

When someone asserts a demand as a legitimate entitlement or right, they are making a claim. This could be in various contexts, such as legal claims, insurance claims, or claims for ownership. Therefore, claim aligns with the idea of demanding something as a right.

Question: Leg joint (4)

Answer: KNEE

The joint connecting the thigh bone (femur) with the shinbone (tibia) is commonly known as the knee. It allows for movement of the leg, bending, and straightening. Given the description of a joint in the leg, knee is the appropriate answer.

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