Daily Mail Quick Crossword Answers Updated Here (April 4, 2024)

If you are wondering what the answer could be for today’s clue, check here the answers and explanations.

by Ramya R

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Daily Mail Quick Crossword Answers Updated Here (April 4, 2024)

Today’s Daily Mail Quick Crossword is here and take your pen and paper to solve this puzzle. You can learn the clues here. Just try to figure out the answers with clues. If you find any difficulty in solving those clues, we also have the answers here with explanations. So, scroll down and check everything.

Question: Ancient writing material (7)


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Papyrus was a common material used for writing in ancient civilizations like Egypt. Its fibrous texture made it suitable for crafting scrolls and documents, preserving knowledge and history for centuries.

Question: Governed (5)

Answer: RULED

When something is governed, it means it is controlled or directed by a governing authority or set of rules. In the context of the clue, ruled fits perfectly as it succinctly describes the act of governing or being in control.

Question: Gain knowledge (5)

Answer: LEARN

To learn is the process of acquiring knowledge or skills through study, experience, or teaching. This answer directly corresponds to the clue, indicating the action one takes to acquire new information or understanding.

Question: Eight-sided figure (7)


An octagon is a polygon with eight sides. It's a geometric shape commonly found in architecture, design, and various other contexts. The number of sides is the defining characteristic of an octagon, making it the suitable answer to the clue.

Question: Conundrums (7)


Riddles are a type of conundrum, posing a question or presenting a problem that requires thought and ingenuity to solve. They often involve wordplay, double meanings, or clever twists, challenging the solver's wit and creativity. Thus, riddles aptly fits the description provided in the clue.

Question: Dark brown fur (5)

Answer: SABLE

Dark brown fur leads us to the answer SABLE. Sable refers to the fur of the sable, a small mammal found in northern Europe and Asia. Its fur is highly valued for its dark brown color, making it a suitable response to the clue.

Question: Powerful (6)

Answer: MIGHTY

Powerful points us towards the answer MIGHTY. In various contexts, mighty conveys strength, power, or significance. It aptly fits the description given in the crossword puzzle, making it the correct response.

Question: Braved (anag) (6)

Answer: ADVERB

Braved (anag) challenges solvers to find an anagram of the word Braved, which results in the solution ADVERB. This linguistic twist adds a layer of complexity, requiring players to think creatively to decipher the clue.

Question: Slice a joint (5)

Answer: CARVE

When prompted to Slice a joint (5), the answer CARVE comes to mind. Carving typically involves cutting or slicing, often applied to food or materials like wood, aligning precisely with the action described in the clue.

Question: Spray can (7)


Spray can directs us to the answer AEROSOL. An aerosol typically refers to a container holding a liquid, which, when pressurized, releases its contents as a fine spray or mist. This fits the description provided in the crossword puzzle, making aerosol the correct answer.

Question: Everywhere (3,4)


Everywhere is represented by the word All, and the combination 3,4 indicates that the solution is a compound word with three letters followed by four letters. The answer, ALLOVER, perfectly fits this criteria, meaning everywhere or in all places.

Question: Intolerant person (5)

Answer: BIGOT

The clue suggests a person who lacks tolerance or acceptance. With five letters, the answer BIGOT aptly describes such an individual who holds strong, prejudiced beliefs and is intolerant of those who differ from them.

Question: Natural aptitude (5)

Answer: FLAIR

Describing a natural talent or ability, this crossword clue leads to the word FLAIR. With five letters, it captures the essence of having a knack or innate skill in a particular area, making it a fitting solution to the clue.

Question: Sideboard with open shelves (7)


This clue describes a piece of furniture typically found in dining or living spaces. With seven letters, the answer DRESSER fits perfectly, representing a sideboard or cabinet with open shelves for storage and display purposes.

Question: Traveller to a shrine (7)


Hinting at someone who embarks on a journey for religious or spiritual reasons, this clue suggests the word PILGRIM. With seven letters, it accurately describes a traveler who visits a shrine or sacred site as an act of devotion or pilgrimage.

Question: Tartan cloth (5)

Answer: PLAID

A tartan cloth is traditionally associated with Scottish heritage and is commonly referred to as a PLAID. It's characterized by its distinctive pattern of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colors.

Question: Curling lock of hair (7)


When someone has a distinctive, spiraled lock of hair, it's often described as a RINGLET. These curls can be natural or created with styling tools and are known for their elegant appearance.

Question: Husband or wife (6)

Answer: SPOUSE

The term used to refer to a married partner, whether male or female, is SPOUSE. It's a gender-neutral word that encompasses both husbands and wives in a marital relationship.

Question: Council tax (5)

Answer: RATES

The tax levied by local authorities to fund services such as garbage collection, street lighting, and public amenities is known as RATES. It's based on the value of a property and is payable by residents within the council's jurisdiction.

Question: Able to be read (7)


When text or handwriting is clear and easy to decipher, it's considered LEGIBLE. Legible writing ensures that the intended message can be understood without difficulty or ambiguity.

Question: Thick, compact (5)

Answer: DENSE

 Thick and compact suggest a word with a similar meaning, which is dense. The answer fits the clue with its five letters, conveying the idea of something closely packed or having high density.

Question: Large ape (7)


Gorilla perfectly matches the description of a large ape. This answer aligns with the clue and common knowledge about primates, as gorillas are one of the largest and most recognizable ape species.

Question: Long-lasting (7)


Durable, with its seven letters, fits the clue of being long-lasting. It describes something that can withstand wear, pressure, or damage over an extended period, making it a suitable response in the context of the crossword puzzle.

Question: Long pillow (7)


bolster, consisting of seven letters, corresponds well with the clue long pillow. In bedding or furniture, a bolster is often a cylindrical pillow placed across the width of a bed for support, fitting the given description.

Question: Spanish capital (6)

Answer: MADRID

Madrid is the capital of Spain, making it the fitting response to the clue. The question provides a hint regarding geography and prompts the solver to identify the correct city, leading to the answer Madrid.

Question: Banter (5)

Answer: CHAFF

Banter often involves playful teasing or joking around, creating a light and jovial atmosphere. The answer to this clue is CHAFF, which refers to the husks of grain separated during threshing, metaphorically representing light-hearted and teasing conversation.

Question: Young eel (5)

Answer: ELVER

This clue hints at a juvenile form of an eel. The answer, ELVER, describes a young eel, typically one that has not yet reached adulthood. Elvers are often slender and transparent, resembling small snakes, and are found in freshwater rivers and streams.

Question: Indications (5)

Answer: SIGNS

When seeking indications or clues about something, one might look for signs or signals that provide insight or direction. The answer, SIGNS, encompasses various forms of indicators, ranging from physical cues to symbolic representations, aiding in understanding or predicting outcomes.

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