Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Clues Solved for April 02, 2024

If you need a little help to complete today’s Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini crossword puzzle, you can find all the solutions for the crossword here.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Clues Solved for April 02, 2024

If you have a couple of minutes to spare, consider solving today’s Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini crossword online. It is a simple crossword which is easy to crack. If you can’t solve any of the clues, you can find the solutions on our guide to tackle them and complete the whole grid.

Question: Mata __ (legendary spy)

Answer: HARI

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Mata Hari was a legendary spy known for her espionage activities during World War I. Her name became synonymous with espionage and intrigue. Thus, the answer "HARI" fits as it completes the phrase "Mata __."

Question: Pessimist's comment: 2 wds.

Answer: ICANT

"ICANT" represents a common expression of pessimism, conveying a sense of defeat or resignation. It succinctly captures the sentiment of someone who lacks optimism or hope in a given situation, fitting the crossword clue for a pessimist's comment.

Question: Greek cheeses

​​​​​​​Answer: FETAS

Greek cheeses are well-known for their distinctive flavors and textures, with "FETAS" being among the most popular varieties. These cheeses are often used in Mediterranean cuisine, adding a tangy richness to dishes. Hence, "FETAS" is the fitting answer to the crossword clue referring to Greek cheeses.

How contracts are signed: 2 wds.

​​​​​​​Answer: ININK

Contracts are typically signed using a writing instrument such as a pen or pencil, which contains ink. Therefore, "ININK" accurately describes the process of signing contracts, where the individual writes their signature using ink as specified in the clue "How contracts are signed."

Question: Tips of socks

​​​​​​​Answer: TOES

The "TOES" of socks refer to the ends or tips of the socks that cover the toes of the wearer's feet. These parts often have reinforced stitching or padding for comfort and durability. Thus, "TOES" appropriately completes the crossword clue referring to the tips of socks.

Question: LP player: Hyph.

​​​​​​​Answer: HIFI

"LP player," referring to the vinyl records it plays. The term "Hyph." indicates that we need to abbreviate or hyphenate a word. "HIFI" fits perfectly as it stands for "High Fidelity," describing the high-quality sound reproduction associated with audio systems, including LP players.

Question: Not worth __ (valueless): 2 wds.

​​​​​​​Answer: ACENT

"Not worth" suggests that something lacks value or is insignificant. The clue also indicates that we need to fill in two words. "ACENT" fits the bill, as it means something that holds no value or is negligible, aligning perfectly with the context provided by the clue.

Question: 2:1, for one

​​​​​​​Answer: RATIO

"2:1, for one" hints at a mathematical concept. The notation "2:1" represents a ratio, indicating that there are two parts of one thing compared to one part of another. Therefore, "RATIO" is the suitable answer, as it directly corresponds to the mathematical relationship described in the clue.

Question: Really silly

​​​​​​​Answer: INANE

"Really silly" suggests that something is foolish or lacking sense. "INANE" perfectly encapsulates this meaning, as it refers to something lacking significance, sense, or point. Therefore, it aligns precisely with the clue, providing an appropriate answer for the crossword puzzle.

Question: Chiding sounds

​​​​​​​Answer: TSKS

"Chiding sounds" implies that we are looking for an onomatopoeic expression associated with disapproval or reproach. "TSKS" is an apt answer, representing the sound of disapproval or mild scolding, fitting the context provided by the clue for the crossword puzzle.

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