Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Clues Solved (April 4, 2024)

Test your skills with today's clues and try to find the answer. Discover all the solutions and detailed explanations in the article below.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Clues Solved (April 4, 2024)

Today's crossword puzzle is ready for you, and it might require some deep thinking to solve. Even if you are an expert, not all puzzles are easy. Your first guess might not always be correct. Take your time, study the clues, and consider all possible answers for today's puzzle.

Lengthy story

Answer: SAGA

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A "saga" refers to a lengthy narrative often involving heroic deeds or family histories. In tales of old, sagas were epic accounts passed down through generations, rich with adventure and intrigue.

Architect's design

Answer: PLAN

An architect meticulously crafts a "plan" to bring their vision to life, mapping out every detail from the layout to the materials to be used. This blueprint serves as a guide, ensuring the construction aligns perfectly with the envisioned design.

Phi Beta __

Answer: KAPPA

"Kappa" is a Greek letter often associated with academic honor societies like Phi Beta Kappa. Membership in such prestigious organizations signifies academic excellence and a commitment to scholarship.

Post-workout woe

Answer: ACHE

After a vigorous workout, muscles may experience an "ache" as they recover and repair themselves. This discomfort is often a sign of exertion and progress, reminding us of the effort put into improving our physical fitness.

Thumbs-up votes

Answer: YEAS

In parliamentary procedure, "yeas" are affirmative votes signifying approval or agreement with a proposed measure. These positive endorsements are crucial for the passage of resolutions and decisions within legislative bodies.

Place to park

Answer: SAPCE

When searching for a location to leave your vehicle temporarily, you might be looking for a SAPCE to park. Whether it's a parking lot or a designated spot on the street, finding a suitable area to leave your car is essential for convenience and safety.

__-Bits (letter-shaped cereal)

Answer: ALPHA

In the realm of breakfast cereals, ALPHA-Bits stand out with their unique shape, resembling letters of the alphabet. These crunchy delights offer a playful twist to your morning routine, allowing you to spell out words or simply enjoy them as a tasty snack.

Stares in amazement

Answer: GAPES

When something captures our attention or leaves us in awe, we often find ourselves GAPES. Whether it's witnessing a breathtaking view, a remarkable performance, or an unexpected event, the expression of amazement is universal, transcending language and culture.

Santa __, CA

Answer: ANA

Located along the picturesque coast of California, ANA is the abbreviated name of a city known for its vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and iconic attractions. Santa ANA offers a blend of modern amenities and historical charm, making it a popular destination for visitors and residents alike.

Letter after jay

Answer: KAY

In the English alphabet, the letter that comes immediately after JAY is KAY. This sequence of letters is fundamental to our understanding of alphabetical order and is often used in various contexts, from teaching children their ABCs to organizing lists and directories.

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