Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Answer for April 3, 2024

Check today’s clues and try to find the answer, also learn all the answers and explanations in the below article.

by Gayathri

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Daily Mail 2 Minute Mini Crossword Answer for April 3, 2024

Today’s crossword puzzle is here for you and you need you to think deeply to solve it. You can solve it quickly if you are a pro but not all crossword puzzles are the same. What you believe may not be the answer. So, Study the clues and consider all possible answers for today’s puzzle.

Ram's remark

Answer: BAA

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Ram's remark, BAA, could be interpreted as the sound of a sheep, reflecting his tendency to be sheepish or indecisive in his remarks.

Industrial magnates

Answer: CZARS

Industrial magnates, often referred to as CZARS, wield immense power and influence within their respective industries, akin to the authority historically associated with czars or emperors.

Plumbing problems

Answer: LEAKS

Plumbing problems, such as LEAKS, can range from minor inconveniences to major issues, disrupting daily routines and requiring prompt attention to prevent water damage.

'__ my case!'' (lawyer's words): 2 wds.

Answer: IREST

In court, the phrase __ my case! (lawyer's words): 2 wds., typically indicates the lawyer is resting their argument or presentation, signaling the conclusion of their side's evidence or statements.

Botanical container

Answer: POD

A botanical container, like a POD, serves as a protective vessel for seeds or other plant matter, facilitating their dispersal and growth in the environment.

Sounded like a sheep

Answer: BAAED

Sounded like a sheep clues us to the word BAAED, which refers to the vocalization of a sheep. It's an onomatopoeic term often used to describe the sound they make.

Vessels like Noah's

Answer: ARKS

Vessels like Noah's directs us to ARKS, which are large boats historically associated with the biblical story of Noah and the Great Flood. Arks were used to save pairs of animals from the floodwaters.

Aide: Abbr.

Answer: ASST

Aide: Abbr. suggests the term ASST, which is an abbreviation for assistant. This abbreviation is commonly used in various contexts to refer to someone who aids or assists another person.

Film excerpt

Answer: CLIP

Film excerpt leads us to CLIP, which refers to a short segment or extract from a larger film. Clips are often used in promotional material or shared online to provide a glimpse of the movie.


Answer: ZERO

Nothing points to ZERO, which signifies the absence of quantity or value. In various contexts, zero represents the concept of nothingness or the absence of something.

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