Daily Express Crusader: Clues and Solution for March 30, 2024

Try solving this tricky crossword puzzle and develop your problem solving and time management skills with our guide.

by Sangeetha M

Updated Mar 30, 2024

Daily Express Crusader: Clues and Solution for March 30, 2024

If you find yourself struggling with Daily Express Crusader clues, don't worry. We have clues and hints that offer extra information about the solution, making it easier for you to solve the puzzle. So, carefully read the clue, take a look at the hints provided, and then figure out the answer.

Reserve, extremely unpopular, with bar in the outskirts of a city 


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"Suburban" denotes an area situated on the outskirts of a city, often characterized by residential neighborhoods. In the context of the clue, "reserve" emphasizes the secluded nature of this location, while "extremely unpopular" suggests it may not be a favored destination.

Insect giving British man illness 


"Insect giving British man illness" refers to the common bedbug, notorious for infesting bedding and causing discomfort or illness. The clue implies the insect's association with beds ("bed") and its ability to afflict individuals ("illness"), particularly in British households.

Leave by plane with the worker before the French become very angry


This phrase describes someone losing their temper or becoming extremely angry. The clue suggests leaving swiftly ("fly") with a worker before encountering French anger, indicating a proactive approach to avoiding a potentially explosive situation.

Extremely tiny royal woman with head of year making cruel rule 


"Extremely tiny royal woman with head of year making cruel rule" paints a vivid image of tyranny. The term "royal woman" suggests someone of high status, while "extremely tiny" and "head of year" hint at tyranny being oppressive and dictatorial in nature, enforcing cruel rules upon subjects.

Weapon, free, found in portable shelter 


A trident is a three-pronged spear, often associated with mythology and naval symbolism. The clue hints at its characteristics by describing it as a weapon, free (meaning unattached or not held by anything), and found in a portable shelter, possibly alluding to its presence in maritime contexts like ships or submarines.

Title of newspaper story involving leader before row 


This refers to the main title of a newspaper article that captures the essence of the story. The "leader before row" suggests a leader or figurehead preceding a dispute or disagreement. Therefore, the answer is likely something indicating a precursor to conflict, such as "PRELUDE" or "FOREWORD."

Material held by many Londoners 


This material is commonly used in clothing and other everyday items. The clue "held by many Londoners" suggests that it's something commonly found or used in London. Therefore, the answer could be "NYLON," as it's a material widely used and held by many people, including those in London.

More ancient ring left with the German 


Given the context of a ring left with someone German, the word "ancient" implies something very old or aged. "More ancient" in this context suggests something older than the German person, hence "OLDER" fits the description.

Loudmouthed woman from Fife admitting strange wish


This is a term often used to describe a loud, quarrelsome woman, typically of a working-class background. The clue mentions a woman from Fife, a region in Scotland, who admits to a strange wish. The answer likely plays on the word "FIFE" and incorporates the strange wish, leading to "FISHWIFE."

Person who hurls racket in the river 


This hints at someone tossing or hurling something, indicated by the word "thrower." However, the mention of a racket and a river suggests a specific context. This likely refers to someone who throws a racket into the river, perhaps out of frustration or anger, hence the answer is simply "THROWER."

Page on heavyweight receiving nothing from card game 


In the game of PONTOON, a heavyweight, or a player holding a high-value card, may end up receiving nothing if their hand doesn't improve. The term "receiving nothing" signifies the outcome where despite having a promising start, the player fails to secure any points or advantage.

Very pale at sea, he washes it badly


When someone appears ASWHITEASASHEET at sea, it indicates extreme paleness due to seasickness or fear. The phrase "he washes it badly" suggests a lack of ability to maintain composure or cleanliness, possibly due to the challenging conditions of being at sea.

For sailor, fetch object 


A sailor's task often involves fetching objects, whether it be ropes, tools, or supplies, as indicated by the term TARGET. The word "fetch" implies the action of obtaining or retrieving something, aligning with the duties and responsibilities commonly associated with sailors aboard a ship.

Retaliation from salesperson beside Republican with one girl 


Retaliation from a salesperson beside a Republican with one girl signifies an act of retaliation or reprisal, possibly stemming from a conflict or disagreement involving individuals from different backgrounds or viewpoints. The word "REPRISAL" encapsulates this concept, indicating a retaliatory action taken in response to a perceived offense or disagreement.

For set, Fay arranged security 


In a strategic move, Fay carefully organized the security arrangements, ensuring the safety and well-being of a particular set or group. The word "SAFETY" captures the essence of this meticulous planning and execution, highlighting the importance of security measures in maintaining a protected environment or situation.

Partner, bony, fired unexpectedly 


"Partner, bony, fired unexpectedly" leads to the word "BOYFRIEND." This refers to someone who is a romantic partner, and the word "bony" suggests a slim or slender physique. The term "fired unexpectedly" implies a sudden ending or dismissal, possibly from a job or relationship, leading to the answer "BOYFRIEND."

Genteel umpire will dine out 


"Genteel umpire will dine out," the solution is "REFINED." Here, "genteel" implies a refined or cultured individual, while an "umpire" typically enforces rules in sports. The phrase "will dine out" suggests going out for a meal, indicating a refined and sophisticated dining experience, fitting the answer "REFINED."

A pint with lady, removing keys in an appropriate way 


"A pint with lady, removing keys in an appropriate way" hints at the word "APTLY." This suggests doing something in a fitting or suitable manner. The "pint" refers to a unit of measurement for liquids, and "with lady" implies company or association. "Removing keys" suggests eliminating certain elements, leading to the solution "APTLY."

Joy's topless relative 


"Joy's topless relative" hints at the word "ELATION." "Joy" suggests a feeling of happiness or excitement, and "topless" indicates without limits or boundaries, possibly suggesting uncontained joy. The term "relative" implies a connection or similarity, leading to the answer "ELATION."

Most of the money available for move 


"Most of the money available" suggests a need to find a term related to financial resources or funds. The word "move" indicates a need for action or mobility. When combined, these elements hint at a word that signifies the ability to adjust or allocate funds, leading to the answer "BUDGE," which means to make a slight movement or adjustment, often in financial matters.

Welcome making Reg get in excitedly


The phrase "making Reg get in excitedly" suggests a sense of anticipation or eagerness. The word "excitedly" indicates a high level of enthusiasm. Combining these elements leads to the answer "GREETING," which refers to the act of welcoming someone with warmth and excitement.

Others not as fidgety


"Others not as fidgety" implies a comparison between different states of restlessness. The word "fidgety" suggests a sense of agitation or restlessness. The term "not as" indicates a lesser degree of this agitation. Bringing these elements together, the answer "RESTLESS" emerges, signifying a state of unease or agitation, though perhaps less pronounced than being fidgety.

Popular class with journalist knowing the facts


"Popular class" hints at a group or category that is well-regarded or widely recognized. The addition of "with journalist knowing the facts" suggests a connection to journalism or factual accuracy. Combining these clues leads to the answer "INFORMED," which describes someone who possesses knowledge, particularly about current events or important facts.

Uneaten food having gone before bowling spells


Uneaten food having gone before bowling spells is a clue hinting at the term "LEFTOVERS," which refers to food that remains uneaten after a meal and is typically stored for later consumption. The wordplay involves combining "left" (gone) with "overs" (a term used in cricket to describe extra deliveries beyond the regular ones, akin to bowling spells).

Picture of harbour and rodent holding one


A picture of a harbor and a rodent holding one suggests the word "PORTRAIT." In this context, a portrait is a depiction or representation of a person, often captured in a painting or photograph. The visual imagery of a harbor combined with a rodent holding one (a portrait) helps decipher the word.

Something rephrased about Western ceremony


"Something rephrased about Western ceremony" hints at the term "REWRITE." In this clue, the word "ceremony" suggests a formal event or ritual, while "Western" may refer to a cultural context. The term "rewrite" implies altering or rephrasing something, often associated with the process of editing or revising text.

Damaged sword in Berkshire town


A damaged sword in Berkshire town leads to the answer "WINDSOR." This clue involves wordplay where "damaged sword" is a cryptic indication of "WINDSOR," a town in Berkshire, England. The term "sword" suggests the initial letters "SW," while "damaged" indicates an anagram, resulting in the town's name.

Lint is involved in fix


Lint is often found during the process of fixing things, hence "Lint is involved in fix" suggests the word "INSTIL," meaning to implant or introduce gradually.

In Cairo we rescued oarsman 


In Cairo, there was a need to save a person skilled in rowing, leading to the word "ROWER," which describes an individual who propels a boat using oars.

Ski run first used in exercise lesson


The term "PISTE" refers to a designated ski run, which could initially be introduced in a lesson as part of an exercise regimen.

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