Crack the NYT Mini Crossword Clue and Answer for April 01, 2024

Figure out the New York Times Mini Crossword clue and find the answer on our website today. Solve puzzles and learn new words!

by Dheshni

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Crack the NYT Mini Crossword Clue and Answer for April 01, 2024

NYT Mini Crossword

The New York Times offers a mini crossword challenge that is simple to answer called the NYT mini crossword. Isn't that interesting? Try working through the NYT Mini Crosswords if you need to relax for a while after a stressful day. To finish the puzzles, you must now try to solve each one separately to complete the crossword. Some clues can be confusing and require some thought. If you are having trouble writing down all the answers, check out our page, and we will help you with the crossword puzzle answers

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“Super tasty!”

Answer: MMM

MMM" is an expression used to convey enjoyment or satisfaction when eating something delicious. It represents the sound one might make while savoring a particularly tasty food.

April 1 victim

Answer: FOOL

On April 1st, known as April Fools' Day, people often play tricks or pranks on others. The person who falls for or is tricked by these pranks is referred to as the "FOOL."

April 1 gag

Answer: PRANK

An "April 1 gag" refers to a practical joke or trick played on April Fools' Day. These jokes or tricks are often referred to as "PRANKs."

Option for a streaming movie that might cost $3.99

Answer: RENT

When streaming movies online, one option is to "RENT" the movie for a specific period, typically for a lower price than purchasing it outright. The cost of renting a movie online is often around $3.99.

“Sure thing!”

Answer: YEAH

"YEAH" is an informal way of expressing agreement or affirmation. It is often used to respond positively to a statement or request, similar to saying "Sure thing!"

Disney movie with a starring voice role for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Answer: MOANA

"MOANA" is a Disney animated movie in which Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson provides the voice for the character Maui, a demigod who accompanies the protagonist, Moana, on her journey.

April, for one

Answer: MONTH

"MONTH" refers to a unit of time corresponding to the period of approximately 30 or 31 days, during which the Earth completes one rotation around the sun. "April" is an example of a "MONTH."

His statue can be found around D.C.’s Tidal Basin

Answer: MLK

The initials "MLK" refer to Martin Luther King Jr., a prominent civil rights leader in the United States. His statue can indeed be found around Washington D.C.'s Tidal Basin, as a memorial honoring his legacy.

On the house

Answer: FREE

"FREE" indicates that something is provided at no cost or charge. When something is offered "on the house," it means it is given to the recipient for free, often as a gesture of goodwill or hospitality.

Ask nosy questions

Answer: PRY

"PRY" means to inquire or ask intrusive or nosy questions, often trying to obtain information that is private or personal. It suggests meddling or being overly curious about someone else's affairs.

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