Chuck Blount Obituary, How Did Chuck Blount Die?

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by Abinaya | Updated Jun 09, 2023

Chuck Blount Obituary, How Did Chuck Blount Die?

Who is Chuck Blount?

Chuck Blount, an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience at the San Antonio Express-News, was a prominent figure in the city's food scene and beyond. Sadly, Chuck Blount has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of culinary expertise and engaging writing. Originally from Iowa, Chuck Blount gained recognition in San Antonio for his captivating coverage of barbecue competitions, where he showcased his deep knowledge and passion for the craft.

Additionally, his lighthearted and entertaining 75-second beer reviews on social media further endeared him to the community. As a writer for the Express-News, he shared his insights and recommendations on all things food and drink, providing readers with valuable guidance and inspiration. While food and beer were at the forefront of Chuck's writing, he also delved into other areas of interest.

He covered topics such as poker and sports, making significant contributions to the newspaper's coverage of the San Antonio Spurs' journey to four of their five NBA championships. His dedication and commitment to his craft were evident in the quality of his work and the impact he made on readers. Chuck Blount's untimely passing is a loss to the San Antonio community and the field of journalism. His contributions as a talented writer and his unique perspective will be remembered and cherished by those who had the pleasure of reading his work.

Chuck Blount Obituary

Chuck Blount was a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact on his community. With a brilliant career as a skilled journalist, a talented pit master, and a devoted family man, Chuck was a beacon of inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. It is with heavy hearts that we mourn his loss, but his legacy will forever remain etched in our memories and the lives he touched.

As a journalist, Chuck's passion for storytelling and his dedication to his craft shone brightly throughout his career. With over two decades of experience at the San Antonio Express-News, he captivated readers with his engaging writing style, insightful reporting, and extensive knowledge of the local food scene.

Chuck's coverage of barbecue competitions and his witty 75-second beer reviews on social media brought joy and entertainment to countless individuals. Beyond his professional achievements, Chuck was a true pit master, showcasing his culinary expertise and love for barbecuing. His skill and passion were evident in every dish he prepared, leaving friends and family in awe of his mouthwatering creations.

Chuck's talent in the kitchen extended beyond barbecue, as he delighted in exploring the world of food and drink, offering his expertise and recommendations to all who sought them. Above all, Chuck Blount was a devoted family man. He cherished the moments spent with his loved ones and created countless memories that will forever be treasured. His warm and caring nature brought comfort and joy to those around him, and his unwavering love for his family was evident in everything he did.

How did Chuck Blount Die?

Chuck Blount, a renowned San Antonio food writer, and award-winning journalist with over two decades of experience at the San Antonio Express-News, has passed away. Chuck gained recognition in the Alamo City food scene for his coverage of barbecue competitions and his entertaining 75-second beer reviews on social media.

He also contributed food- and drink-focused columns to the Express-News, showcasing his expertise and passion for culinary delights. In addition to his culinary interests, Chuck, aged 47, also delved into the worlds of poker and sports. He played an integral role in documenting four of the San Antonio Spurs five NBA championships, showcasing his versatility as a journalist.

Recently, on social media, Chuck's family shared the unfortunate news that he had been diagnosed with a chronic condition and would be transitioning into hospice care. Tragically, Chuck lost his battle with this condition on Thursday, as confirmed by a GoFundMe campaign initiated by a friend of the Blount family. Chuck leaves behind his wife and a high school-aged daughter, who will undoubtedly cherish his memory and carry his legacy forward.

The passing of Chuck Blount is a significant loss to the San Antonio community, the journalism industry, and all those who admired his talent and contributions. He will be remembered for his remarkable career, his love for food and beer, and his dedication to capturing the spirit of sports in his reporting. May his family find solace in the outpouring of support and may Chuck's legacy continue to inspire and resonate with those whose lives he touched.

Chuck Blount Family

Chuck Blount's wife, Debbie Erwin, played a significant role in his life and shared the heartbreaking news of his passing on her Facebook page. Married for 20 years, they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in March, marking a milestone in their enduring love and partnership. Together, Chuck and Debbie have a teenage daughter named Isabelle, affectionately known as "Izzy."

Their family bonds and the love they shared were undoubtedly cherished and cherished by both Chuck and Debbie. Born on February 13, 1976, in Iowa, Charles Rodney Blount, fondly known as Chuck, spent his formative years in the small town of Belle Plaine. As a young athlete, Chuck played high school football and excelled, ultimately becoming the captain of his team. He showcased his versatility on the field, serving as both a quarterback and a defensive player.

Chuck pursued higher education at the University of Iowa, where he further honed his passion for sports and journalism. During his time at the university, he worked as a sports writer for the Daily Iowan student newspaper, showcasing his talent and dedication to his craft. Following his graduation, Chuck embarked on his professional journey, initially finding employment as a sports writer at the Post Register in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Debbie Erwin's love and support undoubtedly played an essential role in Chuck's life and career. As he pursued his passion for writing and immersed himself in the world of food, beer, and sports journalism, their partnership stood as a pillar of strength and companionship. The loss of Chuck Blount is not only felt by his wife and daughter but also by the entire community who recognized the love and bond they shared.

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Chuck Blount Obituary - FAQs

1. Who is Chuck Blount?

Chuck Blount was an award-winning journalist with over 20 years of experience at the San Antonio Express-News, known for his coverage of the city's food scene and his humorous beer reviews on social media.

2. What were Chuck Blount's specialties as a journalist?

Chuck Blount specialized in covering barbecue competitions and writing food- and drink-focused columns for the Express-News. He also had an interest in poker and sports, being part of the team that documented four of the San Antonio Spurs NBA championships.

3. How did Chuck Blount die?

Chuck Blount passed away after battling a chronic condition. Details regarding the specific cause of his death have not been released.

4. What did Chuck Blount's wife, Debbie Erwin, share on social media?

Debbie Erwin, Chuck Blount's wife, posted on her Facebook page announcing his peaceful passing. She referred to him as her "sweet prince" and expressed her grief.

5. How long were Chuck Blount and his wife married, and do they have children?

Answer: Chuck Blount and Debbie Erwin were married for 20 years, and they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in March. They have a teenage daughter named Isabelle, affectionately known as "Izzy."

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