Check with us to get the answer for the Metro Cryptic Crossword Puzzle on April 2nd, 2024

Know the solution for the Metro Cryptic Crossword Puzzle and understand completely about the crossword from here

by Abisha

Updated Apr 02, 2024

Check with us to get the answer for the Metro Cryptic Crossword Puzzle on April 2nd, 2024

Crosswords are one kind of puzzle where, you get to solve the clues, look for hints, play with words, and then come to a conclusion on what the answer would be. When you start playing crosswords, you will start to understand slowly what the game is about, and what steps you can follow, then understand completely each of the clues to come to a solution. Why wait, pick up your pen and paper and start with your puzzle journey.

One used in building a new abode (5)

Solution: ADOBE

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Adobe is a type of brick or building material made from clay and straw, commonly used in constructing homes and buildings, especially in arid regions. The clue suggests that "one" (a single item) used in building a new abode is "adobe," referring to the building material itself.

Hardy ran past dodgy characters (7)

Solution: SPARTAN

"Hardy" suggests ruggedness or toughness, which is associated with the Spartan way of life. The clue uses wordplay, where "ran past" indicates rearranging the letters of "ran" and "past" to form "spartan," which means simple, frugal, or disciplined, often in a rigorous or austere manner.

Having company, I take new cars around the island (7)

Solution: CORSICA

The clue suggests that "I take new cars around the island" refers to a geographical location. "Having company" implies the presence of others, and "around the island" indicates a circular or encompassing movement. Putting it together, "CORSICA" fits as it is an island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Jury studying penal reform (5)

Solution: PANEL

A "jury" is a group of people selected to hear and decide upon a legal case. In this context, "studying penal reform" suggests involvement in legal matters. The answer "PANEL" refers to a group of people convened for discussion or decision-making, such as a jury.

Take cover from the militia leader as killing starts (4)

Solution: MASK

The clue suggests using wordplay to find the answer. "Take cover" indicates hiding or protection, and "from the militia leader" suggests taking the first letter of "militia leader," which is "M." When combined with "as killing starts," it forms the word "mask," which is something worn over the face for protection or disguise.

Cool road rebuilt in America (8)

Solution: COLORADO

"Cool road" suggests a geographical feature, and "rebuilt in America" indicates the relocation or renovation of something. "COLORADO" fits the clue as it is a state in the United States known for its scenic landscapes and mountainous terrain, often referred to as the Rocky Mountains, which can be considered "cool roads."

Some show a very clear undulation (4)

Solution: WAVE

The clue suggests a natural phenomenon or action. "Very clear undulation" refers to a wave, which is a clear, visible oscillation or movement typically observed in bodies of water or in other contexts.

Chemical I had got on account (4)

Solution: ACID

The clue hints at a chemical substance. "I had got" suggests the letters "I" and "D," and "on account" suggests using an abbreviation or shortened form. When combined, "ACID" fits the clue and refers to a class of chemical compounds known for their sour taste and ability to react with other substances.

Local official has almost all dreamland confused (8)

Solution: ALDERMAN

The clue suggests a term for a local official. "Almost all" indicates taking most of the letters from "dreamland," which is "ald." "Confused" implies an anagram of "ald" and "dreamland," resulting in "alderman," which refers to a local government official.

The group causing a riot (4)

Solution: TRIO

A "trio" refers to a group of three people or things. In this context, "causing a riot" suggests a small group of individuals causing commotion or disturbance.

Island I find a little bizarre (5)

Solution: IBIZA

The clue suggests the name of an island. "I find" indicates the first-person perspective, and "a little bizarre" suggests the answer is an anagram of "a little." Rearranging these letters results in "Ibiza," which is an island in the Mediterranean Sea known for its vibrant nightlife.

Our cab I discover runs over a deer (7)

Solution: CARIBOU

The clue suggests a type of animal. "Our cab I discover" hints at finding the letters "car i" within the phrase, and "runs over a deer" suggests appending "bou," which sounds like "boo," a common noise to scare away animals. Thus, the answer is "caribou," a type of deer.

Take no notice of Glen, etc. (7)

Solution: NEGLECT

The clue suggests a term meaning to disregard or pay no attention to something. "Glen" may be a distraction, leading to "etc." The answer is "neglect," which means to ignore or fail to give proper attention to something.

A number on a piece of wood (5)

Solution: TENON

A "tenon" is a projecting piece of wood made for fitting into a corresponding mortise to form a joint. In this context, "a number" suggests the number ten, and "on a piece of wood" refers to the construction or association of the term "tenon" with woodworking.

Took commando to CIA, changed and found housing (13)


Somehow goes right in to see the giants (5)

Solution: OGRES

OGRES are mythical creatures known for their immense size and sometimes aggressive nature. Seeing them could be considered a scary but direct encounter with "giants."

It's wicked to live it up (4)

Solution: EVIL

EVIL connects the two ideas. Excessive indulgence or enjoying life at the expense of others can be considered wicked or morally wrong.

Girl has upset a boy (6)

Solution: SHARON

SHARON is likely the answer because it sounds phonetically similar to "she's wrong," implying the girl might have done something the boy disagrees with.

Come up to a very quiet fish (8)

Solution: APPROACH

This is a metaphor for something barely noticeable or silent. APPROACH makes sense because you would move closer (approach) to something, even if it's quiet or difficult to detect.

Vehicle on a road made of glass, possibly (7)

Solution: TANKARD

  • Vehicle on a road made of glass: This is a metaphorical description that doesn't directly translate to a real vehicle. TANKARD is a large drinking vessel, often made of metal or glass.
  • The "road made of glass" could be a metaphorical reference to the smooth, drinkable surface of the liquid inside the tankard. "Possibly" in the clue suggests this answer might be a bit of a stretch.

Colonel sums up the answer between points in London (7,6)


The clue suggests a landmark in London. "Colonel sums up" hints at taking the abbreviation "Col" for Colonel and reversing it to "LoC," which stands for London. "The answer between points in London" indicates that the answer lies within "LoNDoN." Putting it together, we get "Nelson's Column," which is a famous monument in London.

Think too much of the number of balls bowled (8)

Solution: OVERRATE

The clue suggests an action related to an overestimation. "The number of balls bowled" refers to an "over" in cricket, and "think too much of" implies overvaluing or overestimating something, leading to the answer "overrate."

We would have the sound of a bell at this service (7)

Solution: WEDDING

The clue hints at an event associated with the sound of a bell. "We would have" suggests "we'd," and "the sound of a bell" refers to "ding." Combining these gives "wed," and adding "-ing" gives the answer "wedding," which is a ceremony where bells are often rung.

Mother takes a Glaswegian to be a talisman (6)

Solution: MASCOT

The clue suggests a term for a charm or lucky object. "Mother" is often abbreviated as "Ma," and "Glaswegian" is someone from Glasgow, Scotland. Putting them together gives "ma Scot." "Talisman" indicates the answer "mascot."

Birdman? (5)

Solution: ROBIN

The clue hints at a type of bird. "Birdman" suggests a person associated with birds, leading to the bird's name. "Robin" is a common bird, and it fits the clue.

Courage - King George had it (4)

Solution: GRIT

The clue suggests a quality associated with bravery or determination. "King George" refers to the historical figure. "Had it" suggests having the quality, leading to the answer "grit," which means courage or resolve.

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