Check the Explanation for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crossword Clue for April 4, 2024

Get the solution to this crossword clue and find the explanation provided by us in this article.

by Sivasankari

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Check the Explanation for Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crossword Clue for April 4, 2024

The Irish Daily Mail Mailword Large Crosswords are fun to solve. Today, we have a clue for you to solve here. If you are experienced in solving crosswords, give this one a try. Check this article for answers and explanations that we have provided to help you.

Bird's claw (5)


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A bird's claw is often sharp and hooked, perfect for gripping onto prey or branches. This five-letter word, "TALON," describes the powerful and precise appendage found on the feet of many avian species.

Venomous snakes (4)


When it comes to venomous reptiles, these creatures are notorious for their potent toxins. The answer, "ASPS," refers to a group of venomous snakes, typically small and agile, known for their lethal bites.

Heavy fire (7)


In military contexts, heavy fire can refer to a relentless barrage of artillery or gunfire. "BARRAGE," a seven-letter word, captures the intensity and sheer volume of firepower directed towards a target during combat.

Countries (6)


Nations around the globe come in various sizes, cultures, and landscapes, each contributing to the diversity of our world. Described succinctly with six letters, "EARTHS" encapsulates the multitude of countries that span across continents.

Daughter of Agamemnon (7)


In Greek mythology, the characters often possess intricate family connections and dramatic histories. "ELECTRA," the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, is known for her role in the tragic tales of the House of Atreus, seeking vengeance for her father's murder.

Strong (6)


Strength comes in various forms, often reflecting courage and boldness in the face of challenges. "DARING," a six-letter word, encapsulates the essence of fearlessness and resilience, embodying the quality of being strong-willed and adventurous.

Deciduous tree (3)


Deciduous trees shed their leaves seasonally, marking the changing cycles of nature. Among these, the "OAK," a three-letter word, stands as a symbol of strength and longevity, known for its robust trunk and sprawling branches.

Unorthodox person (7)


Society often sets norms and expectations, but there are those who challenge conventions and think outside the box. Described aptly with seven letters, "HERETIC" refers to an unorthodox person who deviates from established beliefs or practices.

Cooking range (3)


In the realm of culinary arts, a cooking range provides the necessary heat for preparing delicious meals. With just three letters, "HOB" denotes the cooking surface or burner, essential for cooking various dishes with precision and control.

Stony broke (4)


Financial struggles can leave one feeling destitute or devoid of resources. Described succinctly with four letters, "POOR" characterizes a state of being stony broke, lacking the means to meet basic needs or fulfill desires.

Hit (6)


In physical confrontations, a forceful blow can leave a lasting impact on both the recipient and the assailant. "PUMMEL," a six-letter word, signifies a series of powerful strikes or hits, often delivered with intent to cause harm or incapacitate.

Record (3)


Keeping track of information or events is essential for maintaining order and understanding progress. With just three letters, "DUB" refers to the act of recording or dubbing, whether it be in the realm of music, film, or other forms of media.

Arab republic (5)


Within the Middle East, a nation stands as a significant political and cultural force. "EGYPT," a five-letter word, represents an Arab republic with a rich history dating back millennia, known for its ancient civilizations, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture.

Spherical object (3)


Found in various contexts, a spherical object often denotes a shape resembling a perfect sphere. With just three letters, "ORB" succinctly captures the essence of a spherical object, whether it be celestial bodies like planets or man-made artifacts like globes.

Sets in motion (5)


Initiating action or stirring activity requires a catalyst to propel events forward. Described aptly with five letters, "STIRS" signifies the act of setting things in motion, whether it be stirring a liquid or metaphorically igniting change or excitement.

Operate an aircraft (3)


The skillful maneuvering of an aircraft through the skies demands precision, expertise, and a thorough understanding of aerodynamics. "FLY," a simple yet powerful three-letter word, encapsulates the action of operating an aircraft, controlling its altitude, direction, and speed.

Consuming (6)


When something consumes or ravages, it can leave a significant impact or destruction in its wake. With six letters, "RAZING" describes the act of consuming or destroying completely, often referring to the leveling of buildings or landscapes.

Neckband (6)


Adorning the neck with elegance or symbolism, a neckband adds flair to attire and can carry cultural or fashion significance. "CHOKER," a six-letter word, refers to a type of neckband worn snugly around the neck, often for decorative or fashionable purposes.

Small amount, informally (6)


Small amount, informally Sometimes, a tiny quantity is all that's needed, and colloquially, we refer to this as a "SMIDGE." This six-letter word captures the idea of a minuscule amount, often used in informal contexts when describing measurements or portions.

Quick pass, in football (3,3)


Quick pass, in football In the fast-paced game of football, players often execute swift maneuvers to advance the ball. "ONE TWO," a phrase comprising three letters each, describes a rapid sequence of passes between two players, aiming to outmaneuver opponents and create scoring opportunities.

Sell (3)


Sell In the world of commerce, transactions involve the exchange of goods or services for monetary compensation. Described succinctly with three letters, "ASK" refers to the action of offering items for sale, signaling the seller's willingness to negotiate a price.

Destroy (5)


Destroy When something is utterly demolished or rendered into pieces, it can be said to be "CRUSH"ed. This five-letter word encapsulates the concept of destruction, whether physical or metaphorical, conveying the idea of overwhelming force or pressure.

Assembled (3)


Assembled Bringing together various components or individuals into a unified whole requires organization and effort. With just three letters, "SAT" denotes the act of assembling or congregating, suggesting a gathering or arrangement of people or things.

Riches (5)


Riches Wealth and abundance often symbolize prosperity and success in many societies. Described succinctly with five letters, "MONEY" represents riches in the form of currency or assets, essential for facilitating economic transactions and fulfilling material desires.

Water boiler (3)


Water boiler In households and businesses, a device used for heating water quickly and efficiently is known as an "URN." This three-letter word refers to a type of water boiler commonly used for brewing beverages or providing hot water for various purposes.

Use (6)


Use When something is required or utilized for a particular purpose, it is in "DEMAND." This six-letter word signifies the necessity or desire for something, reflecting its utility or value in fulfilling needs or desires.

Relieved exclamation (4)


Relieved exclamation In moments of relief or release from tension, people often utter the exclamation "WHEW." With just four letters, this word captures the sense of exhaling deeply, expressing relief or relaxation after a period of stress or uncertainty.

Josh ---, U.S. actor (3)


Josh ---, U.S. actor Within the realm of entertainment, actors often become synonymous with their memorable roles or performances. "GAD," a three-letter name, refers to Josh Gad, a talented U.S. actor known for his roles in various films and stage productions.

Apart from (7)


Apart from Sometimes, there's a distinction between what's inside and what lies "OUTSIDE." This seven-letter word describes the space or realm beyond a specified boundary or enclosure, highlighting separation or distinction from a particular context or area.

Biblical first person (3)


In the religious texts of the Bible, certain characters play pivotal roles in shaping narratives and beliefs. "EVE," a three-letter name, refers to the first woman created according to the Book of Genesis, symbolizing the origin of humanity according to Abrahamic traditions.

Cherished (6)


When something is deeply treasured or nurtured with affection, it is "BABIED." This six-letter word conveys the notion of treating someone or something with special care or attention, often associated with fondness or protectiveness.

Non-professional (7)


In various fields or activities, individuals may engage out of passion or interest rather than formal training or employment. Described aptly with seven letters, "AMATEUR" refers to a non-professional or enthusiast who pursues a particular activity for pleasure rather than financial gain.

Reject (6)


Sometimes, items or ideas are not accepted or included, leading to their dismissal or exclusion. "CUTOFF," a six-letter word, denotes the act of rejecting or discontinuing something, often due to a decision to end involvement or association.

Terms of office (7)


Within the realms of governance and employment, the duration of a position or role is referred to as its "TENURES." This seven-letter word encapsulates the time frame during which an individual holds a particular office or job, marking their period of service or tenure.

Crumbly cheese (4)


Among the variety of cheeses available, "FETA" stands out for its distinctive crumbly texture and tangy flavor. This four-letter word describes a type of cheese commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine, prized for its versatility and taste.

Foe (5)


In conflicts or rivalries, adversaries are often referred to as "REBELs." This five-letter word denotes someone who opposes or rebels against a particular authority, ideology, or system, embodying the spirit of resistance or opposition.

Quiver (6)


When something experiences a sudden jolt or shock, it may exhibit a "IMPACT." This six-letter word signifies the forceful collision or striking of one object against another, often resulting in noticeable effects or consequences.

Bend (3)


In the realm of movement and flexibility, a simple action like bending is captured succinctly with the word "GET." This three-letter word denotes the act of flexing or curving, whether it be a physical motion or a change in direction or shape.

Thin wooden strip (4)


Often used in construction or carpentry, a "SHIM" is a thin wooden strip employed to fill gaps or level surfaces. This four-letter word describes a small yet essential component in various building projects, aiding in the alignment and stability of structures.

Monsters (5)


Within the realm of mythology and fantasy, creatures of immense power or terror are often referred to as "GENII." This five-letter word represents legendary beings or monsters, embodying the mystical and supernatural aspects of folklore and storytelling.

Close by (4,2)


When something is in proximity or adjacent, it can be described as "NEAR TO." This four-and-two-letter phrase succinctly captures the concept of being close by, indicating a short distance or immediate vicinity.

Jellied garnish (5)


A culinary delicacy often used as a decorative element or accompaniment to dishes, "ASPIC" refers to a jellied garnish. This five-letter word describes a savory jelly typically made from meat or fish stock, used to enhance the presentation and flavor of various dishes.

Motionless (5,5)


In a state of complete stillness or immobility, one can be described as being "STOCK STILL." This ten-letter phrase conveys the idea of being utterly motionless, frozen in place without any movement or activity.

Mass of butter (3)


In a state of complete stillness or immobility, one can be described as being "STOCK STILL." This ten-letter phrase conveys the idea of being utterly motionless, frozen in place without any movement or activity.

Theft (8)


When someone dishonestly takes something that doesn't belong to them, it constitutes "CHEATING." This eight-letter word describes the act of theft or deceit, involving the wrongful acquisition of property or resources through dishonest means.

Electronic sounds (5)


Within the realm of audio and technology, "TONES" represent distinct frequencies or pitches produced electronically. This five-letter word encompasses a wide range of electronic sounds, from musical notes to signals and alerts.

Mixture of metals (5)


Combining different metals to create a new material with enhanced properties is known as an "ALLOY." This five-letter word describes a mixture of metals, often resulting in a stronger, more durable substance than its individual components.

Swell with blood (7)


When a body part becomes engorged with blood, it undergoes a swelling or enlargement. Described succinctly with seven letters, "ENGORGE" signifies the process of filling with blood, often associated with physiological responses such as arousal or inflammation.

Male deer (5)


In the world of wildlife, male deer are commonly known as "BUCKS." This five-letter term specifically refers to adult male deer, distinguished by their antlers and often revered for their strength and grace.

Slip (3)


A quick downward movement or mistake can be described as a "DIP." This three-letter word denotes a slight slip or descent, whether literal or figurative, capturing the notion of a brief, downward motion.

Conduits (5)


Structures or channels used to transport fluids or materials are often referred to as "TUBES." This five-letter word describes cylindrical conduits through which substances flow, playing essential roles in various systems such as plumbing and transportation.

Firearms (6)


Structures or channels used to transport fluids or materials are often referred to as "TUBES." This five-letter word describes cylindrical conduits through which substances flow, playing essential roles in various systems such as plumbing and transportation.

Warmest wishes (3,3,4)


When offering heartfelt regards or goodwill, we express "ALL THE BEST." This phrase, comprised of three, three, and four letters respectively, conveys sincere wishes for success, happiness, and prosperity in all endeavors.

Put in order (4,2)


When organizing or tidying up a space, one might undertake the task to "TIDY UP." This four-and-two-letter phrase succinctly captures the action of arranging or putting things in order, restoring neatness and cleanliness to a given area.

Deviate, at sea (3)


When a vessel veers off course, it is said to "YAW." This three-letter term describes the sideways movement or deviation of a ship, especially in response to waves or currents, altering its intended direction.

Electric guitarist's equipment (3)


Essential for amplifying sound, an "AMP" is a common piece of equipment for electric guitarists. This three-letter abbreviation refers to an amplifier, which boosts the volume and alters the tone of the guitar's signal.

Fellow soldier (7)


In the bonds of camaraderie and shared experience, a soldier's companion is known as a "COMRADE." This seven-letter term signifies a fellow member of the military, united by mutual support, loyalty, and purpose.

Intermittently (2,3,3)


When something occurs with breaks or pauses in between, it happens "ON AND OFF." This two-three-three-letter phrase succinctly describes the pattern of periodic occurrence, alternating between presence and absence.

Easy victory (5)


A decisive and effortless win is often referred to as a "ROMPS." This five-letter word denotes a victory achieved with ease, suggesting dominance or superiority over opponents.

Granular substance (5)


Found commonly in kitchens and used in various culinary applications, "SUGAR" is a granular substance. This five-letter word describes a sweet, crystalline substance derived from sugarcane or sugar beets, used to sweeten foods and beverages.

Talmud prophet (3)


Talmud prophet In the teachings of the Talmud, the prophet "ELI" plays a significant role. This three-letter name refers to a prominent figure in Jewish tradition, known for his wisdom, righteousness, and contributions to religious discourse.

Until now (2,4)


Until now To describe events or situations up to the present moment, one might say "TO DATE." This two-four-letter phrase signifies the period extending up to the current time, encompassing all that has occurred thus far.

Upbeat (6)


Upbeat Describing a cheerful and positive demeanor, someone who is "GENIAL" is upbeat in nature. This six-letter term denotes friendliness, warmth, and a welcoming attitude towards others.

Theatrical show (5)


Theatrical show A form of storytelling often characterized by intense emotions and conflicts, a "DRAMA" is a theatrical show. This five-letter word encompasses a wide range of narratives, performances, and productions designed to entertain and provoke thought.

Jugs (5)


Jugs Containers used for holding liquids, "JAILS" is a term that describes jugs. Though primarily known for confining individuals, in certain contexts, the word "jail" refers to a large container, often used for holding beverages like water or wine.

Wife of Jason, in myth (5)


Wife of Jason, in myth In Greek mythology, "MEDEA" was the wife of the hero Jason. This five-letter name is associated with powerful sorcery and tragic deeds, making her a compelling figure in ancient tales of love, betrayal, and revenge.

Aden's country (5)


Aden's country Located on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, "YEMEN" is the country associated with the city of Aden. This five-letter word denotes a nation known for its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning landscapes.

Compos mentis (4)


Compos mentis When someone is of sound mind and possesses mental clarity, they are described as "SANE." This four-letter term signifies mental stability and rationality, indicating a person's ability to think and behave in a balanced and sensible manner.

Regret (3)


Regret The feeling of sorrow or remorse for past actions or decisions is often expressed as a "CRY" of regret. This three-letter word encapsulates the emotional response to realizing one's mistakes or missed opportunities.

Stomach, informally (3)


Stomach, informally In colloquial language, the stomach is commonly referred to as the "GUT." This three-letter term denotes the digestive organ situated in the abdominal cavity, often associated with instincts and intuition in figurative language.

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