Check The Answer for The Times Concise Crossword Puzzle for April 2nd, 2024 is here

In this article, we will learn how to solve the crossword puzzle for The Times Concise Crossword.

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Updated Apr 02, 2024

Check The Answer for The Times Concise Crossword Puzzle for April 2nd, 2024 is here

The Times Concise Crossword puzzle has been published by a newspaper called The Times, which is a daily-based crossword. By solving this puzzle, you will learn how to think from the clues, find related hints, and then come to a solution.

--- Sharif, Egyptian actor

Answer: OMAR

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This clue directs us to an Egyptian actor with the last name "Sharif." Since there are many Egyptian actors, we need to narrow down our options. The most famous Egyptian actor with the surname "Sharif" is Omar Sharif, renowned for his roles in classic films like "Lawrence of Arabia" and "Doctor Zhivago."

Abrasive bath sponge

Answer: LOOFAH

Here, we're looking for a type of bath sponge known for its abrasive texture, often used for exfoliation. Among various types of bath sponges, the one that fits this description is commonly known as a "loofah," made from the fibrous material of the loofah plant.

Act of mimicking


This clue refers to the action of copying or imitating someone or something, often for comedic effect or to portray a character. The term that encapsulates this action is "impersonation."

Burdensomely inflict oneself on others

Answer: IMPOSE

Here, the clue describes the action of imposing oneself on others in a burdensome or unwelcome manner. To "impose" oneself means to assert authority, demand compliance, or inflict oneself on others, often causing inconvenience or discomfort.

Celebratory event

Answer: PARTY

This clue prompts us to think of a type of event that is typically held for celebratory purposes. Common celebratory events include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or simply gatherings to rejoice and have fun. One word that encapsulates these festive occasions is "party," where people come together to celebrate and enjoy themselves

Conveyed orally

Answer: by word of mouth

Here, the clue refers to the method of communication where information is passed from one person to another verbally, without the use of written or electronic means. This form of communication relies on speaking and listening. The phrase that best describes this process is "by word of mouth," indicating the transmission of information through spoken language.

Diminutive folklore character

Answer: Tom Thumb

This clue directs us to think of a character from folklore who is notably small in size. In folklore, there are several diminutive characters, but one of the most well-known is "Tom Thumb," a legendary figure who is often depicted as being no larger than his father's thumb. He is a popular character in English folklore and children's literature.

Draught of drink

Answer: SWIG

This clue refers to a single gulp or sip of a beverage, typically alcoholic. When someone takes a quick drink, they might refer to it as a "swig," indicating a small quantity of liquid consumed at once.

Excessive amount

Answer: too much

Here, the clue indicates an abundance or surplus beyond what is necessary or desirable. When something is more than what is needed or appropriate, it is described as "too much." This term is often used to express a situation where there is an excess of something

Female bird

Answer: HEN

This clue directs us to identify the gender-specific term for a bird. In many bird species, including chickens, ducks, and geese, the term for a female bird is "hen." Hens are responsible for laying eggs and often play a key role in breeding and nurturing offspring.

Frequently affected by wet weather


This clue describes a place or object that is often exposed to rain and therefore appears damp or soaked. The term that fits this description is "rainswept," indicating something that is frequently affected by wet weather conditions, often resulting in a wet or damp appearance

Gardening machine

Answer: MOWER

Here, the clue refers to a device commonly used in gardening to trim grass or vegetation. One of the most common gardening machines used for this purpose is a "mower," which can be either manual or powered and is designed to cut grass to a desired length.

Immersing briefly


This clue suggests the action of briefly submerging something into a liquid. The term that captures this action is "dipping," which typically involves lowering an object into a liquid for a short period, often to coat it or soak it partially.

Made of baked clay


This clue describes a material that is formed by baking clay in a kiln, resulting in a hardened structure. The term for this type of material is "earthen," which refers to objects or structures made from baked clay, often used in pottery or construction

Revolutionary, drastic


Here, the clue suggests an approach or idea that is extreme or far-reaching in its implications. The term that embodies this concept is "radical," indicating a revolutionary or drastic departure from traditional or conventional norms or practices.

Serene, tranquil


This clue describes a state or environment characterized by peace and tranquility, devoid of disturbance or agitation. The term that captures this sense of calmness and tranquility is "peaceful," indicating a serene and harmonious atmosphere.

Soft bread roll or bun

Answer: BAP

This clue directs us to think of a type of bread product that is soft and often served as a roll or bun. One term used to describe such a bread item is "bap." It typically refers to a soft, round bread roll commonly used for sandwiches or served alongside meals.

State of being behind schedule


Here, the clue describes a situation where something is not progressing or happening according to the planned or expected timeframe. The term that encapsulates this condition is "lateness," indicating the state of being behind schedule or not meeting deadlines

Swallow up or submerge

Answer: ENGULF

This clue suggests an action where something is completely consumed or covered by another substance, often implying a sense of overwhelming or engulfing. The term that best describes this action is "engulf," indicating the act of swallowing up or submerging something completely

Temporary repair

Answer: PATCH

Here, the clue refers to a solution or fix that is applied temporarily to address a problem or damage. When something is patched, it means a temporary repair has been made to cover up or mend a damaged area until a more permanent solution can be implemented.

The Devil

Answer: old harry

This clue refers to a figure often associated with evil or malevolent forces in various cultures and mythologies. In some traditions, "Old Harry" is a colloquial term used to refer to the devil or a demonic entity. It's a less common term compared to other names like Satan or Lucifer, but it carries similar connotations of evil and mischief.

Thin rope

Answer: CORD

Here, the clue describes a type of rope that is slender or narrow in diameter. The term that fits this description is "cord," which typically refers to a thin, flexible strand of material, often used for tying, fastening, or bundling objects together.

Tiger in The Jungle Book

Answer: shere khan

This clue directs us to identify a character from Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" who is a prominent antagonist. In the story, the tiger antagonist is named "Shere Khan." Shere Khan is depicted as a fierce and cunning predator who poses a threat to the protagonist, Mowgli, and other jungle inhabitants.


Answer: TWICE

This clue implies something that occurs or exists in two parts or instances. The term that captures this idea is "twice," which means occurring two times or having two components. It denotes a doubling or repetition of something.

Understated, faint

Answer: SUBTLE

Here, the clue describes something that is not immediately noticeable or obvious, often requiring careful observation or attention to perceive. The term that fits this description is "subtle," which means delicately complex or nuanced, lacking obviousness or explicitness

Used a loom

Answer: WOVE

This clue refers to the action of operating a device used for weaving fabric, typically involving the interlacing of threads on a loom. The term that describes this action is "wove," which is the past tense of the verb "to weave," indicating the act of creating fabric by interlacing threads on a loom.

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