Check the Answer for The Times Concise Crossword Puzzle for April 1st, 2024

In this article, we will discuss how to find the solution for the clue The Times Concise Crossword Puzzle and get through the puzzle easily.

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Updated Apr 01, 2024

Check the Answer for The Times Concise Crossword Puzzle for April 1st, 2024

The Times Concise crossword puzzle is designed to sharpen your thinking capacity skills and how we could think to solve crossword puzzles. Crosswords are one good activity for every one of us, through which we can improve our mental ability to solve and find solutions for puzzles.

White-billed water bird

Answer: COOT

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This crossword clue refers to a bird commonly found in wetland habitats, recognized by its distinctive white bill. It's a waterfowl species often seen swimming or diving for food.

Sport performed in a canoe-like craft


This clue points towards a recreational activity where individuals navigate through water bodies in a small, narrow watercraft resembling a canoe. It involves paddling and maneuvering skills.

Hold spellbound


This clue suggests the action of captivating or enchanting someone, capturing their attention or interest completely.

Statement of belief

Answer: AVOWAL

This crossword entry refers to a declaration or assertion of one's convictions or faith in a particular idea, principle, or concept

Cause a fuss

Answer: ACT UP

When someone is causing a fuss, they are typically being disruptive or drawing attention to themselves through protest or agitation. "Act up" means to behave disruptively or rebelliously, often in protest against something perceived as unjust or problematic. So, "act up" is an appropriate phrase for causing a fuss.

Aspects, features

Answer: FACETS

Aspects and features refer to different parts or components that contribute to the whole of something. "Facets" means distinct aspects or features of something, often used when discussing the various sides or elements of a concept or object. So, "facets" is a fitting term to describe aspects and features.

Formal discussion


A formal discussion typically involves an exchange of ideas or opinions in a structured and organized manner, often in a professional or academic setting. "Colloquy" refers to a formal conversation or dialogue, especially one conducted in a formal setting such as a meeting or conference. So, "colloquy" accurately describes a formal discussion

Come to nothing


When something comes to nothing, it means that it fails to materialize or achieve the desired outcome. "Fall through" is a phrase used to describe the failure of plans or expectations, especially when something that was anticipated or arranged does not happen as intended. So, "fall through" is a suitable expression for something coming to nothing

Ivan ---, Czech-born tennis player and coach

Answer: LENDL

The question suggests a Czech-born individual who is known for tennis. Ivan Lendl fits this description perfectly. He is a former professional tennis player from Czechoslovakia who later became a successful tennis coach.

Like an animal


The question implies describing something with qualities similar to those of an animal, often implying brutishness or savagery. "Bestial" means characteristic of or resembling an animal, particularly in terms of behavior considered savage or crude.

Hybrid soft fruit


A "tayberry" is indeed a hybrid soft fruit, created by crossing a raspberry with a blackberry. This question describes a specific type of fruit that is a result of hybridization, which fits the definition of a tayberry.

Lump of earth

Answer: CLOD

This question refers to a small, compact mass of dirt or soil. "Clod" is a term commonly used to describe such a lump of earth, typically found in gardens or fields.

Go away!

Answer: BUZZ OFF

The question is an informal way of telling someone to leave or depart. "Buzz off" is a colloquial expression used to tell someone to go away or leave, often implying annoyance or impatience



This question suggests a state of rest or tranquility. While "relaxing" does convey a sense of calmness and ease, it's not synonymous with slumbering, which specifically refers to sleeping or being in a state of deep sleep. However, in a crossword context, sometimes clues are used more for the sake of fitting into the grid rather than being perfect synonyms. So, "relaxing" could be interpreted as a clue for "slumbering" within the constraints of a crossword puzzle

Female religious recluses


The question suggests a specific type of religious figure who is female and lives in seclusion or retreat, typically for religious contemplation. "Anchoresses" refers to women who have withdrawn from the world for religious reasons, often living a life of seclusion in a religious community or alone

Disinclination to move


The question describes a state of not wanting or being resistant to movement. "Inertia" is the tendency of an object to resist changes in its state of motion or rest. In a metaphorical sense, it can also refer to a psychological or emotional resistance to change or action

Continue; talk at length

Answer: GOON

"Go on" can mean to continue doing something or to talk at length about a topic. So, "go on" is a suitable phrase for both meanings implied in the question.

Vegetable casserole


The question describes a dish made from various vegetables cooked together, often in a stew or casserole format. "Ratatouille" is a traditional French vegetable dish consisting of tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, and various herbs.

Razed to the ground


The question suggests the complete destruction or leveling of a structure or area. "Demolished" means to completely destroy or tear down a building or structure, leaving it in ruins or leveled to the ground. So, "demolished" accurately describes something that has been razed to the ground.

Power of an argument to convince


The question suggests a term that describes the strength or effectiveness of an argument in convincing others. "Cogency" refers to the quality of being clear, logical, and persuasive in argument or presentation, making it a suitable answer for the question.

Supple, flexible

Answer: LITHE

The question describes a physical characteristic indicating flexibility and agility. "Lithe" means to be flexible, nimble, and graceful in movement or form. So, "lithe" fits the description of being supple and flexible

Bay window

Answer: FAT

This seems to be an incorrect answer. A bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building and forming a bay in a room, providing additional space and often enhancing architectural aesthetics. "Fat" doesn't seem to relate to the concept of a bay window.

Mass of coagulated liquid such as blood or cream

Answer: CLOT

The question describes a specific type of formation that occurs in liquids such as blood or cream when they coagulate or thicken. A "clot" is precisely this: a mass of coagulated liquid, typically blood, that impedes the flow or circulation. So, "clot" accurately describes the described phenomenon.

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