Check the Answer for the Daily Commuter Crossword Puzzle for April 4, 2024

If you want to solve the Daily Commuter crossword puzzle today quickly, Just check here to see the answers as well as explanations to complete the puzzle successfully.

by Preethi

Updated Apr 04, 2024

Check the Answer for the Daily Commuter Crossword Puzzle for April 4, 2024

Check the Answer for the Daily Commuter Crossword Puzzle for April 4, 2024

Do you love to solve puzzles? Check-in here to see the Daily Commuter crossword puzzle for today. Generally, crosswords are a mental workout to improve our vocabulary. These mental workouts will relieve your stress and refresh your mindset.

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Some clues in this puzzle are easy, but some are slightly twisted to get the words. Sometimes the answers may be a phrase or an abbreviation too. It is a little hard to solve, but do not worry. We came up with the answers here to help you solve the puzzle quickly.

1980s TV Alien

Answer: ALF

ALF is a very famous American television series from the 1980s. ALF also known as Gordon Shumway, was a main character and also a title protagonist character in that series. ALF means "Alien Life Form," created by Paul Fusco. He was also the voice actor for that title character. 

Gordon Shumway was from the planet of Melmac and the story ended up crashing onto the Earth. But not that serious, He funnily led the series. In daily commuters, the first clue is "1980s TV Alien". The answer is "ALF."

Needs to repay

Answer: OWES

Owes means to be in debt. Here, The clue is that "Needs to repay" clearly refers that is something we go to repay. It may be a thing or money. So, The answer to the clue is "OWES".

Poker counter

Answer: CHIP

CHIP is the answer to the clue "Poker counter." The term "Poker counter" refers that is a disc-shaped counter used in gambling. The answer "CHIP" is also used to represent money in gambling. It is a small round-shaped token. It is one of the fundamental things used in a game. Mostly, players use this as money when they bet.  

Purple smoothie berry

Answer: ACAI

The clue "Purple smoothie berry" takes us to a fruit. Yes, Acai is a fruit. From the clue, we know it's a purple color berry and we have to make a smoothie from those berries. Acai is a small berry that is in purple dark fruits, native to South America.

These berries are known for their richness in flavor wise they are used for making smoothies. Also these berries have some anti-oxidant properties and health benefits, so it is used in juice making and bowls.


Answer: NEAT

NEAT is a direct synonym for today's Daily commuter clue "Tidy". Yes, tidy means clean or something organized. The word "neat" also describes well-arranged, clean, or something orderly. So, NEAT is a four-letter word that is perfectly suitable for empty squares.

Part of a lamp

Answer: SHADE

Shade is a five-letter word that is the answer to the clue "Part of a lamp." A lamp is used to light the area, But shade is a part that covers the light. It is the perfect answer to the clue. It goes over the light in a lamp.

Title for the UK’s Catherine: 3 wds.


Catherine is a princess of Wales. She was born Catherine Elizabeth Middleton but now belongs to the British Royal Family. After her marriage to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, in 2011 she became the Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cambridge.

From the clue itself, we know the answer is a combination of three words. So the clue "Title for the UK’s Catherine"s answer is "PRINCESS OF WALES."

Jewish holy texts

Answer: TORAHS

TORAHS is a sacred writing of the Jewish religion like the Bible, and Bhagavat Geeta. Torahs is a plural form, consisting of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). It explains the Jewish laws and teachings. It represents the Jewish faith.

Actress Spelling

Answer: TORI

Tori Spelling is an author and an American actress. Her name is Victoria Davey Spelling. The clue itself refers to the answer as an actress and mentions her surname "Spelling." This actress is well known for her role as Donna Martin in the TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210."

Back muscle for short

Answer: LAT

"LAT" is the abbreviation for "latissimus dorsi." This is a broad, flat muscle in the lower posterior thorax which is known as the Back muscle. The term "for short" from the clue denotes that it is an abbreviation. so, LAT is the perfect answer to the clue.


Answer: LETS

LETS is a shortened form of "Let us." The clue" Allows" means to allow us or permit us. So, the term "Let us" also refers to the same meaning, the way of saying allow us to do something. It fits perfectly to the clue.

Grilling spots

Answer: PATIOS

PATIO is a space used for sitting outside. It may be a stone slab, courtyard, or something out of house or resort. These places are very suitable for grilling. So, the term "Grilling spots" refers to a place to make grilling.



The term "BLOSSOMS" refers to flowers that are in the stage of blooming. So, clue "Flowers" directly mentions it's one of the blooming stages. It is a process of flowering.

Bay Area sch.

Answer: UCSF

The answer "UCSF" stands for the University of California, San Francisco. From the clue "Bay Area sch.", we know sch is a term of school and the clue is asking for the name of a school in the Bay Area.

Once around a track

Answer: LAP

 "LAP" is the term that mentions completing one full circuit around a track. When someone runs or races around a track and returns to their starting point, they complete one "LAP."

Details, for short

Answer: SPECS

SPECS is an abbreviation of specifications. It is a direct synonym of the given clue "Details." The term "for short" confirms that it is a shortened one. So, SPECS is perfectly suited to the given clue.

Tests the weight of

Answer: HEFTS

HEFTS is the present tense form of the verb "heft" which means to lift something or hold something to measure its weight. The given clue "Tests the weight of" also gives the same meaning about to weigh something.

Starting squad

Answer: ATEAM

ATEAM refers to "A team". It was one of the famous TV shows in the 1980s. It's about a group of retired soldiers who work together in task which is given by the show organizers.

You __ My Sunshine

Answer: ARE

ARE is a verb to fulfill the sentence with the right meaning. Other verbs like is or was are not suitable to that sentence. It makes something unclear about the meaning. It is a complimentary sentence. "Are" perfectly suits the subject "you".

Blood pumper

Answer: HEART

The HEART is the engine of the human body. It supplies the living gas oxygen all over the body through blood. Yes, blood is a supplier of oxygen to all organs. The heart supplies blood by pumping.

High-IQ group

Answer: MENSA

MENSA is a non-profit organization. It is one of the oldest high-IQ society. The clue "High-IQ group" directly asks the name of the institution. It is a society that is open to people who score within the top 2% of IQ tests.

Diameter halves

Answer: RADII

RADII is the answer to the clue "Diameter halves." In a circle, Diameter refers to a straight line from one point of the circle to another end of the circle which passes through the center point. Halves refer to the half line which is called "Radii" in geometry maths.

Actress Farrow

Answer: MIA

MIA is an American actress who is famous for her roles in "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Great Gatsby." Her full name is Maria de Lourdes Villiers Farrow. From the clue itself they have given her surname and profession. So, Mia Farrow is the perfect answer.

Takes a chair

Answer: SITS

Sits refer to an action which is done in the material, chair. When someone "takes" a chair, they usually sit on it. So, "SITS" is the word that fits perfectly the clue.

Temple of the gods


Pantheon is a Greek word that means "all god." In Italy, Rome there is a historical temple called, PANTHEON which is primarily built for all the gods of ancient Rome. They dedicated this temple to all gods.


Answer: SEACOW

Seacow is an aquatic animal that is also known as Manatee. Mostly they are very large in size and herbivores too. Manatees are marine mammals which are having a large mass around 400-550 kgs.

Alliance that includes the U.S.

Answer: NATO

"NATO" stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is an intergovernmental military alliance between several North American and European countries, including the United States. It was established in the year of 1949.

I’ve got it!

Answer: AHA

Aha is an exclamation word that is used by people often. If you get to understand something suddenly, you will express your happiness through some exclamatory words immediately. Aha is one of those.

Jewish wedding dance

Answer: HORA

Hora is a Jewish wedding traditional dance. The family of new couples join hands and dance together in the ceremony. Also, they lift the newly wedding couple on chairs it is also a part of that dance.

Led up

Answer: HEADED

HEADED refers to the past participle of the verb "to head." If you lead something in an upward direction it is called a headed up. That wise "Led up" also refers to past tense of "lead up." Both are similar in meaning.

“Plastic” procedures: 2 wds.


COSMETIC SURGERY is a medical alteration of the human body which is a very famous surgery nowadays. The clue mentions plastic surgery and it's a combination of 2 words.


Answer: CROSS

The cross is usually a symbol of mathematics but here, the clue is Crucifix. It refers to the cross where Jesus is on it. So, the answer "Cross" which is perfectly suits the clue.

Maker of softballs

Answer: NERF

NERF is a brand name for toys that are something soft and foamy. The term "Maker" refers to the manufacturing company of those soft balls. So, NERF is the correct answer to the given clue.

Would ___ to you? (2 wds.)

Answer: ILIE

 ILIE is the answer to the two-word clue. Yes, it is " I Lie". Would I lie to you? is the perfect sentence to give the proper meaning of dishonesty. Here I is a subject and lie is a verb.

Campers’ shelter

Answer: TENT

TENT is a living place where we can temporarily put on some outdoor areas. Mainly, Campers used these types of houses to stay. TENT is perfectly suited to the clue "Camper's Shelter."

Tennis star Steffi

Answer: GRAF

GRAF is a famous female tennis player in Germany. Her full name is Stefanie Maria Graf. And she is 54 years old. The clue itself they have given her first name. So, Graf is a surname.

“One,” in German

Answer: EIN

EIN is a German word that refers to the one in English. It's a straightforward translation clue from English to German.

Prefix with -polis

Answer: ACRO

ACRO means "highest" or "topmost." The clue refers it is a prefix so you can join both the words. It comes as "Acropolis." It is a citadel which is built in a hill area for defense. The Parthenon and other ancient buildings are the best examples of the Acropolis of Athens.

Animal’s shelter

Answer: LAIR

LAIR is a resting place for wild animals like a den or cave. If it is a lion, the den is a place to live like that.

End-of-term exams

Answer: FINALS

FINALS refers to the last event, race, or tournament. Here, the clue is "End-of-term exams." so, which means there are a lot of mid-term exams are happen during one educational year for students. At the end means finals is a perfect word.

Like flights with a layover: 2 wds.


One Stop is a combination of two words as it is given in the clue. In airport-related terms, one-stop refers to the plane having one stop before reaching its destination.

Film director Anderson

Answer: WES

Wesley Wales Anderson is the full name of Wes Anderson. He is an American director and 54 years old. His famous films are "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Moonrise Kingdom," and "The Royal Tenenbaums." 

__ of Eden

Answer: EAST

East is a direction that helps to find one particular location. In this case, "of Eden" tells a specific direction related to the biblical Garden of Eden. So, East will be the perfect answer.

Bend down

Answer: STOOP

STOOP is a kind of physical action that refers to bending down or lowering the body. Bend down clue also directly refers to a physical action. So, stoop suits to the given clue.


Answer: CHA

"cha" is a prefix term. If you add it to the given clue it comes as "Cha ching". it is a common onomatopoeia. Once the sale is completed or money is earned the cash register makes these sounds.

Place to honor legends: 3 wds.


The term Hall of Fame refers to the recognition of famous persons in one particular field. It may be cricket, football, or something in sports. It's a place that stands forever and tells the name of legends.

Creative flashes

Answer: IDEAS

Ideas are a key to open some tough tasks. The clue "Creative Flashes" is like a phrase that refers to the simple way to complete the tasks. So ideas are the perfect word to the given clue.

Annoying person

Answer: PEST

Pests are generally tiny creations that are living things. They reduce productivity as well as yield. Also, they spoiled products like food and furniture like that. Sometimes, the persons who annoy you all the time and harm others are also called "PEST".


Answer: APT

"Germane" means relevant or appropriate to a particular subject or situation. So, the term "APT" also gives the same meaning as "Germane".

Versatile baseball player: 2 wds.


A "SWITCH HITTER" in baseball is a player who can bat from both the left and right sides of the plate. This capacity is called as versatile.

Contests with checkmate: 2 wds.


Chess is a game and matches refer to the competitive aspects of the game. In chess, the competition is called a match. The term checkmate gives the clue here.

German Mrs.

Answer: FRAU

In German, "Frau" is the word that refers to "Mrs." It's used before a woman's surname or full name to indicate that she is married.


Answer: SMEAR

Smear refers to the same meaning as Smudge. Yes, both give the same meaning of something is blurred or often spread.

“Understood” (2 wds.)

Answer: ISEE

ISEE is a combination of two words that are "I See." If something is understood very well by you, you suddenly say "Yeah! I see " right? Yes, that is the answer.

Explosive sound

Answer: BLAM

Blam is an onomatopoeic word that describes the sound of some explosive things. Bombs like explosives make a sudden sound, So blam also refers to the sudden massive sound.

Past due

Answer: LATE

Late is a term that refers to something incomplete within a time or not yet occurred. The clue "Past due" also referred to the same as late.

Legal hunting period: 2 wds.


The term "OPEN SEASON" is commonly used to denote the time when hunters are allowed to play game legally.


Answer: SCRAP

 A scrap is a small piece or a material which is something left. The clue remnant also tells the same meaning. It is a direct clue.

Family car

Answer: SEDAN

A sedan is a car that is mostly used by families. It is very comfortable to carry things because it has a separate trunk space for storage and also has four doors.

Group of three

Answer: TRIO

Trio is a term that refers to three members. It is a direct synonym of the given clue "Group of three."

Laurel of comedy

Answer: STAN

Stan Laurel was an epic comedy actor, writer, and filmmaker too. He along with his partner, Oliver Hardy this due was very famous in their era.

Biggest continent

Answer: ASIA

Asia is the biggest continent in the world. Out of seven, this is very much bigger than others.

Extremely annoyed: 3 wds.


"In a huff" means being very upset or annoyed, like when someone storms off angrily. 

Schmutz in a chimney

Answer: SOOT

 "Schmutz in a chimney" refers to the black substance that builds up in chimneys, which is called "soot." It forms when things like wood or coal are burned incompletely.

Sub or hero

Answer: HOAGIE

"Sub or hero" in this crossword clue refers to types of sandwiches, and "HOAGIE" is the answer, which is another name for a sandwich like a sub or hero.


Answer: SHORE

"Seaside" refers to the area by the sea. "Shore" means the same thing, describing the land next to the ocean.

Squeeze the water from

Answer: WRING

"Squeeze the water from" means to remove moisture by applying pressure. The answer is "WRING." When you wring something, like wet clothes or a sponge, you twist or compress it tightly to extract excess water.

It is a common method used for drying items quickly. By wringing, you are forcing the water out, leaving the object drier. So, the clue is "Squeeze the water from," which describes the action of "WRING," which is the word that fits perfectly as the answer.

Bank statement abbr.

Answer: ACCT

"Bank statement abbr." refers to a shortened form often seen on bank statements. "ACCT" is the answer.  "ACCT" is an abbreviation commonly used to represent "account" on bank statements, indicating the specific financial account being referenced.

It is a shortened way to identify the account in question. So, when the clue mentions "Bank statement abbr.," it refers to the abbreviated form of "account," and "ACCT" is the word that fits perfectly as the answer.

Asian laptop brand

Answer: ACER

"Asian laptop brand" refers to a company that produces laptops and is based in Asia. The answer is "ACER." "Acer" is a popular brand that manufactures computers and electronics, including laptops, tablets, and desktops.

It originates from Taiwan, a country in Asia, and is recognized for its affordable and reliable computer products. "Asian laptop brand," it indicates "ACER" as a company known for producing laptops in Asia.

Sandwich shop

Answer: DELI 

"A sandwich shop" refers to a place where sandwiches and other prepared foods are sold. "DELI" is the answer. A deli, short for "delicatessen," is a type of store or shop that specializes in selling ready-to-eat foods like sandwiches, salads, meats, and cheeses.

It is a common spot to grab a quick meal or pick up ingredients for a meal. "Sandwich shop," refers to a deli, and "DELI" is the word that fits perfectly as the answer.

Name for Ireland

Answer: ERIN 

"Name for Ireland" refers to a traditional poetic name often used to describe the country. "Erin" is an affectionate or poetic term used to refer to Ireland. It is commonly found in literature, songs, and cultural references. The clue "Name for Ireland," indicates "ERIN" as the term used to represent the country poetically or sentimentally.

Artificially color

Answer: DYE

The clue hints at something that adds color in a way that is not naturally made. The answer is DYE. A chemical called "DYE" is used to add artificial colors to food and clothing. 

Colorado hrs.

Answer: MST 

Today’s daily commuter clue refers to the standard time zone used in Colorado. The correct answer is MST which means Mountain Standard Time. It is the abbreviation for the time that Colorado follows for the year.

Spanish equivalent of "Mme."

Answer: SRA

"Mme." is short for "Madame," a respectful title for women. The Spanish equivalent is "Sra.," which stands for "Señora."

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