Check here the Answer for The Times Quick Crossword Puzzle: April 1st, 2024

Don't worry if you find difficulty in solving the crossword puzzle clue for The Times Quick, we are here to provide you with all the information for the puzzle.

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Updated Apr 01, 2024

Check here the Answer for The Times Quick Crossword Puzzle: April 1st, 2024

The Times Quick Crossword puzzle is a type of puzzle that is being published in The Times newspaper and is a daily one you can find in the newspapers. Usually solving this kind of crossword puzzle, lets you think in any dimension and helps you recollect the topics that seem very useful also for you.

We all need not be big scholars to solve the puzzles, if you have basic general and some good English skills then you can give the crossword a try.

Start to cook tough vegetable (5)


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"Start to cook" implies the initial step in preparation. "Tough vegetable" refers to a vegetable that might take longer to cook due to its texture. Swiss chard is a leafy green vegetable known for its sturdiness and is often cooked first in a dish.

Lieutenant protected by very thin shield (7)


"Lieutenant" is a military rank, and "protected" suggests something offering safety. "Very thin sheet" could refer to something providing cover. "Shelter" is a place of protection, and while it's not literally a sheet, it offers similar security.

Counterpart merely returning washing machine (4,3)


"Counterpart" means something similar or matching. "Merely returning" is a bit of a misdirection. "Washing machine" suggests an appliance that comes in pairs. "Twin tub" is an older type of washing machine with two separate tubs for washing and rinsing.

Distinctive character of those moving last to first (5)


"Distinctive character" refers to the core qualities or spirit of something. "Those moving last to first" is a cryptic clue for something that comes at the end (last) but defines something at the beginning (first). "Ethos" refers to the guiding beliefs or ethics of a group, which can shape their actions from the start.

Repugnant sailor with house by river split (9)


"Repugnant" means disgusting or offensive. "Sailor" is someone who works at sea. "House by river split" is a misleading clue, but "split" might suggest something divided or extreme. "Abhorrent" is a strong word for something extremely repulsive.

Cold greeting in Greek letter (3)


"Cold greeting" suggests an unfriendly welcome. The Greek letter "Chi" (Χ) can look like two crossed lines, which might be seen as a cold or unfriendly gesture.

Druid oddly is no good (3)


"Druid" refers to a Celtic priest or magician. "Oddly" suggests something unexpected. "Dud" is something that fails to work or fulfill its purpose, which is unexpected for a powerful figure like a druid.

Money private investigator gets initially finding pet (6,3)


"Money" can be a slang term for a reward or payment. "Private investigator" might earn money for finding something. "Initially finding" suggests the first thing discovered. "Pet" refers to a small companion animal. "Guinea pig" is a small rodent often kept as a pet, and it could be the first thing a detective finds related to a missing pet case.

Bit of lamb I threw in range (5)


"Bit of lamb" refers to a piece of meat. "I threw in range" is a bit of a mislead, but it suggests putting something within reach. "Ambit" refers to the scope or range of something, so the clue might be playing on the idea of putting something "in range" of its purpose or meaning.

Predator in tavern immediately left (4,3)


"Predator" is an animal that hunts other creatures. "Tavern" is a bar or pub. "Immediately left" suggests a swift departure. "Barn owl" is a type of owl that hunts prey and might be found near a barn (similar to a tavern setting). Leaving quickly could be because it spotted someone or heard something.

Dirt bus dispersed causes upset (7)


"Dirt" can be a slang term for gossip or negativity. "Bus" can be a verb meaning to get rid of something. "Dispersed" means scattered or spread out. "Upset" means agitated or bothered. "Disturb" means to cause trouble or disrupt something, which aligns with the idea of spreading gossip and causing someone to be upset.

Poem disturbed Cyril (5)


"Poem" is a verse with a specific form. "Disturbed" suggests something that caused trouble. "Cyril" is a proper name. The answer doesn't directly reference Cyril, but "lyric" is the text that forms the words of a song, and a song could be a type of poem that might disturb someone depending on the content.

Dastardly con destroyed police headquarters (8,4)


"Dastardly con" describes a villainous trickster. "Police headquarters" is the central office of a police force. Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the London Metropolitan Police, which could be a target for a villain's scheme.

Knocked around Northern Ireland and drove off (8)


"Knocked around" suggests being mistreated or forced to leave. "Northern Ireland" is a specific location. "Drove off" implies being expelled. "Banished" means to be forced to leave a place, which could explain being "knocked around" from Northern Ireland.

Correct leaders of European directorate in triplicate (4)


"Correct leaders" might refer to fixing mistakes made by those in charge. "European directorate" suggests a governing body in Europe. "In triplicate" means three times. "Edit" means to make corrections or changes, which aligns with fixing mistakes made by leaders

Working in America getting billed regularly (6)


"Working in America" implies being employed in the United States. "Getting billed regularly" suggests receiving charges frequently. "Usable" doesn't directly connect to the clue, but it might be a play on words. If you're "working" and "getting billed," you're presumably doing something useful (usable) to justify the cost.

Transplant trees and let develop (8)


"Transplant trees" refers to moving them to a new location. "Let develop" suggests allowing them to grow and establish themselves. "Resettle" means to establish oneself in a new place, which aligns with the idea of transplanting something and letting it adapt to its new surroundings.

Want thing by church (4)


"Want thing" refers to a desire for something. "By church" might be a sneaky clue suggesting a feeling you can't scratch in a holy place. "Itch" is an irritating sensation you want to scratch, and you might try to resist it in a church setting.

Single carpet moved into bedroom perhaps (7-5)


"Single carpet" suggests one rug. "Moved into bedroom" describes placing it in a specific room. "Perhaps" adds a bit of uncertainty. "Resting-place" is a general term for somewhere to relax or sleep, which a bedroom with a carpet could be.

Just disagreeable head is missing (8)


"Just disagreeable" means only unpleasant. "Head" could refer to the leader or most important part of something. "Missing" suggests something absent. "Rightful" means justified or legitimate, and the clue might be implying the absence of a disagreeable leader makes something rightful.

Prize pig beginning to destroy item of furniture (8)


"Prize pig" refers to a winning animal, but it doesn't directly relate to the answer. "Beginning to destroy" suggests damaging something. "Item of furniture" describes a piece in a house. "Cupboard" is a storage cabinet, and a large pig might knock into or damage it.

Drink that is covering minute part of apron (6)


"Drink" is a beverage. "Covering minute part of apron" is a misleading clue, but it might suggest something consumed in small amounts. "Imbibe" means to drink, especially in a refined way.

Fish deep (4)


"Fish" refers to a swimming animal. "Deep" suggests living in the lower parts of a body of water. "Bass" is a type of fish known for inhabiting deeper waters.

Annoy king having a fortune but missing penny (4)


"Annoy king" suggests upsetting someone important. "Having a fortune but missing penny" describes someone wealthy who might be frustrated by a small loss. "Rile" means to irritate or anger someone, which aligns with the feeling of being annoyed by a missing penny despite having a lot of money.

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