Camping Kits Location in Dragons Dogma 2, Setting Up and Importance

In Dragon's Dogma 2, find camping kits in stores, chests, or gifts from other players, vital for setting up campsites in the wilderness to rest and heal, ensuring your characters are ready for their adventures.

by Vignesh L

Updated Mar 22, 2024

Camping Kits Location in Dragons Dogma 2, Setting Up and Importance

Camping Kits Location in Dragons Dogma 2

In Dragon's Dogma 2, finding Camping Kits is important for the progress of your journey. When you go camping, these kits make it easier for you to set up camp. You can find them below:

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  1. Stores: Camping Kits can be purchased from game stores. They are typically more affordable than other items on sale.
  2. Exploring: You can come to encounter Camping Kits when exploring. Search toward chests or around in your adventures.
  3. Gifts from Others: When other players' Pawns, or journey friends, left you, they can give you Camping Kits. It's a kind solution for helping other travelers.

These locations are which you can get Camping Kits, that will help you become better prepared for your adventure in Dragon's Dogma 2. 

Setting Up

Setting a camp in Dragon's Dogma 2 is an essential talent for every explorer. Try these steps for an in-depth guide on how to do it:

  1. Finding a Suitable Location: 

On your map, look for the fireplace icon. Good places to camp are often marked with these symbols. It's usual to find fireplaces next to rivers and bridges. However, be careful as these locations may draw other people or even opponents.

  1. Choosing the Right Time: 

Decide on if you want to camp overnight or during the day. It may be safe to camp during the day, but if you're a night owl, be sure to prepare yourself for the risks related to moving following dark.

  1. Approaching the Fireplace: 

When you've selected a good location, move toward the fireplace that is marked on your map.

  1. Accessing the Fireplace: 

Interact with the fireplace in order to access its settings. This is where you're able to pick the kind of camp you want to build.

  1. Selecting a Camp Type: 

The camping kits you have in your inventory decide the kind of camp you can set up. Choose the one that best fits your needs and financial resources.

  1. Clearing the Surrounding Area: 

Be sure to remove any potential dangers from the area before you set up camp. By doing this, you may reduce the chance that ambushes could damage your camp and its supplies.

  1. Setting Up Camp: 

Before confirming that the area is safe, start preparing your camp. To finish the procedure, follow the tips given by the game.

  1. Being Prepared: 

Always have more than one camping gear with you. Losing just your camping equipment due to an ambush can be a setback, leaving you unable to camp on your travels. 

Following these steps will allow you to safely and quickly set up a camp in Dragon's Dogma 2 so that you are prepared for any problems that nature may throw at you.


Setting up camp is a must in Dragon's Dogma 2. While you're out traveling the world, you may become injured or drained from fighting animals or going long distances. Camping offers a safe place to rest and restore your strength. It is like taking some time off to recharge your batteries.

Also, when camping, you may cook food to improve your energy and even handle illnesses that have made you sick. It is a means that makes sure you're always ready for whatever problems come your way. So, by setting up camp, you're not just taking some time off from your trip, but also confirming you'll be ready for whatever comes next.

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