Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs is a fun and exciting puzzle that can be solved by applying logic or by thinking out of the box. Finding a solution to a brain teaser often requires looking at a problem from a number of different aspects. Challenge yourself with this brain teaser and try solving this. 

by J Nandhini | Updated Jan 25, 2023

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs

Brain Teaser 

Brain Teaser is a type of puzzle that needs to be solved. Solving brain teasers requires lateral thinking. You need to look at one puzzle from different perspectives. 

Greek mathematician Archimedes was best recognized as a Brian Teaser Enthusiasts in the earlier days as he was very well versed in solving difficult puzzles with ease. 

To be honest most of the brian teasers are a test of your IQ where you are needed to use your intelligence in solving the test. 

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs

Tackling these brain teasers requires you to think creatively and make yourself think how the issue can be solved easily. 

If you apply the strategy of locating all the solutions indicated in the image, brain teasers will be simple to access.

Thinking out of the box will make it simple for you to discover the solution to this brain teaser. 

If you are excited about solving brain teasers and want to try solving one we have one you can try in the picture below. 

You have only a few seconds to solve this brain teaser picture puzzle.

Give your best and try finding it within the given secs. 

Take a closer look at this picture above and try answering it. 

You still have a few seconds. 

Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs - Solution 

Finding the answer in Brain Teaser is not a difficult task. It will only take a few seconds to get your answer from these pictures.

You just need to concentrate and observe carefully the picture that we have given below to solve this brain teaser. 

After finding the solution to the brain teaser, you will feel as if you won a big award.

The picture below has the solution to this picture puzzle.


The picture above will have the solution to this brain teaser.

The highlighted area in this picture is the answer to this brain teaser picture puzzle.

Benefits Of Brain Teaser 

Were you able to solve this brain teaser? 

If you were able to solve it within the said seconds you are one of the few genius minds. 

Brain Teaser helps us to improve our thinking abilities and stay focused on what solution we are finding as it helps us to think and develop out of our comfort zone. 

They sharpen our thinking process and encourage us to think of the problem from different angles.

They are also a great exercise for the mind and will help you boost your thought process. 

Doing brain teasers regularly will improve your memory, make you stay focused. In fact brain teasers also help you with dealing with day to day problems.


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Brain Teaser Picture Puzzle: Find 3 Differences In 30 Secs - FAQs

1. What is meant by brain teaser?

A problem that requires thought to solve is called a brain teaser. It requires knowledge and mental work to solve

2. What are the types of brain puzzles?

The are many types of brain puzzles in brain games. Here we see the common types of brain puzzles: rebus puzzles, rhyming words, and magic squares.

3. Explain any one type of brain puzzle

Magic Puzzle: The main topic is number theory. The object of the puzzle is to arrange the numbers in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal patterns so that they add up to the correct number. Consider the number in the center of the squares as a place to start. Think about balancing big numbers and small numbers when solving these puzzles.

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