Boom Dandimite Car Accident, What Happened to Him?

Boom Dandimite car accident that happened on Sunday resulted in the death of this former Scare Dem Crew member, Boom Dandimite, find out what actually happened.

by Kowsalya | Updated May 23, 2023

Boom Dandimite Car Accident, What Happened to Him?

Boom Dandimite Car Accident

Jamaican musician Boom Dandimite has passed away due to complications arising from a previous car accident. In April, a tragic car accident occurred, involving DJ Wilful Skilful and Boom, resulting in significant injuries.

The incident took place approximately four weeks ago on Half-Way Tree Road. According to reports from Jamaica Star, the pair was traveling from Weddy Weddy to Leggo di Streets at the time of the collision.

Boom suffered severe injuries and was admitted to the hospital for medical care. On the other hand, Wilful Skilful was discharged and able to return home. After a few days, Boom was also released from the hospital and returned to his home.

However, as reported by Jamaica Observer, the musician faced complications from the accident and his injuries, which led to him being bedridden. Unfortunately, his recovery took a turn for the worse recently due to these injuries.

What Happened to Boom Dandimite?

Boom Dandimite, a former member of the Scare Dem crew, has sadly passed away in a US hospital after experiencing a major setback in his recovery from a devastating car accident in April.

According to Dancehall Mag, Boom Dandimite had recently traveled to the US, but upon disembarking from the plane, he collapsed and subsequently foamed at the mouth.

He was immediately rushed to a hospital, where he tragically passed away this morning. Sources indicate that US doctors discovered blood clots, various complications, and pneumonia, and noted that some of his medical issues may have been overlooked during his treatment in Jamaica.

The car accident occurred in late April on Half Way Tree Road near a popular bakery. Another emerging deejay, Wilful Skilful, was also injured in the incident. While Boom Dandimite was hospitalized, Wilful Skilful was able to be discharged and sent home.

A few days later, Boom Dandimite, whose real name is Herman Stewart, was released from the Kingston Public Hospital. Wilful Skilful expressed deep sadness upon learning of Boom Dandimite's passing.

He tearfully shared that Bounty Killer had informed him of Boom's travel to the US, and he received numerous phone calls delivering the heartbreaking news of his untimely death.

During the 1990s, Boom Dandimite, along with Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, and Elephant Man, formed the Scare Dem Crew. The crew had a close association with Bounty Killer, who provided them with touring opportunities to gain exposure.

They achieved significant success in the dancehall scene, producing hits such as "Pure Gal" and "Many Many." Tragically, Boom Dandimite's passing comes shortly before his scheduled performance at Reggae Sumfest on July 21 as part of the Boombox 90's Badness alongside artists like General B, Harry Toddler, Jigsy King, Mega Banton, Nitty Kutchie, Silver Cat, and Tony Curtis.

Who is Boom Dandimite?

Boom Dandimite was a Jamaican dancehall artist. He was a member of the Scare Dem Crew, which also included Nitty Kutchie, Harry Toddler, and Elephant Man. Dandimite was known for his energetic live performances and his catchy dancehall anthems. He released several hit singles throughout his career, including "Pure Gal," "Many Many," and "Boom Dandimite." 

Here are some of his most popular songs:

  • Pure Gal
  • Many Many
  • Boom Dandimite
  • Bad Man
  • Badmind Gal
  • Lick It Up
  • Nuh Worry Bout It
  • Party Time
  • We Nuh Fear Nobody
  • Whine & Kotch

Dandimite was a talented and popular artist who will be missed by his fans and the dancehall community.

Boom Dandimite Age

Boom Dandimite, born Herman Stewart, did not have his birth date publicly disclosed, making it challenging to determine his precise age. Due to the absence of information regarding his date of birth, it is not possible to provide an exact calculation of his age.

The undisclosed birth date restricts our ability to offer specific details regarding his age or the period of time he spent on this Earth.

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Boom Dandimite Car Accident - FAQs

1. When did Boom Dandimite's car accident occur?

Boom Dandimite's car accident occurred in April.

2. What was the location of the car accident?

The car accident took place on Half-Way Tree Road.

3.  How severe were Boom Dandimite's injuries?

Boom Dandimite sustained severe injuries as a result of the car accident.

4. What happened to Boom Dandimite after the car accident?

Boom Dandimite was hospitalized for treatment following the car accident. He was later discharged but experienced complications and setbacks in his recovery.

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