Big Brother Double Eviction, Who Got Eliminated on Big Brother Tonight?

In tonight's Big Brother double eviction, both Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were eliminated, adding an unexpected twist to the game.

by P Nandhini

Updated Sep 22, 2023

Big Brother Double Eviction, Who Got Eliminated on Big Brother Tonight?

Big Brother Double Eviction

This week's episode of Big Brother 25 was a bit quieter in terms of game excitement compared to earlier in the season. One reason could be that Izzy, who was very intense about playing the game, wasn't around. Also, almost everyone in the house seemed to agree on what plans they had for this week and the next.

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However, things got exciting again when they revealed a surprise: a double eviction and a twist with a "zombie" theme that added an unexpected turn to the storyline. If you want to know more about what happened and who got evicted, read on!

Who Got Eliminated On Big Brother Tonight?

Cameron Hardin

Cameron Hardin, also known as the "space cowboy," had been playing the game differently from others for a while. He often found himself as the main person everyone wanted to vote out for the past four weeks. However, he always managed to win safety by doing well in competitions. But this week was different. Jared became the Head of Household (HoH), and people wondered if he'd target Cory due to a recent heated argument. Surprisingly, Jared chose to go after Cameron because Cameron had confronted his closest friends and his mom the previous week. This time, Cameron couldn't escape eviction, and he had to leave the Big Brother house.

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Jared Fields

Jared Fields had a tough week on Big Brother. He got into a big fight with Cory, and this made everyone in the house upset with him. Jared was determined to win the Head of Household (HoH) competition to protect himself and his mom, Cirie. He decided to target Cameron. However, he didn't realize that even his friend Blue was secretly planning against him. When the time came, Cory took advantage of Jared being vulnerability and voted him out of the house during the double eviction. It was a surprising turn of events.

Big Brother 25 Episode 22 Recap

In Episode 22 of "Big Brother 25," some exciting things happened! First, there was a surprise double eviction. This means two contestants had to leave the game in one night. Cameron was the first to go, followed by Jared. But there was a twist – they didn't leave the game for good; they became "Big Brother Zombies" and would have a chance to return.

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Cory became the new Head of Household (HOH) after winning a competition, and he put Jared and Blue on the nomination block. Later, Matt won the Power of Veto (POV) but chose not to change the nominations. In the end, Jared was evicted by a vote of 6-1. It was an intense episode with lots of strategic moves and surprises, making it a must-watch for "Big Brother" fans.

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Who's left in the game on Big Brother 25?


Contestant Name

1 America Lopez
2 Blue Kim
3 Bowie Jane
4 Cameron Hardin
5 Cirie Fields
6 Cory Wurtenberger
7 Felicia Cannon
8 Jag Bains
9 Jared Fields
10 Matt Klotz
11 Mecole Hayes
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Big Brother Zombie Twist

In "Big Brother 25," there was a cool and spooky surprise called the "Big Brother Zombie Twist." After two contestants, Cameron and Jared, were evicted from the game, they got a chance to return in a unique way. They became "Big Brother Zombies" and were sent back to live in the house for a week. It was like a fun surprise for everyone, and they had a chance to bring some excitement back into the game.

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Cameron and Jared, as "Big Brother Zombies," didn't have the usual powers like Head of Household or Veto, but they were still part of the game. At the end of the week, one of them got to "resurrect their game" and rejoin the competition. It added a spooky twist to the usual gameplay and kept the excitement high for both the houseguests and the viewers.

Big Brother 25 Overview

"Big Brother 25" is a popular TV show where a group of people, called HouseGuests, live together in a special house. They are always being watched and filmed. They cannot talk to people outside the house or use phones or the internet. The goal of the game is to win a big prize of $750,000 by outplaying and outlasting the other HouseGuests. It's like a big game of strategy and social skills, and it's a lot of fun to watch!

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In one of the episodes, something exciting happened called a double eviction. This means two players were sent home in one night, adding extra drama to the show. Another twist was when two evicted players, Cameron and Jared, returned as "Big Brother Zombies." They had a chance to come back to the game and liven things up. The show is full of surprises and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next. It's a thrilling adventure to follow!

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Big Brother Double Eviction - FAQs

1. What is Big Brother 25?  

Big Brother 25 is a popular reality TV show where a group of people, known as HouseGuests, live together in a house, competing to win a grand prize of $750,000.

2. What happened in the double eviction episode?  

During the double eviction episode, two contestants, Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields, were evicted from the game in a surprise eviction.

3. Who got evicted in the double eviction?  

Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were evicted during the double eviction episode.

4. What is the "Big Brother Zombie Twist"?  

The "Big Brother Zombie Twist" involved the evicted contestants, Cameron and Jared, returning to the house temporarily as "Big Brother Zombies" and getting a chance to rejoin the game.

5. Who is the new Head of Household (HOH) after the double eviction?  

Cory Wurtenberger became the new Head of Household (HOH) after winning a competition during the double eviction.

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