BGMI Not Showing in App Store, Is BGMI Available on App Store? When will BGMI Available on App Store?

Are you worried about BGMI Not Showing in App Store? leave the worries, it was officially confirmed that BGMI will be available in App Store from today, May 29, 2023, onwards.

by Rajesh | Updated May 29, 2023

BGMI Not Showing in App Store, Is BGMI Available on App Store? When will BGMI Available on App Store?

BGMI Not Showing in App Store 

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, has garnered substantial acclaim among gaming enthusiasts. Crafted by Krafton, this mobile battle royale game provides an engrossing gaming encounter.  BGMI presents a tailored adaptation of the immensely popular PUBG Mobile, meticulously designed to cater specifically to the discerning Indian gaming community. Due to prevailing security concerns, the previous iteration of the game faced an abrupt expulsion from both Apple's App Store and Google Play Store last year.

The ban imposed on its predecessor, PUBG Mobile, remains in effect due to similar security vulnerabilities and its connection to China. Consequently, the game is currently unavailable for download from the app stores. The developers of the game have taken significant measures to address security concerns and have officially announced its forthcoming relaunch. At present, the game cannot be downloaded as it has not been officially released, but once it is made available, it can be downloaded from both the app store and the Play Store.

Is BGMI Available on App Store?

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI, has been eagerly awaited by gaming enthusiasts across the country. The official announcement of its launch date has generated a wave of excitement and anticipation among players. Crafted with precision by Krafton, a prominent gaming company based in South Korea, BGMI promises to deliver an immersive and action-packed battle royale experience on mobile devices. The game will be available on appstore instantly after its official release.

The CEO of Krafton India, Sean Hyunil Sohn, expressed his utmost enthusiasm and confidence in the success of BGMI's re-release in the Indian market by stating “We are thrilled to announce that BGMI is now available for pre-load. We are constantly working to provide our users with a seamless gameplay experience and are excited to welcome everyone back. We extend our gratitude to the authorities and our users for their continued support as we aim to enhance the gaming experience for our Indian community”. 

When will BGMI Available on App Store?

Android users enjoy the perk of preloading the game, guaranteeing them immediate access to the heart-pounding battlegrounds when the official launch day arrives. On the other hand, iOS users, though they need to exercise a little patience, can eagerly anticipate embarking on the action-packed adventure starting May 29.

Some fortunate users may have already received an automatic update at midnight, as part of the preloading process, which shouldn't cause any concerns. For Android users, the preloading option is available today, enabling them to play on May 29th. Likewise, iOS users can delight in the game and commence their gameplay on May 29th.

BattleGrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is an exhilarating battle royale experience meticulously crafted by Krafton, designed to provide hours of free-to-play enjoyment. Serving as the Indian iteration of the widely acclaimed PUBG Mobile, which faced a ban in India during 2020, BGMI emerged as its worthy successor on July 2, 2021, swiftly amassing an astounding 100 million downloads.

Transporting players to a captivating virtual realm, BGMI immerses them in an intense survival challenge where they must outlast their adversaries on an enigmatic island. Armed with a diverse array of weapons and equipped with powerful vehicles, players forge alliances with friends to form formidable squads.

Praised for its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and impeccable refinement, BGMI has not only achieved resounding popularity but has also witnessed extraordinary commercial success, accumulating over $1 billion in revenue within its inaugural year. Apart from the quintessential battle royale mode, BGMI presents an enticing selection of alternative modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Gun Game.

Moreover, the game boasts a competitive ranked mode that ignites fierce competition as players strive to ascend the illustrious leaderboard. Catering to both casual gamers seeking enjoyment and seasoned competitors chasing glory, BGMI has been prominently featured in various esports tournaments, emerging as a preferred training ground for professional gamers honing their skills.

For those seeking a captivating and challenging battle royale adventure, BGMI unquestionably deserves exploration. With its free-to-play nature, the game is easily accessible to all on Android and iOS platforms. As you delve into this immersive world, be prepared to embrace thrilling encounters and embark on an exhilarating journey of survival.

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BGMI Not Showing in App Store - FAQs

1. Why is BGMI not showing in the App Store?

BGMI is currently not available in the App Store due to its upcoming relaunch and has not been officially released yet.

2. Is BGMI available on the App Store?

No, BGMI is not available on the App Store at the moment.

3. When will BGMI be available on the App Store?

The official release date for BGMI on the App Store is May 29.

4. Can Android users download BGMI?

Android users have the option to preload BGMI and play it once it officially launches.

5. Can iOS users download BGMI?

iOS users can anticipate the availability of BGMI on the App Store starting from May 29th.

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