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by Krishika M | Updated May 25, 2023

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix 2023 - Evergreen Love Stories

Best Romantic Movies on Netflix 2023

Netflix offers a wide variety of romantic movies that cater to different tastes and preferences. From heartwarming love stories to passionate dramas, viewers can immerse themselves in tales of romance and human connection. Whether you're in the mood for lighthearted romantic comedies, epic period films, emotional dramas, or unique twists on the genre, Netflix has something for everyone. Here is the top 10 best romantic movies on Netflix as of 2023:




Lady Chatterly's Lover



Jerry Maguire






Brokeback Mountain



To All the Boys I've Loved Before



Notting Hill



Always Be My Maybe



Straight Up 






Phantom Thread


Top 10 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix

For those who enjoy epic love stories set in different eras, Netflix offers a selection of period romantic films. These movies transport viewers to historical settings, featuring sweeping romances, beautiful costumes, and elaborate sets. They provide a glimpse into the past while exploring timeless themes of love, sacrifice, and societal expectations.

Netflix's romantic dramas delve into deeper emotional territory, examining the complexities of relationships and the human heart. These films often explore themes of love, loss, personal growth, and the challenges that come with navigating intense emotional connections. They offer a more introspective and thought-provoking viewing experience.

Whether you're a fan of classic love stories, modern rom-coms, or experimental narratives, Netflix's romantic movie collection has a diverse range of options to suit every mood. The platform continually updates its library, providing a constant stream of new releases and beloved favorites, ensuring there's always something for every romantic movie enthusiast to enjoy.

1. Lady Chatterly's Lover (2022)

"Lady Chatterly's Lover" (2022) is a captivating film adaptation of the provocative novel penned by D.H. Lawrence. Set in a time when societal norms restricted personal freedoms, the story revolves around a remarkable woman portrayed by Emma Corrin, known for her role in "The Crown." The protagonist's life takes an unexpected turn when her husband, a veteran wounded in the war, brings her to a secluded country estate to recover.

Initially burdened by a profound sense of unhappiness and isolation, she finds solace in an unexpected place. The estate's enigmatic gamekeeper captures her attention, igniting a passionate and forbidden affair. As their connection deepens, the film delves into the complexities of desire, longing, and the human spirit's yearning for intimacy.

Emma Corrin's portrayal brings to life the turmoil and internal conflicts faced by the protagonist as she navigates the intricacies of love and lust, challenging the constraints imposed by societal expectations. Against the backdrop of a breathtaking countryside, the film not only explores the illicit affair but also delves into themes of class divide, personal liberation, and the pursuit of genuine happiness.

"Lady Chatterly's Lover" (2022) is an evocative and sensuous cinematic experience, capturing the essence of D.H. Lawrence's groundbreaking novel. It showcases the transformative power of love and the courage required to defy societal conventions in the pursuit of personal fulfillment. With its compelling performances and poignant storytelling, the film leaves a lasting impression, prompting introspection and contemplation on the timeless nature of human desires.

2. Jerry Maguire (1996)

Released in 1996, "Jerry Maguire" is a film that has left an indelible mark on audiences with its iconic romantic quotes. While memorable lines like "you complete me" and "you had me at 'hello'" have become part of popular culture, the movie is not confined solely to the romance genre. Led by Tom Cruise in the titular role, the film explores the life of a disillusioned sports agent who embarks on a journey of self-discovery and professional reinvention.

As Jerry Maguire sets out on his own, leaving behind the comfort and security of a well-established sports agency, the narrative delves into the complexities of the business world. It delves into the cutthroat nature of the industry, the challenges of building one's own enterprise, and the pursuit of success on one's own terms. The film paints a vivid portrait of the highs and lows, the victories and setbacks, encountered along the path of entrepreneurship.

Amidst the backdrop of the business narrative, "Jerry Maguire" skillfully weaves in themes of life and family. It explores the intricacies of human relationships, portraying the delicate balance between personal aspirations and the importance of genuine connections. The film delves into the protagonist's journey to reconcile his professional ambitions with the pursuit of a fulfilling personal life, highlighting the significance of love, loyalty, and finding true happiness beyond material success.

Directed by Cameron Crowe, known for his ability to craft multifaceted romantic stories such as "Say Anything" and "Almost Famous," "Jerry Maguire" offers a blend of genres. It captures the essence of a feel-good romance while transcending traditional boundaries by incorporating elements of business and family dynamics. Through the film's compelling characters and heartfelt storytelling, audiences are taken on an emotional rollercoaster, resonating with the universal themes of love, self-discovery, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment.

"Jerry Maguire" remains a beloved classic that appeals to a wide range of viewers due to its relatable themes, memorable performances, and the timeless charisma of Tom Cruise. With its thought-provoking exploration of human relationships and the complexities of life's choices, the film continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression, cementing its place as a cherished cinematic gem.

3. Persuasion (2022)

In the 2022 adaptation of Jane Austen's "Persuasion," the talented Dakota Johnson takes on the lead role, bringing a fresh perspective to the beloved classic. The story revolves around a woman who finds herself reunited with a man she had once intended to marry. Although the narrative is set in a period setting, the film incorporates a contemporary filmmaking style, infusing a sense of modernity into Austen's timeless tale. Notably, Johnson's character breaks the fourth wall, engaging directly with the audience, adding a unique and immersive element to the storytelling.

As the film unfolds, viewers are transported into the elegant and intricate world of Austen's Regency era. Amidst the backdrop of societal norms and expectations, the protagonist grapples with love, duty, and the consequences of past decisions. The story explores themes of second chances, personal growth, and the power of introspection.

Dakota Johnson's portrayal infuses the character with a captivating blend of vulnerability, strength, and resilience. Her ability to connect with the audience through breaking the fourth wall adds an intriguing layer to the storytelling, allowing viewers to share in the character's innermost thoughts and emotions. This innovative approach bridges the gap between the past and the present, creating a unique cinematic experience that appeals to both fans of Austen's work and modern audiences.

With its combination of period authenticity and contemporary filmmaking techniques, "Persuasion" (2022) offers a fresh take on Austen's timeless story. The film not only captures the essence of the original narrative but also provides a modern lens through which audiences can engage with the characters and their experiences. It celebrates the enduring relevance of Austen's themes while infusing the story with a renewed sense of immediacy and relatability.

"Persuasion" (2022) stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Austen's works and showcases the talent and versatility of Dakota Johnson. Through its seamless blending of period charm and modern sensibilities, the film invites viewers to rediscover the joys and complexities of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

4. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

"Brokeback Mountain" (2005) is a poignant and groundbreaking film that explores the taboo and profound love shared by two ranchers in 1960s Wyoming. Adapted from a short story written by Annie Proulx, the movie delves into the complexities of their forbidden relationship and the emotional journey they undertake.

Upon its release, "Brokeback Mountain" received widespread acclaim and garnered eight Academy Award nominations, which included recognition for stellar performances by Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Michelle Williams. Ledger and Gyllenhaal were nominated for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively, while Williams received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. The film also secured the prestigious accolade of Best Director for Ang Lee.

Set against the sweeping backdrop of the American West, the story follows Ennis Del Mar (played by Ledger) and Jack Twist (played by Gyllenhaal), two ranchers who form a deep and passionate connection during a summer job tending sheep on the titular mountain. As they navigate the societal expectations and prejudices of their time, their love endures in secret, leading to a lifetime of longing, missed opportunities, and emotional struggles.

"Brokeback Mountain" not only explores themes of love, desire, and sacrifice but also sheds light on the devastating consequences of societal repression and the anguish that arises from denying one's true self. The film is a powerful portrayal of the human spirit's resilience and the enduring impact of unfulfilled love.

Under the masterful direction of Ang Lee, the film captures the stunning natural landscapes while delving into the intimate complexities of the characters' inner lives. Ledger and Gyllenhaal deliver outstanding performances, portraying the depth of their characters' emotions with authenticity and nuance. Williams also shines in her role, bringing a profound sense of empathy and understanding to her character's experiences.

"Brokeback Mountain" remains a cinematic masterpiece that challenged societal norms and broke barriers in its portrayal of LGBTQ+ themes on the big screen. It serves as a testament to the power of love, the courage required to defy conventions, and the profound impact of personal connections. The film's critical acclaim and awards recognition solidify its place as a significant contribution to cinematic history.

5. To All the Boys I've Loved Before (2018)

Released in 2018, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" is a heartwarming and relatable film that captures the essence of first love and the accompanying awkwardness and excitement. Based on a popular young adult book series, this Netflix original movie takes viewers on a journey into the life of a high schooler named Lara Jean.

The story revolves around Lara Jean, who discovers that her secret love letters, which were meant for her eyes only, have been mysteriously mailed to her top five crushes. This unexpected turn of events thrusts Lara Jean into a whirlwind of emotions and catapults her into a tumultuous start to her dating life. As she navigates the consequences of her letters being exposed, the film portrays the joys, anxieties, and self-discovery that come with experiencing teenage love.

The endearing character of Lara Jean, portrayed brilliantly by the film's lead, captures the hearts of audiences as they vicariously relive the yearning and innocence of their own teenage years. The film's success led to two subsequent installments: "To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You" and "To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean," allowing viewers to continue following Lara Jean's romantic journey.

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before" offers a delightful mix of romance, coming-of-age themes, and lighthearted humor. It resonates with audiences of all ages, evoking nostalgic feelings and reminding viewers of the awkward yet exhilarating experiences of first love. The film's relatable characters and authentic portrayal of teenage emotions contribute to its widespread appeal.

With its captivating storytelling and endearing performances, "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" has become a beloved entry in the young adult romance genre. It not only provides an enjoyable and heartfelt cinematic experience but also explores themes of self-discovery, friendship, and the transformative power of love.

6. Notting Hill (1999)

"Notting Hill" (1999) is a captivating romantic comedy that combines the allure of a celebrity with the charm of a humble English bookseller. The film features Julia Roberts in a fictionalized version of herself, portraying an international superstar who crosses paths with an ordinary bookstore owner in London. Their unlikely encounter sparks the beginning of an improbable and enchanting relationship.

Written by the renowned screenwriter Richard Curtis, known for his expertise in crafting delightful rom-coms such as "Love, Actually," "Four Weddings and a Funeral," and "Bridget Jones's Diary," "Notting Hill" is infused with his signature wit and heartfelt storytelling. The film masterfully balances humor, romance, and genuine emotional depth.

As the story unfolds, audiences are transported into the vibrant and eclectic neighborhood of Notting Hill, where the lives of two individuals from vastly different worlds intertwine. With Roberts' undeniable star power and Hugh Grant's endearing portrayal of the affable bookseller, the film explores the complexities of fame, the challenges of navigating a high-profile relationship, and the inherent human desire for love and connection.

"Notting Hill" resonates with viewers through its relatable themes of unexpected love, personal transformation, and the power of authenticity. It showcases the exhilaration and challenges that arise when two people from contrasting backgrounds find themselves drawn to one another. The film also explores the dynamics of fame and the impact it has on personal relationships and individual identity.

Richard Curtis's masterful storytelling, combined with the chemistry between the lead actors, creates an irresistible cinematic experience. The film's endearing characters, memorable moments, and a touch of whimsy make "Notting Hill" a beloved romantic comedy that has stood the test of time. It continues to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide, offering a delightful escape into a world where love knows no boundaries.

7. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Released in 2019, "Always Be My Maybe" is a delightful romantic comedy that follows the story of childhood friends who reconnect as adults and navigate the complexities of love and friendship. The film captures the essence of second chances and the enduring bond between two individuals.

The story revolves around Sasha and Marcus, played by Ali Wong and Randall Park, respectively, who were inseparable best friends during their youth. After a falling out, they drift apart and lead separate lives. However, when Sasha, now a successful celebrity chef, returns to her hometown, she crosses paths with Marcus, who has stayed in their familiar neighborhood working as a talented musician.

As the two reconnect, their friendship is rekindled, and a spark of romance begins to ignite. "Always Be My Maybe" explores the ups and downs of their newfound connection, delving into the challenges of balancing career aspirations, personal growth, and the fear of taking a risk on love.

With its witty humor and heartfelt moments, the film strikes a perfect balance between comedy and romance. It offers a refreshing perspective on modern relationships, highlighting the importance of shared history and the possibility of rediscovering love with someone from one's past. The chemistry between Wong and Park is undeniable, enhancing the authenticity of their characters' journey.

"Always Be My Maybe" resonates with audiences through its relatable themes of self-discovery, vulnerability, and the transformative power of love. It celebrates the value of friendship and the potential for romantic connections to evolve from deep-rooted connections. The film reminds viewers of the enduring impact of childhood friendships and the possibility of finding true happiness with someone who has always been there.

This heartwarming and entertaining romantic comedy has garnered widespread acclaim for its genuine performances, sharp writing, and heartfelt storytelling. "Always Be My Maybe" captures the universal desire for love and companionship, leaving viewers with a sense of joy and optimism.

8. Straight Up (2019)

"Straight Up" (2019) is an endearing and thought-provoking film that explores themes of self-discovery, sexuality, and unconventional relationships. It tells the story of a man who begins to question his sexuality and embarks on a romantic relationship with a woman for the first time. The movie delves into the complexities of forming a deep emotional connection without relying on physical intimacy.

The protagonist, grappling with his own uncertainties, challenges societal expectations and norms by exploring the possibility of a relationship that prioritizes emotional and intellectual compatibility over physical intimacy. "Straight Up" raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of love, human connection, and the traditional constructs of romantic partnerships.

Through its charming and introspective narrative, the film navigates the protagonist's journey of self-discovery and the exploration of his own desires and identity. It invites viewers to question preconceived notions about sexual orientation and to contemplate the complexities of forming relationships based on genuine emotional connections.

With its cute and heartfelt moments, "Straight Up" offers a refreshing take on love and relationships, challenging traditional notions and encouraging a deeper understanding of personal desires and fulfillment. The film encourages viewers to contemplate the various dimensions of love, including the importance of emotional intimacy and companionship.

While addressing serious topics, "Straight Up" maintains a lighthearted and sincere tone, striking a balance between humor and introspection. The performances and chemistry between the characters contribute to the authenticity and relatability of the story, allowing audiences to empathize and connect with their experiences.

Overall, "Straight Up" is a charming and poignant film that encourages viewers to question societal expectations and explore the depths of human connection beyond traditional boundaries. It offers a compelling exploration of identity, love, and the pursuit of emotional fulfillment, leaving audiences with a sense of contemplation and warmth.

9. Blonde (2022)

"Blonde" is a captivating film that presents a fictionalized portrayal of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, delving into her life with a blend of romance and tragedy. The movie explores the various significant relationships that shaped Monroe's existence, from the exhilarating beginnings to the heart-wrenching conclusions. It offers a glimpse into the captivating world of one of Hollywood's most celebrated stars.

Through its narrative, "Blonde" examines the complexities of Monroe's personal and professional life, shedding light on the challenges she faced as a public figure and the toll it took on her emotional well-being. The film portrays the highs and lows of her relationships, capturing the excitement of new love as well as the sorrowful endings that often accompanied them.

"Blonde" garnered attention when it received an NC-17 rating, signaling its exploration of mature themes and intense emotions. This rating reflects the film's commitment to portraying Monroe's life in an authentic and unfiltered manner, allowing viewers to delve into the raw emotions and realities she experienced throughout her journey.

While fictionalized, "Blonde" offers an opportunity to reflect on the complexities of fame, the price of stardom, and the impact of relationships on an individual's life. The film invites audiences to empathize with Monroe's struggles, emphasizing her vulnerability and humanity beneath the glamorous facade.

Through its combination of romance and tragedy, "Blonde" provides an intimate portrait of Marilyn Monroe, capturing her allure, her inner struggles, and the lasting impact she had on popular culture. It serves as a tribute to the enduring legacy of an enigmatic and iconic figure, while also provoking contemplation on the sacrifices and challenges that often accompany a life in the spotlight.

10. Phantom Thread (2017)

"Phantom Thread" (2017) showcases the extraordinary talents of Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps, delivering remarkable performances in a film that explores the intricacies of long-term relationships, particularly within the context of a marriage involving individuals with creative passions. Day-Lewis portrays the character of Reginald Woodcock, a renowned fashion designer, in a role that may draw parallels to the film's director, Paul Thomas Anderson.

The movie delves into the complexities and volatility that can arise within a marriage, especially when both partners are driven by their creative pursuits. Through a captivating narrative, "Phantom Thread" takes viewers on a journey through the ups and downs of Woodcock's personal and professional life.

The film's central focus revolves around the relationship between Woodcock and Alma, played by Vicky Krieps. Their interactions highlight the challenges that arise when two strong-willed individuals with distinct artistic visions come together. The movie artfully captures the power dynamics, emotional intricacies, and moments of tenderness that define their connection.

"Phantom Thread" skillfully explores the dynamic nature of relationships, shedding light on the complexities of love, passion, and compromise. It delves into the sacrifices, tensions, and mutual understanding required to sustain a long-term partnership while pursuing individual aspirations.

Daniel Day-Lewis's mesmerizing portrayal brings depth and nuance to the character of Reginald Woodcock, capturing the intricacies of his personality and the complexities of his creative genius. Vicky Krieps delivers a compelling performance as Alma, displaying resilience and determination in navigating the challenges of her relationship with Woodcock.

The film's artistic brilliance extends beyond the performances, as Paul Thomas Anderson's direction immerses viewers in the meticulously crafted world of high fashion. The exquisite costumes, evocative cinematography, and evocative score contribute to the film's atmospheric and immersive experience.

"Phantom Thread" is a thought-provoking exploration of love, artistry, and the intricate dynamics within relationships. It invites audiences to contemplate the sacrifices and compromises inherent in sustaining creative partnerships while offering a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of individuals driven by their passions.

Which is No.1 Romantic Movie in the World?

Released in 1942, "Casablanca" is a timeless classic that continues to captivate audiences with its compelling story, unforgettable characters, and iconic lines. Set during World War II, the film takes place in the exotic city of Casablanca, Morocco, which serves as a melting pot of political intrigue, romance, and wartime tension.

"Casablanca" follows the story of Rick Blaine, portrayed by Humphrey Bogart, a cynical American expatriate who runs a popular nightclub. His life takes an unexpected turn when his former lover, Ilsa Lund, played by Ingrid Bergman, walks back into his life with her husband, a renowned resistance leader.

As the plot unfolds, viewers are drawn into a web of love, sacrifice, and moral dilemmas. Rick is faced with the decision to help Ilsa and her husband escape Casablanca, or to hold on to his feelings for her. Against the backdrop of political unrest and impending danger, the film explores themes of loyalty, redemption, and the power of selflessness.

"Casablanca" is renowned for its exceptional performances, sharp dialogue, and memorable scenes. The chemistry between Bogart and Bergman is palpable, and their on-screen connection has become legendary. The film also boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Claude Rains, Paul Henreid, and Dooley Wilson, who contribute to the richness of the narrative.

Beyond its romantic elements, "Casablanca" serves as a poignant reflection on the human condition during times of turmoil. It showcases the complexities of relationships and the choices individuals must make in the face of adversity. The film's iconic lines, such as "Here's looking at you, kid" and "We'll always have Paris," have become ingrained in popular culture, further cementing its status as a cinematic masterpiece.

"Casablanca" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, with its timeless themes and indelible characters resonating with audiences across generations. It remains an enduring classic that showcases the triumph of love and the indomitable spirit of the human heart, leaving an indelible mark on the history of cinema.

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Best Romantic Movies on Netflix 2023 - FAQs

1. What are some of the best romantic movies currently available on Netflix?

Netflix offers a wide range of romantic movies. Some popular options in 2023 include "The Notebook," "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," "La La Land," "The Half of It," and "Crazy, Stupid, Love."

2. Are there any new romantic releases on Netflix in 2023 that I should watch?

Yes, Netflix regularly adds new romantic movies to its library. Keep an eye out for fresh releases such as "The Last Letter from Your Lover," "Finding Ohana," "The Kissing Booth 3," "Resort to Love," and "Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop."

3. Can you recommend some romantic comedies that are perfect for a lighthearted movie night?

Absolutely! If you're in the mood for romantic comedies, check out "Always Be My Maybe," "To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean," "The Perfect Date," "Isn't It Romantic," and "Set It Up." 

4. Are there any romantic movies with a unique or unconventional twist available on Netflix?

Yes, Netflix offers romantic movies with unique twists. Consider watching "Palm Springs," a time-loop comedy with a romantic storyline, or "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," a thought-provoking film exploring love and memory. "The Map of Tiny Perfect Things" and "About Time" also provide refreshing takes on romance.

5. Are there any romantic dramas or period films I should look out for on Netflix?

Certainly! If you enjoy romantic dramas or period films, Netflix has you covered. Keep an eye out for titles like "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society," "Bridgerton," "The Age of Innocence," "Emma," and "Pride and Prejudice." 

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