Are Mildred and Tiffany Still Together? Update on Their Relationship Status

Are Mildred and Tiffany still together? This article aims to provide an update on the current status of The Ultimatum couple Mildred and Tiffany's relationship and the aftermath of their split.

by Aishwarya R | Updated Jun 08, 2023

Are Mildred and Tiffany Still Together? Update on Their Relationship Status

Who are Mildred and Tiffany?

Mildred and Tiffany, often referred to as Tiff, were contestants on the Netflix dating show "The Ultimatum: Queer Love." They had a complicated relationship throughout the show, characterized by difficulties in healthy communication and frequent conflicts. Despite initially choosing Mildred, Tiff eventually entered into a trial marriage with Sam Mark. On the other hand, Mildred chose Aussie Chau as her partner for the trial marriage.

However, Mildred and Aussie's trial marriage didn't end well, as Aussie felt that Mildred was being too pushy. This led to Aussie walking out on the trial marriage, and currently, Mildred and Aussie are not on speaking terms. Nevertheless, Aussie expressed openness to the possibility of friendship in the future, acknowledging the need for personal healing.

Meanwhile, Tiff and Sam's trial period showed some improvement, although they never seemed to establish a romantic connection. In the season finale, Tiff proposed to Mildred, and Mildred accepted the proposal, indicating a desire to pursue a committed relationship with Tiff.

Mildred and Tiffany were contestants on a Netflix dating show with a tumultuous relationship. While Tiff initially chose Mildred but ended up in a trial marriage with Sam, Mildred chose Aussie. However, both Mildred and Tiff's respective trial marriages encountered challenges, leading to divergent outcomes. Eventually, Tiff proposed to Mildred, and Mildred accepted, implying a positive turn in their relationship.

Are Mildred and Tiffany Still Together?

Yes, Mildred and Tiffany are no longer together. The post-show period was marked by a downward spiral in their relationship, with Mildred accusing Tiffany of financial exploitation and refusing to work. The reunion was particularly intense, with Mildred revealing her arrest following an altercation where she allegedly threw objects at Tiffany, including a dog gate.

The reunion confrontation was uncomfortable to witness, and it seemed like Mildred was gaslighting Tiffany. Tiffany ultimately left the reunion early by walking offstage. Further indications that Mildred and Tiffany are not together today include the fact that they do not follow each other on Instagram, and there are no photos or other signs of each other on their respective accounts.

Mildred's social media posts also suggest a focus on personal growth and healing, with cryptic captions alluding to moving on from a place of brokenness and hustling harder after experiencing emotional pain. While it remains unclear if Mildred is currently single, her posts indicate a sense of happiness and resilience.

Tiff New Path

Tiff, following their experience on "The Ultimatum: Queer Love," has been living in San Diego, more than 100 miles away from Mildred. They are currently co-hosting the "unfiltered" weekly Fweebs Podcast alongside Karina Gonzalez. In November 2022, Tiff shared an Instagram caption that hinted at a positive outlook on life. They expressed the sentiment of entering a new phase where smiles are more frequent, life tastes sweeter, and laughter resonates deeply within them. Tiff also emphasized their freedom to create a new beginning by changing their perspective, regardless of the external circumstances.

In February, Tiff jokingly referred to their dog Shylo as a reliable source of comfort, implying that the outside world may not always be loyal. Reflecting on their journey on "The Ultimatum," Tiff shared a cast photo from the Netflix Pride event in May and acknowledged the intense emotions experienced by everyone involved. They mentioned the abundance of tears, both joyful and sorrowful, but also highlighted the good memories created.

While some relationships with the cast members are close, others are cordial, and there are a few they prefer to distance themselves from. Nevertheless, Tiff acknowledged the unique and profound eye-opening experience shared by the entire cast, which is difficult for outsiders to fully comprehend. Tiff's post-show journey has taken them to San Diego, where they are actively engaged in hosting the Fweebs Podcast. Their Instagram captions suggest a positive shift in perspective and a focus on personal growth and self-empowerment.

Why did Tiff Left Ultimatum?

In a recent conversation with Tudum, Tiff opened up about their decision to leave the reunion, highlighting that they felt gaslit by Mildred, who constantly interrupted and prevented Tiff from expressing their perspective. Tiff described the argument during the reunion as a reminder of the most challenging aspects of their relationship. However, since they were no longer together, Tiff felt empowered to walk away from the situation.

Tiff further revealed that they had ended their relationship with Mildred at least four months before the reunion, a period that allowed them to focus on healing and moving forward. The confrontation on stage triggered a flood of emotions for Tiff, resurfacing past trauma, arguments, and feelings of humiliation and gaslighting that they had experienced during the relationship.

On their Instagram account, Tiff has been actively sharing their thoughts about their relationship with Mildred. They have posted resources for those in need of support to heal from trauma and engaged in frank discussions about their experience dating someone whom they imply exhibited narcissistic behavior.

It is worth noting that some viewers, including the author of this text, expressed surprise that Netflix aired the entire segment of the reunion without providing disclaimers or resources to the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Given the potentially triggering nature of the content, there was a call for more comprehensive support for viewers who may have been upset or affected by the intense scenes.

Tiff's revelations shed light on the circumstances surrounding their departure from the reunion and their healing process following the end of their relationship with Mildred. Their social media presence also reflects a commitment to raising awareness about healing from trauma and engaging in candid conversations about their personal experiences.

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Are Mildred and Tiffany Still Together - FAQs

1. What caused the breakup between Tiff and Mildred on "The Ultimatum: Queer Love"?  

The breakup between Tiff and Mildred on "The Ultimatum: Queer Love" was reportedly caused by various issues in their relationship. Mildred alleged that Tiff was financially taking advantage of her and refused to get a job, which created tension and dissatisfaction.

2. Why did Tiff leave during the reunion on the show?  

Tiff left during the reunion on the show because they felt they were being gaslit by Mildred. They believed that Mildred was not allowing them to express their thoughts and constantly interrupted them. Being no longer in a relationship, Tiff decided they didn't have to endure the situation and chose to leave.


3. How did Tiff describe their past relationship with Mildred?  

Tiff described their past relationship with Mildred as challenging and traumatic. They mentioned arguments, feelings of humiliation, and being gaslit by Mildred. The reunion confrontation brought back those negative emotions and reminded Tiff of the difficult aspects of their relationship.

4. What kind of content is Tiff sharing on their Instagram regarding their relationship with Mildred?  

On their Instagram, Tiff is sharing resources for individuals who need help healing from trauma. They are also engaging in frank discussions about their experience dating someone they imply exhibited narcissistic behavior. The content aims to provide support and raise awareness about healing from emotional challenges.


5. Why were some viewers surprised that Netflix aired the reunion segment without providing disclaimers or resources for support?

Some viewers were surprised that Netflix aired the reunion segment without providing disclaimers or resources for support because it contained potentially triggering content. The intense scenes and discussions about gaslighting and past trauma could have had a significant impact on some viewers. Therefore, viewers expected the network to provide resources such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline to assist those who may have been upset or affected by the content.

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