April 2nd, 2024 Answer for the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle

This article focuses on the solution we need to obtain for the crossword clue named Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small for April.

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Updated Apr 02, 2024

April 2nd, 2024 Answer for the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle

This article talks about a crossword puzzle called Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small, which is for people who enjoy solving puzzles. In these puzzles, you find words based on clues and fill them into a grid. Solving crosswords makes you think and understand the puzzle better once you get the hang of it. 

Bhindi (4)


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Known for its slimy texture when cooked, this vegetable is commonly used in South Asian cuisine. Its alternate name, okra, is derived from a West African language, reflecting its global popularity in various culinary traditions.

Glaswegian football team (6)


Celtic is a renowned football club based in Glasgow, Scotland. With a rich history and a dedicated fan base, it has achieved numerous successes both domestically and internationally. The club's iconic green and white hoops are instantly recognizable to football fans worldwide.

Skin (4)


The largest organ of the human body, face refers to the front part of the head, encompassing the forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth. It serves essential functions such as protecting underlying tissues, regulating temperature, and facilitating sensory perception. Proper skincare routines are often recommended to maintain its health and vitality.

Single-celled organism (6)


Amoeba is a fascinating microscopic organism belonging to the group known as protozoa. Despite its simple structure, it exhibits remarkable adaptability and locomotion through the extension and contraction of its pseudopodia. Found in diverse aquatic environments, amoebas play significant roles in nutrient cycling and ecological processes.

Small duck (4)


The smew is a distinctive species of duck characterized by its striking black and white plumage. Found primarily in northern regions, it frequents freshwater habitats such as lakes, ponds, and marshes. Its small size and agile nature make it an adept swimmer and diver, often observed hunting for aquatic invertebrates beneath the water's surface.

Fruit container (6)


When you come across the clue Fruit container you're prompted to think of a word that fits both the definition and the space provided. The term punnet perfectly encapsulates this, as it refers to a small container typically used for holding fruits, especially berries.

Steel bar (5)


Steel bar appears in a crossword, it directs your attention to finding a term that relates to steel and fits within a five-letter space. The answer, I beam, aligns with this, as it denotes a structural beam with a cross-section resembling the letter I, commonly used in construction for its strength.

Bring home (4)


Bring home in a crossword hints at a four-letter word that means to earn or obtain something, particularly in the context of income or rewards. Earn serves as the fitting answer here, as it succinctly captures the essence of acquiring something through effort or work.

Ireland (8)


Ireland within a crossword puzzle, it calls for a word or term that corresponds to the country of Ireland and fits within an eight-letter space. Hibernia satisfies this criterion, as it is an ancient Latin name for the island of Ireland, often used in historical contexts.

Due time (1,1,1)


Due time prompts you to think of a three-word phrase, each word comprising one letter, which collectively signifies the idea of an expected moment. E T A stands as the correct response, representing estimated time of arrival, a common abbreviation used to indicate when something is expected to arrive or occur.

Remiss (3)


The word remiss suggests negligence or failure to fulfill a duty or responsibility. It's a term often used to describe someone who has been careless or lax in their actions. Therefore, the answer to this clue, LAX, fits perfectly, as it means lacking in strictness or care.

Knock (3)


When we think of the action of knocking, it's usually to gain someone's attention or to signal one's presence at a door. In this context, the answer ASK makes sense, as knocking often precedes a request or inquiry. Asking is the next step after knocking, indicating the purpose or reason behind the action.

Lock of hair (4,4)


This clue hints at a distinctive feature often found at the back of one's head. The answer, RATS TAIL, describes a type of hairstyle where a section of hair is left long and thin, resembling the tail of a rat. This answer aligns perfectly with the clue, depicting a particular style associated with a specific arrangement of hair.

Lovely ---, Beatles song (4)


Lovely suggests something delightful or charming, fitting for a song title. Considering the hint about the Beatles, the answer RITA emerges as a suitable response. Lovely Rita is a famous Beatles song from their iconic album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, making it a perfect match for the clue.

Short-term workers (5)


This clue points towards employees who are hired for a brief period to fulfill temporary roles within a company. The answer TEMPS accurately reflects this concept, as it is short for temporary workers. These individuals are brought in to assist during busy periods or to cover for permanent staff absences, making them a fitting solution for the clue.

Warns (6)


Warns implies a verb related to caution or alerting someone about potential danger. With six letters, it suggests a word that encompasses this action. One possible answer that fits is ALERTS, which means to give a warning or make someone aware of a potential threat or problem.

Epoch (4)


Epoch typically refers to a particular period or era in history, often marked by significant events or developments. With four letters, the word is likely concise and denotes a specific time frame. ERA fits this description perfectly, as it succinctly denotes a distinct period in time.

Tasting organ (6)


When confronted with this clue, one's mind naturally gravitates toward the human anatomy, specifically a body part responsible for the sense of taste. The answer, fittingly, is TONGUE, the organ housed within the mouth that detects flavors and textures. This word playfully connects the sensory experience of taste to the crossword puzzle, engaging solvers in a playful exploration of language and physiology.

Space agency (1,1,1,1)


This clue challenges solvers to think beyond conventional word lengths, instead focusing on a well-known acronym synonymous with space exploration. The answer is NASA, an abbreviation for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a prominent agency in the field of space research and technology. This clue demonstrates how crossword puzzles can incorporate a mix of wordplay and general knowledge to engage solvers of various interests and backgrounds.

Fanatical (6)


Fanatical suggests intense enthusiasm or obsession towards a particular belief, cause, or activity. With six letters, the word should convey this fervent dedication. BUGGED fits this description, indicating someone who is overly zealous or obsessed with something to the point of being fanatical.

Tread (4)


Tread refers to a part of the foot, commonly known as the sole, which comes into contact with the ground. In a crossword puzzle, it might be described as FOOT.

Chooses (4)


Chooses implies the action of selecting or picking something out from a set of options. This word fits the clue TAGS which denotes the act of choosing or marking items.

Preserve (4)


Preserve suggests the act of maintaining something in its original state or preventing it from decaying. The answer HOLD aligns with this, as holding onto something can preserve its current condition.

Back part (4)


Back part directs attention to the rear section of an animal or object. This word is often synonymous with TAIL, which denotes the posterior appendage of various creatures.

Islamic God (5)


Islamic God pertains to the deity worshiped in Islam. The answer ALLAH corresponds with this clue, representing the monotheistic God of Islam.

Lid (3)


Lid suggests something covering or closing. With three letters, it's a concise term, often associated with jars or containers. The answer is CAP, fitting snugly and providing closure to various vessels.

Outback runner (3)


Outback hints at the Australian wilderness, and runner implies a fast-moving creature. With three letters, the answer aligns perfectly with the swift, flightless bird native to Australia: EMU.

Solitary person (5)


Solitary suggests someone who prefers being alone or isolated. With five letters, it describes an individual who often chooses independence over social interaction. The answer is LONER, reflecting the inclination toward solitude.

Occupant (6)


Occupant implies a six-letter word related to someone residing in a particular place. The answer is INMATE, which commonly refers to a person confined to an institution such as a prison or mental hospital.

West European peninsula (6)


This clue refers to a six-letter word representing a peninsula in Western Europe. The answer is IBERIA, which encompasses the territories of Spain and Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula.

Doze (6)


Doze prompts us to find a word with six letters that means SACK UP. This implies a verb related to gathering or collecting. The answer is GATHER, as it fits both the clue and the letter count.

Gold-plated (4)


Gold-plated suggests a word with four letters that describes something covered or coated in gold. The answer is GILT, which is a term often used to refer to something covered with a thin layer of gold.

Ovine cry (3)


Ovine cry directs us to find a three-letter word that represents the sound made by a sheep. The answer is BAA, which is the typical vocalization associated with sheep.

Leave (4)


Leave hints at a four-letter word meaning to depart or go away from a place. The answer is BLOW, which can be interpreted in this context as leaving or departing, as in blow town or blow this joint.

Typos (6)


Typos we need to find a six-letter word that refers to typographical errors. The answer is ERRATA, which is commonly used to describe mistakes or errors in printed material, especially in books or documents.

Outfitter (6)


An outfitter is someone who provides equipment or supplies for a particular activity or purpose. In a crossword context, the answer TAILOR fits perfectly as a tailor is someone who customizes clothing or outfits according to specific needs or preferences.

Be present (6)


Be present suggests the idea of attending an event or gathering. The answer ATTEND aligns well with this context as it means to be present at a particular place or event, fulfilling the requirement of the crossword puzzle.

NCO, informally (5)


Informally referred to as Sarge, this five-letter term is a colloquial way of addressing a non-commissioned officer in the military. It's a familiar term often used among soldiers to denote a level of respect and camaraderie.

Inclines (5)


Inclines implies the act of leaning or tilting towards a particular direction. In the context of the crossword puzzle, the answer LEANS fits perfectly as it describes the action of tilting or leaning in a certain direction.

Beef, e.g. (4)


Meat is the general term for the flesh of animals used as food, including beef, pork, chicken, and more. This four-letter word encompasses a variety of edible animal tissues consumed worldwide, with beef being just one example.

Model (4)


Model suggests a four-letter word that relates to a type of model. The answer is POSE, indicating the act of positioning oneself for artistic or photographic purposes.

Simple card game (4)


Simple card game hints at a four-letter word commonly associated with a straightforward card game. The answer here is SNAP, referring to a fast-paced game where players quickly match cards based on similarity.

Beer cask (3)


Beer cask it prompts a three-letter word that signifies a container for beer. The answer is TUN, which is a large wooden barrel traditionally used for storing and transporting beer.

Gel (3)


Gel implies a three-letter word often used to describe a substance with a semi-solid consistency. The answer is SET, indicating the process of a liquid transforming into a solid or semi-solid state, as with gelatin or hair gel.

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