April 03, 2024 Solution For Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword

Enter the mysterious world of The Daily Mail’s Cryptic Crossword, where clever puzzles, wordplay, and wit meet. Get into the article and check for today’s answer.

by Vinothini S

Updated Apr 03, 2024

April 03, 2024 Solution For Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword

Discover the secrets of knowledge with the daily intellectual stimulation provided by The Daily Mail’s Cryptic Crossword! In this captivating puzzle hunt, you'll have to put your brains to the test and broaden your horizons as you solve a variety of clues.

Self-righteous type playing harp, I observe (8)


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The word harp suggests musical involvement, which leads to playing harp. Observing someone who plays the harp, we get the answer PHARISEE, a term that fits the description of a self-righteous individual.

Some medieval brass providing cover for priest (3)

Answer: ALB

In medieval times, priests wore a garment called an ALB for cover during religious ceremonies. The clue cleverly suggests some medieval brass as an indicator for ALB, which is a concise term fitting the description of a garment for a priest.

Caged bird one lost in move (5)

Answer: BUDGE

Caged bird implies a creature that can move within a limited space. Losing the letter I (one) from BUDGE leaves BUDGE, a term meaning to move slightly or make a small adjustment, fitting the clue's context.

Condiment that's assembled, by the sound of it- (7)


The clue hints at a condiment that sounds like it's assembled when pronounced. MUSTARD fits this description, as it sounds like mustered, which means to assemble or gather. The hyphen after it indicates a pause, emphasizing the sound of the word.

Agents infiltrating Laos ruins but avoiding others (7)


Laos ruins hint at rearranging letters to form ASOCIAL, meaning avoiding social interactions. Agents infiltrating suggests inserting AG (agents) into LAOS, resulting in ASOCIAL, which fits the clue's context of avoiding others.

Little donkey, extremely scrawny (5)

Answer: WEEDY

Little donkey, extremely scrawny refers to the term WEEDY, which describes something thin or lacking robustness. The clue cleverly plays on the image of a small, thin donkey, emphasizing its scrawniness.

See sign (6)

Answer: NOTICE

See sign directs attention to the word NOTICE. In this context, it suggests observing or acknowledging a visible indication, such as a notice or warning posted in a certain location.

Easiest form I left out for kids (6)

Answer: TEASES

Easiest form I left out for kids hints at the word TEASES, suggesting that the easiest or simplest form of a concept or task is being withheld or omitted, perhaps to challenge or amuse children.

Party longing for most respected member (5)

Answer: DOYEN

Party longing for most respected member leads to the answer DOYEN, which signifies a senior or most respected member within a group or organization, fitting the description of someone longed for at a party for their wisdom or influence.

Mean to declare how old one is (7)


Mean to declare how old one is corresponds to the word AVERAGE. This clue cleverly plays on the term mean as both a statistical concept and a descriptor for someone being unpleasant or unkind, hinting at the calculation of an average age.

Some football players may be so agile (7)


In football, the players positioned as goalkeepers are often known for their agility, as they need to quickly move and react to incoming shots on goal. The term agile hints at the athleticism required of these players, leading to the answer GOALIES.

Scrap dealer's last in garden building (5)

Answer: SHRED

A scrap dealer refers to someone who deals with discarded materials, often found in a junkyard or similar place. The word last here suggests taking the final letter of the word scrap, which is P. When added to the word garden, it forms GARDEN, giving us the answer SHRED.

Bread for Grandma (3)

Answer: NAN

Grandma is often affectionately referred to as NAN, which is also a type of bread popular in some regions. The answer is simply NAN, as it satisfies both interpretations of the clue.

Regular flow at day's end (8)


Regular flow could refer to the consistent movement of something. In this case, at day's end suggests the final part of the day, which is often characterized by a slowing down or cessation of activity. Putting these together, we get EVENTIDE, which refers to the time just before evening.

Great uncertainty, we hear, in retreat (7)


Great uncertainty indicates a state of confusion or lack of clarity. The expression we hear suggests a homophone clue, where the answer sounds like another word or phrase. In retreat implies going back or withdrawing. Combining these elements, we get HIDEOUT, which is a place of refuge or seclusion, often associated with uncertainty or secrecy.

Herb found in the street in France (3)

Answer: RUE

In the streets of France, one might stumble upon an herb, often found amidst the cobblestones and alleys. This three-letter word, "RUE," embodies the essence of French culture, adding a touch of aroma to the urban landscape.

African — like this country in Africa (6)

Answer: SOMALI

When contemplating a country in Africa, one might think of its people, its culture, its essence. The answer lies in a six-letter word, "SOMALI," representing the diverse tapestry of nations on the African continent, with its rich history and vibrant communities.

In another place spinning wheels were lacking at first- (9)


Imagine a scenario where spinning wheels were absent in one place, but present elsewhere. This conundrum is encapsulated in the nine-letter word, "ELSEWHERE," suggesting a shift in location or circumstance, where resources or amenities may vary.

Girl, for example, turning up in proverb (5)

Answer: ADAGE

In the realm of proverbs, there exists a quintessential figure, embodying timeless wisdom and guidance. Reversing the direction, we find a five-letter word, "ADAGE," symbolizing the concise yet profound truths passed down through generations.

Villain appears day after day in tree (5)

Answer: BADDY

Within the canopy of a tree, a nefarious presence lurks, recurring day after day. This malevolent character is encapsulated in a five-letter word, "BADDY," representing the archetype of villainy, forever entwined with narratives of conflict and resolution.

Get scrap to a bin (6)

Answer: OBTAIN

The word scrap implies something to be discarded, and bin indicates the destination. The answer, OBTAIN, fits perfectly, as it means to acquire or gather something, aligning with the idea of placing scrap in a bin.

Motivation for vet in nice resort (9)


Vet could refer to a veterinarian, and nice resort suggests a desirable setting. The answer, INCENTIVE, corresponds to a motivating factor or reward, fitting the context of the clue.

Pole raised German article and fought (7)


Pole raised suggests flipping or reversing something, German article refers to the definite article the in German, and fought indicates a confrontation or battle. By rearranging these components, we get the word SPARRED, which fits the clue.

Regular date in stable (6)

Answer: STEADY

 regular implies something consistent or steady, and date might suggest a romantic encounter or a calendar date. However, in this context, date refers to a fruit.

Lashes could be a great deal of trouble (6)

Answer: HASSLE

Lashes could refer to both the act of whipping with a lash and the eyelashes. Trouble implies difficulty or hassle. So, the word that encompasses both meanings, indicating a significant problem, is HASSLE.

Really like getting home to eat heartily (3,2)

Answer: DIGIN

The phrase Really like suggests a strong desire or preference. Getting home indicates arriving at one's residence. To eat heartily implies enjoying a substantial meal. Putting it together, DIG IN means to enthusiastically begin eating.

Long story about the capital of Ecuador (5)

Answer: YEARN

Long story indicates a narrative or tale. Capital of Ecuador refers to Quito, the capital city of Ecuador. Combining the two, QUITO is the answer, as it represents the capital city in a five-letter word.

Was a model for part of the weekend (3)

Answer: SAT

Was a model hints at posing for a period of time. Part of the weekend suggests a specific timeframe, such as Saturday or Sunday. SAT fits as the answer, denoting a past action of sitting or posing for a photo shoot, typically done during a weekend.

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