Answers for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clues (March 27, 2024)

Here we have updated all the answers for today’s The Irish Independent Simple crossword clues. If you find any clues challenging, you can use this guide.

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Updated Mar 27, 2024

Answers for The Irish Independent Simple Crossword Clues (March 27, 2024)

Are you in the mood to solve a crossword? The Irish Independent Simple crossword would be perfect for you. Whether you are a regular crossword solver or trying a crossword for the first time, this puzzle will be very simple for you. If you need any help with the clues, you can find the answers here:

Mail (4)

The Answer is DROP

When you "drop" mail, you're essentially sending it, either by physically dropping it into a mailbox or figuratively submitting it for delivery.

Writes music (8)

The Answer is COMPOSES

"Composes" refers to the act of creating or writing music.

Result (4,3)

The Answer is COME OUT

"Come out" can mean to emerge or become visible, which fits the idea of a result being revealed or becoming apparent.

Legally acceptable (5)

The Answer is VALID

Something that is "valid" is legally acceptable or recognized as being in accordance with the law.

Amusing (12)


"Preposterous" means utterly absurd or ridiculous, often to the point of being amusing due to its extreme nature.

Code (6)

The Answer is DIGEST

In this context, "digest" can refer to a concise summary or abstraction, which is akin to a code that condenses information.

Agreement (6)

The Answer is PATENT

A "patent" is a legally enforceable agreement granting rights to an invention or innovation to its creator for a limited period.

Condemning (12)


"Vituperation" refers to abusive language or verbal condemnation, often characterized by harshness or bitterness.

New Zealand tribe (5)

The Answer is MAORI

The Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand, so "Maori" is the name of a New Zealand tribe.

Work (7)

The Answer is CARE FOR

"Care for" implies the act of looking after or tending to something or someone, which fits the concept of work that involves providing care.

Separate (8)

The Answer is CLASSIFY

"Classify" means to arrange or organize into categories or groups, which involves separating items based on their characteristics or properties.

Muddle (4)

The Answer is E Z A H

The word "muddle" can be rearranged to form the word "haze," which means confusion or unclear thinking, thus representing a state of muddle.

Forbearance (8)

The Answer is KINDNESS

Forbearance refers to patience, self-control, and tolerance in the face of provocation, and it often overlaps with the concept of kindness.

Small fish (5)

The Answer is GUPPY

A guppy is a small freshwater fish commonly kept in aquariums, making it a fitting answer for "small fish."

Initial cost (6)

The Answer is OUTLAY

"Outlay" refers to an initial expenditure or cost incurred in starting or implementing a project or activity. It represents the initial investment or spending required.

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Garden path materials (6-6)


Paving stones are commonly used in gardens for paths or walkways, providing a durable and decorative surface.

Quiet (7)

The Answer is QUIETED

"Quieted" is the past tense of the verb "quiet," meaning to make or become silent or calm.

Facet (4)

The Answer is FACE

A "facet" refers to one side or aspect of something, and "face" can be synonymous with a side or surface of an object.

Similar but inferior thing (4,8)


A "poor relation" is a term used to describe something that is similar to another thing but considered inferior or less desirable.

Reels (8)

The Answer is RETREATS

"Retreats" can refer to places or actions where one withdraws or moves back, akin to reeling back or retreating.

Gaols (7)

The Answer is PRISONS

"Gaols" is an archaic spelling of "jails" or "prisons," referring to places where people are confined as punishment or detention.

Grow (6)

The Answer is SEASON

To "season" can mean to mature or develop over time, similar to how things grow or ripen.

Furious (5)

The Answer is DIRTY

"Dirty" can mean angry or irate, similar to being furious or enraged.

Amongst (4)

The Answer is AMID

"Amid" means surrounded by or in the middle of something, which is synonymous with "amongst."

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