Answer Updated for Daily Express Crusader Crossword Clue (April 3, 2024)

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by Ramya R

Updated Apr 03, 2024

Answer Updated for Daily Express Crusader Crossword Clue (April 3, 2024)

Today’s Crosswords provides clues and you have to crack it. Certain clues can be difficult to solve. Take your time understanding and solving the clues, do not hurry. If you are experiencing difficulty completing the puzzle, We will help you with the solutions.

Former spouse sat, revealed (7)


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Former spouse hints at an ex-partner, and sat suggests a past tense action. When we rearrange the letters, we get exposed, meaning revealed or uncovered, fitting the clue perfectly.

New latches for bag (7)


New latches indicates something fresh or recent, while bag implies a container. By rearranging the letters, we find satchel, which is a type of bag with a flap and a handle, matching the clue provided.

Leaving Peru trade in confusion (9)


Leaving Peru suggests a departure from the South American country, while trade in confusion hints at a jumbled or chaotic situation. Upon rearranging, we find departure, which accurately captures the idea of leaving or going away, fitting the clue's context.

Notice party has to improvise (2-3)

Answer: ADLIB

Notice party suggests observing a gathering, and improvise implies acting without preparation. When rearranged, we get adlib, which refers to speaking or performing without a script or pre-planning, making it a suitable answer.

They look for a 60s group (7)


They implies a group of individuals, and 60s group suggests a musical ensemble from the 1960s era. Upon rearranging, we find seekers, which refers to those who search or seek, fitting the clue's context of looking for a specific group from the past.

Furniture item useful to an actor (7)


An actor often requires a furniture item where they can store costumes and accessories conveniently. A dresser serves this purpose perfectly, allowing the actor to organize their attire and props effectively.

Not at home, prefer some illumination when asleep (3,4,1,5)


When someone is not at home and prefers some illumination when asleep, they are likely referring to streetlights or other external sources of light. This phrase indicates that the person falls asleep quickly and deeply, as if they were instantly out like a light.

A mild moan about monarch included fauna (6,7)


This clue combines a mild moan (a grumble) with a reference to monarchs (kings or queens) to form the term fauna, which relates to the animal kingdom. It cleverly combines elements of discontent with royalty to lead to the answer.

Reckoned visitor could be heard (7)


This clue plays on the similarity in sound between guessed and guest. A visitor, or guest, is someone who is heard when they arrive at a place. Therefore, guessed is a fitting answer, as it suggests making an estimation based on what is heard.

Sell pie - eccentric shape (7)


Sell pie suggests an anagram of the phrase, leading to ellipse. The clue hints at rearranging the letters of sell pie to form a word meaning eccentric shape, which is exactly what an ellipse is—a geometric shape resembling a flattened circle.

Unexceptional without trendy path (5)

Answer: ROUTE

This clue hints at finding a synonym for path without the trendy or fashionable part. Unexceptional suggests something ordinary or common, which is another word for trendy here. Removing trendy from path leaves us with the answer, ROUTE.

Hide lighter for Scrooge (9)


Hide lighter here refers to a person who conceals or hoards their money, similar to how one might hide a lighter. Scrooge is a well-known character from literature who epitomizes extreme stinginess. So, the answer, SKINFLINT, fits as it describes someone who is excessively miserly.

Removes notes on steel production (7)


Removes is the definition here, indicating that we're looking for a word meaning to take out or erase. Notes suggests musical notes, but in this context, it could also mean written remarks. On steel production hints at an industry or process. So, the answer, DELETES, refers to the action of removing or erasing something.

Man taking traitor to be unpredictable (7)


 Man indicates a male figure or a person. Traitor implies someone who has betrayed or acted against a group or cause. The phrase to be unpredictable suggests a word describing erratic behavior. So, combining man and traitor gives us the word ERRATIC, meaning unpredictable or inconsistent.

Most senior steed managed to get left (6)

Answer: ELDEST

Most senior refers to the oldest or most aged. Steed commonly refers to a horse. Managed to get left suggests arranging or manipulating something to be left with a specific result. So, the answer, ELDEST, means the most senior or oldest, fitting the clue.

Seasoning on one type of meat (9)


The seasoning commonly found on a specific kind of meat, particularly associated with pizzas, is PEPPERONI. This word hints at the popular use of pepperoni as a topping for pizzas, making it a well-known seasoning in the culinary world, especially on meats.

Reported sudden increase in material (5)

Answer: SERGE

SERGE refers to a type of fabric that is commonly used in clothing. Here, the wordplay involves the homophonic similarity between surge, meaning a sudden increase, and serge, which is the reported material, highlighting a play on words characteristic of crossword puzzles.

Barbecue food for percussionist's tool (9)


DRUMSTICK refers to both a piece of food typically cooked on a barbecue and a tool used by percussionists to strike drums. The clever wordplay combines the literal meaning of a barbecue food with the metaphorical usage of a percussionist's tool, creating an amusing and fitting answer.

Betting notes on rate (5)

Answer: SPEED

SPEED here is a concise way of describing both the act of betting and a measure of rate or velocity. The clue cleverly intertwines the concept of gambling notes or bets with the notion of speed, showcasing the versatility of language in crossword construction.

Time composer went ahead and journeyed (9)


TRAVELLED encompasses the idea of a composer advancing through time, as well as the literal act of embarking on a journey. The clue skillfully combines wordplay related to time and movement, reflecting the intricate construction often found in crossword puzzles.

Gaps in entireties, we hear (5)

Answer: HOLES

Gaps in entireties, we hear (5) refers to the word HOLES, which are spaces or gaps in something complete. The clue hints at the homophonic nature of the word, suggesting that we hear the answer. It's a concise way of indicating the need to listen for a word that sounds like holes.

Release left one to scold (8)


Release left one to scold leads to the answer LIBERATE. Here, left one suggests removing the letter l (which stands for left) from the word liberate, leaving LIBERATE. The word scold hints at the idea of freeing or releasing someone from a reprimand or restriction.

Short-lived artist isn't running around hospital department (9)


The term short-lived suggests something temporary, which aligns with the meaning of transient. Artist isn't running indicates removing the letters ARTIST from TRANSIENT, leaving TRANSIENT.

Bond guy smart to be part of double act (5,4)


This refers to the actor Ernie Wise, known for his partnership with Eric Morecambe in the comedy duo Morecambe and Wise. The wordplay involves combining Ernie, the name of the bond guy, with wise, meaning smart, to form the double act ERNIE WISE.

Willing to indicate when one has the advantage (4,5)


In sports, game point is the situation where one player or team needs only one more point to win the game. The clue cleverly suggests that being willing to indicate refers to signaling or acknowledging when one has reached this advantageous position, hence GAME POINT.

Harassed journalis pursuing animal (8)


A journalist who is being persistently bothered or annoyed (harassed) is indicated by the word pursuing. The animal being pursued in this context is the badger. Therefore, the answer is BADGERED.

Ambassador caught twitch when busy (6)

Answer: HECTIC

Ambassador here serves as a hint for the abbreviation amb. Caught typically indicates the need to include the letter c in the solution. Twitch is a synonym for tic. When someone is busy, they are often described as being in a state of frenzied activity, indicated by the word hectic. Thus, the answer is HECTIC.

Match of rare quality (5)

Answer: EQUAL

Match in this context refers to equality or equivalence. The phrase of rare quality suggests something unique or unusual. In this case, rare quality is another way of saying uncommon attribute, which is EQUAL. Hence, the answer is EQUAL.

Nightclub almost getting small records (5)

Answer: DISCS

Nightclub is a place where music is played, indicating that we're dealing with a musical term. The word almost suggests we remove a letter from the next word, getting small, leaving us with record, shortened to DISCS. Therefore, the answer is DISCS.

File about registered inmate (5)

Answer: LIFER

File in this context refers to a dossier or a collection of documents. About suggests that a word meaning registered should be placed around another word. An inmate is someone who is serving time in prison, often referred to as a LIFER. Therefore, the answer is LIFER.

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