Answer for the Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle : 4th April 2024

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Updated Apr 04, 2024

Answer for the Metro Quick Crossword Puzzle : 4th April 2024

The Metro Quick Crossword puzzle is an online based puzzle, which cannot be played in a newspaper. It is just the medium of playing puzzle changes and not the crossword. Don't worry, you can find the puzzle on the official website and start solving the puzzle like you do in newspaper.

Solid blocks (5)

Answer: CUBES

"Solid blocks" refers to three-dimensional shapes with equal sides and right angles on each corner, commonly known as "CUBES." Cubes are often used as building blocks or geometric shapes in various contexts.

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Choice (6)

Answer: OPTION

"OPTION" refers to a choice or alternative that is available for consideration or selection. It represents a decision that can be made among several possibilities, indicating the freedom to choose one course of action over others.

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State of being rich (6)

Answer: WEALTH

"WEALTH" describes the state of having abundant material possessions or resources, typically including money, property, and valuable assets. It signifies prosperity and affluence, indicating a high degree of financial well-being.

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Academy Award (5)

Answer: OSCAR

The "Academy Award" is a prestigious accolade presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, commonly known as the "OSCAR." The Oscar is awarded for excellence in various categories within the film industry, including acting, directing, and production.

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Mistakes (4)

Answer: ERRS

"ERRS" is the plural form of "ERR," which means to make mistakes or errors. It denotes instances of deviation from correctness or accuracy, reflecting human fallibility in various actions or judgments.

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--- Kidman, actress (6)

Answer: NICOLE

The clue suggests filling in the blank with a name, and "Kidman" is a hint pointing towards the surname of a well-known actress. The actress referred to here is Nicole Kidman. Therefore, the answer is "NICOLE."

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Eye make-up (7)


"MASCARA" is a cosmetic product used to darken, thicken, and enhance the eyelashes. It is commonly applied to the eyelashes as part of eye makeup routines to accentuate the eyes and create a more defined look.

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Marry (3)

Answer: WED

"WED" is a verb that means to enter into the legal or formal union of marriage. It describes the act of getting married or the ceremony associated with the union between two individuals.

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Follow (5)

Answer: ENSUE

"ENSUE" means to happen or occur afterward as a consequence or result of something else. It implies a sequence of events unfolding in succession. In this context, "Follow" suggests a subsequent action or event that occurs as a consequence of a preceding one, making "ENSUE" a fitting answer.

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Portly (5)

Answer: STOUT

"Portly" is an adjective used to describe someone who is heavy or overweight, often with a large, round body shape. "STOUT" is a synonym for "portly," describing someone who is thickset or solidly built, especially around the waist.

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Smacks (5)

Answer: SLAPS

Smacks" suggests the action of striking something with a sharp, audible sound. "SLAPS" fits this description as it denotes the action of hitting someone or something with an open hand, producing a sharp sound upon contact.

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Measuring stick (5)

Answer: RULER

A "measuring stick" is a tool used to measure length or distance. "RULER" is a common type of measuring stick typically used for linear measurement, often marked with units such as inches or centimeters along its length

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Skill (3)

Answer: ART

"Skill" refers to the ability or proficiency in performing a task or activity effectively. "ART" can be interpreted in this context as a skill or talent, particularly in the creation of visual, auditory, or performance-based expressions. It encompasses various forms of creative expression, including painting, music, and theater.

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Readable (7)


The word "readable" suggests something that can be easily read or understood. The word that fits the description and is synonymous with "readable" is "legible."

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Die (6)

Answer: PERISH

In this context, "die" refers to ceasing to live or exist, which is synonymous with "perish."

Without legal force (4)

Answer: NULL

Without legal force" means lacking validity or being invalid. In this case, "null" means exactly that - without legal force or invalid

Lure (5)

Answer: DECOY

A lure is something used to attract or entice someone or something, often used in hunting or fishing. A "decoy" is an item used to attract or lure animals or people, usually to divert their attention.

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Store wine here (6)

Answer: CELLAR

A cellar is a storage area, typically underground, used to store items such as wine, food, or other goods. In this case, the clue specifically mentions storing wine, which is commonly stored in a cellar.

Tantalised (6)

Answer: TEASED

To be tantalized means to be teased or tempted with something desirable but out of reach. "Teased" is a synonym for tantalized in this context, meaning to provoke or tempt someone with something they desire but cannot have immediately.

Republic in SW Arabia (5)

Answer: YEMEN

Yemen is a country located in Southwest Arabia, bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, and the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south.

Tribal badge or emblem (5)

Answer: TOTEM

A totem is a symbol, emblem, or representation of a tribe, clan, family, or group often associated with indigenous cultures. It holds significance and represents the identity or characteristics of the group it symbolizes.

Celebrities (5)

Answer: STARS

In common parlance, "stars" often refer to famous individuals, particularly those in the entertainment industry such as actors, musicians, or athletes, who are widely recognized and admired for their achievements and fame.

Dove's call (3)

Answer: COO

The sound made by a dove, often described as a gentle, murmuring cooing noise, is represented by the word "COO" in the crossword. This sound is a characteristic vocalization of doves and is commonly associated with their communication and mating behaviors.

Uncertain (6)

Answer: UNSURE

The clue is asking for a synonym for "uncertain." "Unsure" fits this description perfectly, as it means not confident or having doubts about something.

--- McGregor, actor (4)

Answer: EWAN

The clue is providing a hint about an actor whose first name is obscured, indicated by "--- McGregor." The actor being referred to here is Ewan McGregor, known for his roles in movies such as "Trainspotting," "Moulin Rouge!," and as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy.

Grave, solemn (7)


The clue is asking for a word that means both "grave" and "solemn." "Serious" fits this description because it can mean both deeply thoughtful or solemn and significant or grave in nature.

Arm joint (5)

Answer: ELBOW

This clue is straightforward, asking for a term referring to a joint in the arm. The answer is "elbow," which is the joint where the forearm and the upper arm meet.

Tattered fragment (5)

Answer: SHRED

The clue suggests something torn or worn into small pieces. "Shred" fits this description as it means a small, narrow piece that has been torn or cut from something larger, often indicating a tattered or fragmented state.

Joyous ecstasy (7)


"Joyous ecstasy" suggests a state of extreme happiness or bliss. "Rapture" fits this description as it denotes a feeling of intense pleasure or excitement, often associated with spiritual or emotional fulfillment.

Clean by hard rubbing (5)

Answer: SCOUR

To "clean by hard rubbing" implies vigorous scrubbing or scouring to remove dirt or stains. "Scour" fits this action as it means to clean something thoroughly by rubbing it hard with an abrasive material.

Practical joke (3-4)


A "practical joke" is a playful trick or prank played on someone. "Legpull" is a colloquial term often used to describe such jokes or tricks where someone's leg (metaphorically speaking) is pulled or teased.

Heavenly messenger (5)

Answer: ANGEL

A "heavenly messenger" refers to a being, often depicted as divine or celestial, who delivers messages or carries out tasks on behalf of a higher power. "Angel" is the most common term for such beings in various religious and mythological traditions.

Of elves (5)

Answer: ELFIN

Something described as "elfin" pertains to or resembles elves, which are mythical creatures often depicted as small, magical beings in folklore and fantasy literature. So, "of elves" can be described as "elfin."

Weekday (7)


A "weekday" refers to any day of the week except Saturday or Sunday, typically associated with regular working days. "Tuesday" specifically denotes the second day of the week, following Monday and preceding Wednesday.

Distant (6)

Answer: REMOTE

"Distant" describes something that is far away in space or time. "Remote" fits this description as it means situated far away, physically or metaphorically, from a particular place or situation.

Quickly (5)

Answer: APACE

"Quickly" indicates doing something at a fast pace or with great speed. "Apace" is a word that means quickly or swiftly, suggesting a rapid rate of action or movement.

Indeed, really (5)

Answer: TRULY

"Indeed" or "really" emphasizes the truth or accuracy of something. "Truly" aligns with this meaning as it signifies something that is genuine, sincere, or in accordance with fact.

Rupture (5)

Answer: BURST

A "rupture" refers to the breaking or bursting of something, often due to pressure or force. "Burst" is a verb that describes the sudden breaking or exploding of an object or substance.

Escape from or avoid (5)

Answer: ELUDE

Escape from or avoid" implies the act of evading or steering clear of something, typically a threat or danger. "Elude" perfectly fits this description as it means to escape from or avoid capture, perception, or understanding.

This place (4)

Answer: HERE

"This place" refers to the location where the speaker or subject currently is. "Here" is a simple and direct word that denotes the present location or position in space or time.

Monetary unit (3)

Answer: YEN

A "monetary unit" is a currency denomination used in a particular country or region. "Yen" specifically refers to the currency of Japan, where it serves as the primary unit of currency.

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