Answer for 7 Little Words Crossword Clues April 1st, 2024

In this article, we will guide, you to find the answer to the crossword puzzle named 7 Little Words and understand every detail you need to know about the crossword puzzle.

by Vinothini S

Updated Apr 01, 2024

Answer for 7 Little Words Crossword Clues April 1st, 2024

7 Little Words Crossword

The 7 Little Words crossword is not like the normal puzzles that we solve in newspapers, instead, it is an application-based game to be played digitally. This crossword provides the player with 7 clues and 7 secret words to solve. So, when you start playing this kind of crosswords you will learn the techniques to get to the solution and also develop your memory power.

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East or west


The crossword clue "East or west" hints at a word related to direction. The answer is "WEST," as it is one of the cardinal directions along with East. So, the answer to the crossword question "DIRECTION" is "WEST."

Waiting room offerings


The crossword clue "Waiting room offerings" suggests items commonly found in a waiting room. One of the most common items found in waiting rooms is "MAGAZINES," as they are often provided for people to read while they wait.

Food ordered for pickup


The crossword clue "Food ordered for pickup" suggests a term related to ordering food that is intended to be picked up rather than delivered or eaten in the restaurant. The answer to this clue is "TAKEOUT," as it refers to food that is prepared by a restaurant and then collected by the customer to be eaten elsewhere. 



The crossword clue "Jobs" indicates a term related to various types of work or professions. The answer to this clue is "OCCUPATIONS," as it refers to the different types of employment or activities that people engage in to earn a living or pursue a career. 

Sounding loudly


The crossword clue "Sounding loudly" suggests a word describing a loud, possibly piercing sound. The answer to this clue is "BLARING," as it means emitting a loud, harsh sound. So, the answer to the crossword question "BLARING" is "BLARING."

Bee's hexagons


The crossword clue "Bee's hexagons" hints at a structure commonly associated with bees and their production of honey. Bees create their homes and store honey in "HONEYCOMBS," which are composed of hexagonal cells. 

Romantic rendezvous


A "romantic rendezvous" refers to a planned meeting or appointment between two people who are romantically involved. It often involves activities like dinner, movies, or walks, aimed at fostering intimacy and connection between partners. One common term used to describe such meetings is "date." On a date, couples spend quality time together, getting to know each other better, and strengthening their bond. 



When something is "smeared," it means that it has been spread or marked in a messy or uneven manner, often resulting in a blurred or indistinct appearance. This could happen with substances like ink, paint, or even dirt. A related term describing such a condition is "SMUDGY," which means having smudges or smears on its surface, making it unclear or untidy. 



Lint is often found in dryer traps after laundry, and it can catch and reflect light, giving it a sparkling appearance. Therefore, "linted" fits the clue "sparkled" as it implies something with a shiny or sparkling quality.

Clear a windshield in winter


"DEICE" is the process of removing ice from a surface, such as a windshield, especially during winter when temperatures drop below freezing. It involves using a tool or substance to melt or remove the ice, making it clear and safe for visibility while driving. Therefore, "DEICE" fits the clue "Clear a windshield in winter" as it describes the specific action needed to deal with icy conditions during the cold season.



This clue suggests the act of recalling or bringing to mind something from memory. "RECALLS" is a verb that means to remember or bring back to mind something previously learned or experienced. When someone "recalls" something, they are actively retrieving information from their memory. 

Like many art sale items


Like many art sale items" - This clue suggests that the answer is a word that describes items commonly found at art sales, implying that they are typically crafted by hand and have a unique, artisanal quality.

Ballast item


The clue "ballast item" suggests something heavy or dense that is used to stabilize or balance a vessel, such as a ship. One common type of ballast used in emergencies or during floods is a bag filled with sand, known as a "sandbag."

In working order


The clue "in working order" implies something that is operational, functional, or performing its intended task properly. It describes something that is in a state of efficiency and readiness.

Relating to the percentages


The clue "relating to the percentages" suggests a word that is associated with statistical data, particularly in terms of analyzing and interpreting numerical information, including percentages.

Divided house


The crossword clue "Relating to the percentages" suggests a term commonly associated with statistics or numerical data. To find the answer, we need a word that encapsulates concepts like percentages, ratios, probabilities, and other statistical measures. When we think about statistics, we consider data analysis, probability theory, and various mathematical methodologies used to interpret and make sense of numerical information. 



The crossword clue "Turndowns" hints at situations where offers or requests are declined or refused. To find the answer, we need a term that describes this act of rejection. When someone rejects an offer, proposal, or request, they are essentially issuing a "REJECTION." This word encapsulates the idea of refusing or declining something.

Retired professor


The crossword clue "Retired professor" suggests a term that describes the status or title given to a professor who has retired from their position. To find the answer, we need a word commonly associated with retired professors. When professors retire from their academic positions, they are often granted the title of "EMERITUS." This term signifies an individual who has retired from a profession but retains an honorary title or status, usually based on their distinguished service.



The crossword clue "Unload" suggests a term that means to relieve or get rid of a burden or load. To find the answer, we need a word that describes this action of relieving oneself of a burden. When we "unload," we typically aim to free ourselves from something burdensome or heavy. In this context, the word "DISBURDEN" fits perfectly as it means to relieve or lighten a burden.

Did a gardening chore


The crossword clue "Did a gardening chore" suggests a term that describes an activity commonly associated with tending to a garden. To find the answer, we need a word that fits this context. When someone tends to a garden, one common chore involves removing unwanted plants, typically referred to as "weeds." The term that encapsulates this action is "WEEDED."



The crossword clue "Rough-textured" suggests a term that describes a surface with a coarse or abrasive texture. To find the answer, we need a word that fits this description. When we think of surfaces that are rough-textured, one common example is sandpaper. Sandpaper is known for its abrasive quality and rough texture, which makes it suitable for smoothing or roughening surfaces. 

Bragged noisily


The crossword clue "Bragged noisily" suggests a word that means boasting or displaying confidence loudly. The word that fits this description is "SWAGGERED." "Bragged" implies boasting or showing off. "Noisily" indicates that this boasting or showing off is done loudly.



The clue "Perplexed" suggests a state of confusion or puzzlement. One word that fits this description is "BEMUSED." Here's how you can derive an explanation using the question: "Perplexed" is a clue indicating a state of confusion or uncertainty. To solve this clue, we need to find a word that means being puzzled or unsure. 

Puts oil on


The clue "Puts oil on" suggests an action related to lubrication, which is the process of applying oil or grease to reduce friction between surfaces. In this context, the answer to the crossword question is "LUBRICATES," which is a verb describing the act of applying lubricant to machinery or other objects to make them run smoothly.

Workshop support


In a workshop, particularly one involved in woodworking or construction, a "sawhorse" is a supportive tool used to hold lumber or other materials securely in place while they are being sawed, drilled, or worked on. The "sawhorse" provides stability and support, making it easier for the worker to perform tasks safely and accurately. 

Stadium bench seat


In a stadium, the term "bleacher" refers to a long bench-like seating structure typically found in open-air sports venues or arenas. Bleacher seats are usually made of wood or metal and are arranged in rows to accommodate a large number of spectators. These seats provide an elevated view of the sporting event and are often situated along the sidelines or behind the end zones. 

Laid out anew as a magazine


When a magazine is "laid out anew," it typically means that its contents have been rearranged or redesigned in a different format or structure. This process involves adjusting the layout, typography, and graphics to create a fresh presentation. The term "reformatted" perfectly encapsulates this action, as it implies the reorganization or restructuring of the magazine's content to give it a new appearance or style. 

Ignites again as a spark


When something ignites again, especially in the context of a spark, it suggests the process of reigniting or rekindling a flame that has diminished or extinguished. The word "rekindles" perfectly captures this concept, as it means to revive or restart something, particularly a fire or a spark. Therefore, the answer to the crossword question "Ignites again as a spark" is "REKINDLES."

Strong disagreement


A "strong disagreement" refers to a situation where two or more parties hold opposing views or opinions, often leading to conflict or discord. The term "dissension" precisely describes this state of disagreement or dispute, indicating a strong divergence of opinions or beliefs among individuals or groups. 

Constantly complaining


The phrase "constantly complaining" suggests someone who frequently expresses dissatisfaction or grievances about various matters. The term "grumbly" fits this description perfectly, as it denotes a person who is prone to grumbling or complaining on a regular basis. 

Environmental science


"Environmental science" is the study of the interactions between organisms and their environment, including the impact of human activities on natural ecosystems. The term "ecology" specifically refers to the branch of biology that focuses on the relationships between living organisms and their surroundings. It encompasses the study of ecosystems, populations, communities, and the biosphere as a whole. 

Pasta with pockets


"Pasta with pockets" refers to a type of pasta that is filled with various ingredients such as cheese, meat, or vegetables and sealed between two layers of pasta dough. This description perfectly fits the culinary delight known as "ravioli." Ravioli consists of small, square or round parcels of pasta dough filled with a flavorful mixture, creating little pockets of deliciousness. 



The word "simply" suggests something that is solely or exclusively the case, without any additional complexity or elaboration. The term "only" precisely captures this idea, indicating that there is nothing else apart from the subject being discussed.

Class of mollusk


A "class of mollusk" refers to a taxonomic classification within the phylum Mollusca, which includes various groups of soft-bodied invertebrates with shells. One such class is the Cephalopoda, which encompasses marine animals like octopuses, squids, and cuttlefish. These creatures are characterized by their distinct head (cephal-) and foot (-pod) morphology, hence the name "cephalopod." 

Brief and to the point


The phrase "brief and to the point" describes information or communication that is expressed in a concise manner, without unnecessary elaboration or verbosity. The word "concise" perfectly encapsulates this idea, as it means presenting information in a clear and succinct manner, without wasting words. 

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